28 December 2009

Rounding Up The Year

It's been an amazing 2009, with 2010 promising to be even better.
What do you want to achieve next year? Make that goal list and stick to it.
It's all good and well to make New Year's resolutions, action must be taken.

My online experience is growing and I've got some really good programs here, so I know I'm going in the right direction. I'd love for you to join me and help you do the same.
Let's make 2010 a year to remember.

More people are joining FillerUp and the gas rebates are going out. Incredible set up. I can see the matrix fill below me and coming my way. It's a very exciting feeling to watch it move and know with certainty that I will benefit from it.
Remember, it's FR/E/E to join and look around, so do that at least.

I've also added this program to the NO Sponsoring Needed category on the right.

The official launch for TVI-GlobalAssist is about to go out with some incredible advertising campaign. Another one to check out for sure and get your spot secured. You'll want to benefit from the influx of new members.

I'm expecting another Profit Sharing commission payment from NineLevels in the coming few days, possibly next week. It's the little engine that could -it keeps on going. :D

Did my surfing for Bux-Matrix and PayItForwardTraffic this morning. I'll most likely finish WindFallHits this afternoon too. All these sites have had a low during the holiday, which is to be expected, and I'm looking forward to seeing a renewed increase in weekly earnings in January.

If you are starting out, this is a good way to get weekly cash into your payment processor and limit the out-of-pocket expenses at a time when that's probably the last thing you need.

One of my goals for this coming year is to really look into a few passive income sites, mostly arbitrage betting types.
I've got a few on the side bar under Passive Income right now and will concentrate on building these at first, and maybe a couple more I am looking into.
Diversifying is always best with these, as one truly never knows what will happen. Then if a site were to close, it's not an all-eggs-in-one-basket scenario.
Expect more posts about these this coming year.

Oh, almost forgot, just got paid from Tagolmine.

On another note, one thing I got for Christmas is a movie/diner at the movies... hmm. My 2 top choices right now are New Moon and Sherlock Holmes. What would you pick?

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18 December 2009

Getting Ready For Vacation

I am leaving in a couple for days and will be gone for over a week! Yeah! Family time is always fun and I am greatly looking forward to it.

This year is rounding up nicely, and I certainly look forward to 2010. It promises to be quite a year.

Latest update from WindFallHits admin is about continuing the transition to fully sustainable model with outside sources of income. They are on a small but steadly incline with payments, so I think this one is here for a while longer.

PayItForwardTraffic in on the same track, with transitioning to 100% outside income and a slight incline in weekly payments.

I actually like these two. They are easy to surf and the admin is good about keeping members up to date on what's happening.

Membership levels in FillerUp is fast approaching 6,000! Isn't that great?

Slight change in the Pay Plan, to make the accounting simpler:
Every level in the matrix pays $1 per referral.
At 2 referrals, you get a "Break-Even" bonus of $10.
At 10 referrals, you get another bonus of $40.

Your still making $50 per month for 10 people like before.
It's just structured a little differently.

I know this one is going to do great.
So get in there, earn monthly income, and get F-RE-E gas!

Our TVI Global Assist Team is another one that will do well next year.
It's very well put together with the strong recruiters helping the not so strong.
There is also an advertising co-op you can take part to bring more folks in.
It all trickles downstream, so to speak, into your matrix and your downline's matrix, meanwhile making you and other cycle into TVI -and that's what we all want afterall.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone !

And see you next year.

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15 December 2009

Coming My Way In FillerUp

Are you thinking about your New Year's Resolutions yet?
Some have been dancing in my mind now and then lately, even though we still have Christmas to experience before that. Be prepared, right? ha, ha.

Some exciting news!

Checking the progression in the FillerUp powerline / matrix, row 4 is now starting to fill! Why is that exciting? Well, because I am on row 3 and that means filled positions are now coming my way and will soon fill up my matrix's first row.

And that = earnings !
$5 each month for 10 people on my first level = $50 monthly
Then $1 per person down 5 levels
Total payout? $110,150 monthly !!!

yes folks, it CAN happen. I'm on my way to getting my first level filled.

Happy dance! Happy dance!

It's ok to be silly about this. Have you taken a look yet? FR.E-E gas is what you get with this. Very much worth it. All you have to do is take a look at your local gas station to help you make that choice.

The Powerline is lateral (rather than vertical), which means seats are filled through each row on a first come first served basis, from left to right. This goes on one row at a time, and will eventually come down to YOU, thus filling your matrix. Very very cool.

This is the first time I see a Powerline and Matrix combined, and the idea is genius.

You will also notice a new link under Passive Income on the right.
Even though I do NOT generally recommend HYI type sites (been burned a few times), a friend of mine turned me on to this one for a few simple reason.

It's called HyiFund.
When you sign up, you automatically get $2.50 added to your account, which earns interest right away. You can rollover earnings to build it up or withdraw it once you have enough.

So that's what I did.
I've been getting 3 pennies a day for the last 3 days.
Big deal you might say. I know, we are talking pennies here.

Here's why I choose to do it.
That initial $2.50 was given to me, which means zero investment on my part.
I am earning interest.
I can now forget about it and let it rollover.
At some point, I'll withdraw earnings without ever having had out-of-pocket expense.

Nothing to loose.

Ok, short post today as I have some wrapping to do!

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12 December 2009

End Of Year Rush

Don't know about you, but things seem to be a bit crazy of late.
I'm not even done with my Christmas shopping yet... and it's only 2 weeks away! Closer, actually, since I am leaving next weekend for a few days with family... yikes!

This blog most likely won't be updted much from now on until early January, when regular routine sets in again. If you happened on here, there's still plenty for you to read and check out. Don't be shy.

That said, let's talk business a bit.

I see a lot of advertising for this TVI-Team, so I know people are getting the word around. It's moving great. The more advertising, the more referrals trickle down line. This is still one of my most highly recommended program to get yourself in-line with.

The $5 Speed Line in ThePowerof5 is now open every week from Tuesday through Thursday. I am waiting for my next cycle (with payment) to re-invest into this one.
The Speed Line is a great idea. Lots of people generally come into that one then, helping pushing positions up the lines. That's what happened for me.
Everytime I receive a payment, I'll get another position in line, to keep it coming.

Here's one that started moving again lately, and that's WorkFor3Dollars.
I had not thought of this one for a while and got a few referrals all of a sudden. I do include my link in various ad rotating sites.
It's too bad really, I got involved in all these other programs and kind of forgot about WF3D. The good thing about it is it's very affordable at $3 entry level.
Anyway, good to see it move again. I've used this mostly as a list builder.

I check up on NineLevels every so often to see how my Profit Sharing is progressing: getting close to another payment. Easy, hands-off approach.
If you're not interested in doing much promotion, this is an easy one to have. Get your spots in the matrix and wait for your profit sharing payment. Every time you get 150% return, buy another spot in the matrix. Earn both ways.

Basically you keep playing with the same original $10, all the while earning from the matrix.

As for ad viewing, I'm getting a bit tired of the surfing gigs. It's all very slow right now, due to the holidays. As the new year gets going, I hope the returns will increase for a little more weekly cash. Will keep you posted.
WindFallHits and PayIfForwardTraffic are both on an upward trend, so I'm always sure to keep up with these 2 at least.

Finally, let's talk a little about the FillerUp Club.
The official launch is Dec. 16th -right around the corner.

This features both a Powerline and a Forced Matrix. Both get filled up at the same time, on a first come first served basis.
I just now took a peak at my own position. I'm on the third row, in spot 183. As more people come in after the launch, I'll get spillover in the matrix.

It's completely f-ree to sign up, so the best thing to do is get in and take a look around. When you feel comfortable upgrading, do so.
The perks in this program is Fr-ee gas, certainly not a bad thing to have.

Take care and stay away from the holiday craze.

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03 December 2009

Where To Start

Wow, where should I start?

I am so excited this morning. Want to know why?
Off course you do, he, he, he...

Well, here it is then. After a wonderful time away from the computer for the Holidays with family and friends, I am back online this week catching up with what's going on with all my online activities.

And guess what? It's going great!!!

First, my TVI downline is growing.
This is a first rate program folks, and I urge you to seriously take it into consideration.
See the last 2 or 3 post for details on this one -I talk about it all the time, and for good reasons.

Or, just go here: Check out TVI now.

Wow. I could just jump up and down for this one, really. Click above to see why.

You'll see a new link on the right: FillerUp
It's a co-op with half price gasoline. They are still in pre-launch mode, though that will be over soon. I'm checking it out for now and will let you know who that goes.
You can sign up for free right now too and look around. There's lots to read.

All Revenue Shares are running very slow right now. The ones that are transitioning to an outside earning mode are the ones that will make it.

- PayItForwardTraffic is one of them. They are moving to a once a month payment system.
- WindFallHits is still paying.
- AdCashNetwork has now moved to being strickly an advertising site.

The SPEED LINE is open once again though only until the end of today in the Powerof5 line. (I'm a bit late on this one, sorry).
Extra bonus: you get entered into the next level line, meaning you purchase a $10 spot for the price of $5. Great deal.

Another line, YouAintSeenNothingYet is continuing with their upgrades.
They recently conducted an ad copy contest, and are now paying out prizes to the winners.
Most are too long in my taste, but that's what works apparently.

Here's the first part of one that I like:

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!!

Feast Your Eyes on This

Straight Line Powerline Cycler:

with a Built In
Re-Investment Strategy on STEROIDS!!

For a ONE TIME $20.00 Membership
You are Positioned to Cycle through 4 Stages.

Upon Completion of Your 4th Stage,
You WILL Receive 72 NEW POSITIONS...

PROFITS of $1,560.00 Available for YOUR Withdrawal...

With Hundreds of Re-Invested Positions Automatically

Working to Push You Through Each Stage,

You Can Cycle
Over and Over and Over ...
All for Just $20!

Want MORE Postions?...
Just Purchase From Your Back Office.

*** plus ***

YOU GET >>>...
Products valued over thousands of dollars -not junk ebooks or software which you don't need
or will never use but real products that will enhance your online success!

Click on my link above.

I know have one Bronze and one Silver matrix in Tagoldmine. Progressing nicely.

The Profit Sharing in NineLevels grows slowly but surely. I might have told you last time I got paid again. It's automatic each Tuesday if you have over $5 in your account. Nothing to do, no payment requests necessary, just a nice email from your payment processor that you got paid.
Just the way I like it.

Well I think that is going to sum it up for today.

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23 November 2009

First Day of Holiday Season

Today could be viewed as the official first day of the Holiday Season, being Monday of Thanksgiving week. Which only means it gets progressively crazier as we near the end of the year.

Oh well, I guess it's part of the whole experience.


Things are moving along for our TVI Team. The entire system is conceived to move at a good pace to get members into TVI and earning the big dollars.

Get in and work on getting 2 referrals. If this does not happen within 2 weeks, then go ahead and purchase 2 referrals so as not to stall the team moving forward. If after that you do happen to bring people in, then great, they'll benefit someone else down your team and you by default. Everybody wins.

Seriously give it some thought and get in TVI now.

More earnings coming my way in NineLevels. It's automatic each Tuesday for any account over $5.
Quick recap: it takes $9.99 to get in, giving you a Profit Sharing earning of 150% back on that investment, AND, commission earnings from the matrix.

Ok, let's do the math.
You spend $9.99 and get 150% back, or $15.
That means you're actually being paid $5 to come participate in this program.
On top of that, you can now make over $24K from matrix commission.

Repeat as desired.
Not bad at all.

FYI, I have been paid several times and now have 4 matrix positions.
Come in under me you are guaranteed spillover. For each 150% return, I purchase another matrix position. Do the same and you'll see that earning grow.

A new Speed Line is open for The Power of 5 cycler.
You can get in for $5 and quickly cycle into the Earth element, or first line.

This Speed Line is opened every few days to enable new people to come in or members to re-enter at the base level and help move the lines through. As a member you can also enter any line at any time if you wish.

I've now cycled from Earth to Water Element (1st to 2nd).
Once I cycle through this 2nd element, I'll receive a payment and an entry into the next level.

Moving through nicely so far. Each time I get a payment, I'll re-enter the Speed Line, keeping a profit each time and getting myself back into the game for more payments.

Well, it's Monday and I have some surfing to do, so... Have a great day!

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17 November 2009

Re-Organizing and More

Backoffice re-organizing is happening for YouAintSeenNothingYet. A few more details to implements and these guys are done. It's looking good and will help members move faster through each cycles and into higher levels. I do think these changes will be very good for the program.
If you are not in yet, I suggest you get one position. The admin has just launch a huge advertising campain, so existing members are sure to see results.

Getting ever so closer to that Silver matrix in Tagoldmine... This one is completely hands-free, which I love. Got paid already from my first Bronze cycle. This re-entry Bronze will pay my way into the Silver matrix and give me a re-entry into the Bronze. Next, I get to cycle one in each and so on. Pretty good set up.

Well, are you in TVI yet? No? Why not?
I realize there are a lot of TVI teams out there, and you should certainly do your own research and join the one you feel fits you best. I made my choice and I'm sticking to it.
Get in, get 2 or buy 2 and that's it.
Then help the entire team by promoting. The good thing is that no matter what, everyone moves forward and into TVI. Again, good deal for all members.

3WaveCycler now has personal referral link, which earns you for bringing referrals in. This is still a team build, however. These referrals are channeled down into the next available spot, you just happen to get a reward for bringing that person in.

So far I've gotten 5 re-entries into the first wave.

What a gorgeous day! Let's get out and enjoy it. :)

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14 November 2009

Automation In Place For TVI

The automation process for TVI continues.
There is now a refund system in place for people who pay the $37 but never complete the registration process. Now why would you do that, I don't know.
Most often it's people who do not get the confirmation email. If that happens, simple send in a support ticket and they will take care of it. Don't loose your spot in the matrix.

This team is moving forward very nicely with people cycling daily into TVI.

Here's the link again: Get In TVI Now!

2 referrals is all you need, and you can purchase those if you are having trouble bringing people in. For anything over 2, they will trickle down your matrix into the next awaiting purchased referral spot, so most certainly you'll want to continue advertising and make your entire matrix move forward that much faster.

For the rest, the admin has a lot of advertising out as well, and those trickle in from the top down, again into next available purchased referral spot.

I really like that this works for anyone, regardless of experience.

Anyway, do check it out.

Went for a 2 hour hike up at about 9,000ft yesterday morning. Cool and crispy mountain air, great for clearing out your head and lungs. The view with clouds moving through was absolutely amazing. Wonderful morning for sure.

The cycler YouAintSeenNothingYet is re-working their script to make people cycle faster.
Basically, every time you cycle at any level, you get an entry into the next level -that stays the same. What changes is that the re-entries are now back into the first level, thus pushing people upwards faster.

I think it's a positive move and will indeed make the line go faster for all members.
They are getting close to finalizing it all and will have to shut down signups for a few hours at that time. Everyone is placed accoring to sign up time stamp to be fair to all.

60% of snow today! :D

10 November 2009

It's Here It's Here

The moment we've been waiting for!

The TVI Global Assit Team is all automated.

Here is my link: Let's Get In TVI Together

(or see banner on top right column)

This group is pushing people through to TVI and the $10,000 a month faster than any other team.

Get in for only $37, instead of the $250, and get 2 referrals.
Can't get two? No problem, just buy 2 and you're good to go.

Then relax and watch your position move up and into TVI.

This is real folks. I for one am very excited about this.

There are several strategies to multiply your income, depending on what you can do and what you desire in the end.
You can get the one position, get 2 or buy 2, and be done.
You will move up into TVI in a relatively short time.

The only thing to consider is that only 2 referrals can be bought by any one PERSON, not position. So regardless to how many position into the $37 matrix you purchase, you can only buy 2 referrals. The reason here is to spread it out to as many people as possible and cycle as many as fast as possible into TVI for the higher income.

So, for the following strategy, you must keep that detail in mind.

Many are doing this:
Purchase position #1.
Through the #1 link, purchase two more: #2 and #3.

Now position #1 has 2 referrals and is done.

Positions #2 and #3 each need 2 for a total of 4 referrals.
You can get all 4 yourself, or you can purchase 2 and get 2.
Regardless, you will have to get a minimum of 2 yourself.

If you can do this, it will triple your income through the matrix and later in into TVI.
Instead of making $10,000 a month, you'll be making 3 times that.
But you must be sure to get your referrals, so as not to slow down the process for your team.

Now what happens if you get more than 2?
That's where all the purchased referrals come from.
Anymore than 2 and the Team pays you for them and places them where needed, again, to advance as many as quickly as possible.

So even once you are essentially done, do continue to advertise.
You will earn for each referrals and help everyone move on.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

09 November 2009

TVI Team Automated

The TVI Team I joined a few days ago is now completely automated. Yeah!
I am learning the ropes on this one so stay tuned for my personal link and banners...

Time for the daily rounds...

Get in 3Wavecycler. This is a team link -there is no personal referral links in this cycler, so everyone benefits from everyone's effort.
I already have 2 re-entries from my 1 original position. It's moving at a pretty good pace. Do check it out. For only one time $5, you get repeating $25 earnings each time you complete a 3 wave cycle.
Like I said, working really well for me so far.

YouAintSeenNothingYet is reworking their script to make members cycle faster. From what I could make from the update, they are concentrating on cycling from the first cycle and bringing re-entries into this same first cycle to push more people up the line. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know when I do cycle.

Still think NineLevels is one of the best small investment programs to get into.
All positions bought come back 150%, so there is no out of pockect to speak of. Just get your first matrix position at $9.99 and get $15 back. Once you have $10 in, get another matrix position and keep with that strategy and you will never have to pay anymore than that first one.
AND, since these are matrix positions, you automatically earn commissions there too.

Do you see it?
Because if you do, there should be nothing holding you back.

Ok, gotta do some of my surfing today. It's a new week. PayItForwardTraffic is done, now for the rest. Not very exciting I know, but hey, I get to advertise my other programs and earn a bit along the way too.

Something I don't talk about very much because it did originally start as a TeamBuild, though members do also advertise their own link, and that is Fortune5Minutes.

This one has been around for a very long time. Another very high quality program with high quality admin behind it. Their reputation is very rare in this online busines world. They have been paying daily FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS!!!
Now how many programs do you know can make that claim?

There is a lot to this program, with several increasingly higher cycles to enter, so don't worry about understanding the whole thing.
Best thing is to check out the first couple of steps to see if this is something you'd like to get into.

Right then.
Need to get my winter tires on the car today.
Have a great one.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

05 November 2009

Things Are Moving Along

Things are moving along and it feels wonderful!

First, NewWavePowerMarketing is about go on a major launch.
It's a small 4x4 matrix that will bring you over $1,000 per position per month. Not bad at all.
Moreover, each month the matrix is compressed to get rid of empty positions.

Their secondary program is a smaller 3x1 cycler matrix that is currently being offered to NWPM members only, and will soon be open to all.

I got in 2 days ago and have already cycled out of the 1st wave, got a re-entry into the 1st and one into the 2nd. There are 3 waves to go through. At the end of the 3rd, you get 5 re-entries into 1st wave and pocket a profit. This goes on indefinitively.

Can't give you a link to this one yet... but, you can get into NewWavePowerMarketing and then you'll automatically receive it.

Checking up on my Tagoldmine program, I see I now have 2 referrals into my 2nd Bronze matrix. This can be totally passive or you can recruit and move faster. Either way, you earn with automatic payments sent to you.

Gotta love it. :D

I'm telling you, things are feeling pretty good right now.
Finally, I have a group of sound, reliable programs that move along mostly of their on. Some go faster, some go slower. The speed is irrelevent here because I know that they are all MOVING FORWARD, and that is the important part.

Oh yes, TVI is going through its automation process right now too.
Up to now it has been manual, taking time.
This is a chance to get in for $37 instead of the $250, so you can bet I jumped on it.
Go to this post for TVI details.

People are reporting making $10,000 a month with this one. So for one time $37, I'll take my chances.
There are lots of different teams out there putting programs together to help people get in with a lower out-of-pocket. Of all the ones I've seen, this one struck me as the best. See for yourself.

Till next time.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

03 November 2009

Back to Fall

Looks like we are back to Fall weather today, with most of the snow gone -except my snowman in the backyard! He, he. Well, he's more of a big stump right now, but still, makes me smile when I look out there and see him still standing.

I joined YouAintSeenNothingYet a couple week ago or so and just upgraded into the first line. It's a line type cycler about to launch, so I thought, why not?

Speaking of cyclers, I went from the Speed Line into the first Element Earth Line in The Power of Five cycler. The Speed Line is open again if you want to check it out. It's only $5 and will cycle you into the higher levels. That first Element Earth will return $10 upon cycling.

I also cycled with Tagoldmine this past week. As I said before, this gives me a re-entry into the Bronze level. It does not give me a position into the Silver level yet, as I mistakenly said in my post a couple days ago.
Rather, the 2nd cycle on any one level gives you a position into the next level. So, I have to wait until I cycle again in the Bronze to get a Silver level position. Got it? Sorry for the confusion here. Anyway, the important thing to take away here is that I did cycle and automatically received earnings into my payment processor.

Did you read my last post about TVI? No? Then you better go check it out.

Ooh, the sun just came out from behind the clouds. Beautiful!

NewWavePowerMarketing is about to launch. I already have a downline. This is a forced matrix and will be compressed every month, meaning no empty spots. Check it out, it might be worth your time.
There will be spillover from upline marketing and company wide marketing.

Ok, that's plenty for today.

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30 October 2009

Snow Everywhere

Though it's not snowing anymore today, we've had over 14 inches of snowfall. It's beautiful. I played in the yard with the dogs yesterday. They absolutely love it. I even tried to make a snowman, but it's so dry it doesn't stick together. Can't make snowballs either, it's all powdery stuff. So my snowman turned out more like a big stump. He, he. It was fun anyway.

Things are moving along fine for me.

Heard of TVI?
How could you not if you spend anykind of time on the net, right?

Well yes, I joined. Only not with just anyone.
There are several teams out there who have come up with ways to help folks get in without the $250 out of pocket, so that's what I started looking into.

I reviewed about 3 teams before settling for the one I joined.

And here is why:
- one time $37 gets you in.
- refer 2 or BUY 2 referrals.
- that's it!

So, even if you absolutely cannot bring anyone in the system, you can still get in simply by buying your 2 referrals and you're done.

There is a team site that everyone advertises. That is where some of the referrals come from.
A lot of people are bringing in their own two and advertising, thus helping the rest of the team as well.
That's what I'm doing.

I opted-in a few days ago on the main site and just received my official sign up link. I signed up this morning and now wait for the confirmation email with my personal link.

Here is what you do:

1. Go here: http://livingdreams.biz/
2. Read how to earn $10,000 monthly

3. Click on Get Started Button
4. Fill in details
5. Write my name as referrer: Christine Pointeau

That's it.
See you there.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

23 October 2009

No Need To Panic

Fall is here and it is beautiful I love this time of year. The day is pleasant and the night refreshing. What more could you ask for?

And, as usual this time of year, some things do slow down a bit -for example, profit sharing sites have slightly lower revenues than usual. Nothing to panic about nor reasons to go post nasty comments in forums either. This tends to kill very good programs and does not help anyone. It's unfortunate that some folks cannot understand this.

Its the Holiday season, things slow down. That's ok. Keep surfing, keep earning, and things will pick up again after the new year.

I'm all good about it and earning everyweek.

Got paid from NineLevels -again!
I'm so happy about this program. I'll be re-investing $9.99 of that $15 into the matrix, so get in there to get spillover and use the same profit method I'm using. Read previous posts or ask me about it.

Another 200+ positions cycled in EbizV over the last couple of days.

I now have 3 positions in the AdvertisetoEarn matrix, all from advertising points earned through surfing. These 2 positions where f/r/e/e.

Just get in and set up your link in a revenus sharing site or other surfing sites and you're good to go.

Woohoo! I now have 5 people in my Tagoldmine downline... which means, I am due to get the 6th and cycle next week!
Cycling gives me my first earning, a re-entry into the Bronze cycle and a new position into the Silver cycle. I will now have 2 positions making their way to cycling and it keeps going.

This is another program with a NO sponsoring required set up. I urge you to take a serious look. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

Which reminds me, there is another cycler I got in a while back and did not post here until I could see that it was moving. And guess what? Yes, it is moving. Yeah!

It's called ThePowerOf5.
There are 5 Elements (or lines) and a quicker Speed line.
You can enter at any level. As you cycle in any level, you earn a return as well as an entry into the next level.

I got in the Speed line and can see my number make its way up the line. I'm at #54 right now and need to reach 20 to cycle.

Will keep you posted. I've added the link to the side NO Sponsoring section.


- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

12 October 2009

Cycling Like Crazy

First of all, as we all know by now, PacForAll has closed its doors... on the very day I was to get my withdrawal too. It was invevitable, really, and I went in against my better judgement. A couple blogs I follow were singing the praise of this administration so I thought I'd give it a try.

These things are games and bound to run out sometime down the line. They are not self-sustainable. I thought I'd at least get my money back. That's how this goes.

Ok, on to better news.

Our little cycler that could is cycling like crazy still. Yes, that's EbizV. Another 163 positions yesterday, bringing the last position to cycle to #12538. Yeah!

More profit sharing into my NineLevels site. I'm up to $4.25, so another $0.25 and I get an automatic payment (every $5). That will make a little over $10 received for the profit sharing side, thus paying for my first purchased matrix position and ad pack.

So far this is working exactly as the site says. Every $9.99 position earns 150% profit sharing, or $15, making it f/r/e/e -so, for every $15 I get back, I am purchasing another matrix position / ad pack. Why not? I make $5 profit each time I do so.

This off course is not counting the matrix earning I've received so far. All that is separate and IN ADDITION to the above mentioned. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Another one working according to plan is Tagoldmine. I've gotten 3 referrals through the system so far. Another 3 and I'll cycle into the next level, and get another position back into this level. Meaning the next round, I'll cycle twice. And on it goes.

No sponsoring needed on this one. You automatically receive a referral once a week.

I tell you what, it sure is nice to see these programs work as they should, without having to pull out my hair trying to find people to recruit, or worrying that I'll loose my money because I'm not some fancy guru with hundreds of thousands of people on my list that will jump in on every program I get in.

Faithfully doing my weekly surfing.
You can see the entire list for the other revenue sharing programs on the right side. All are working very well.
I've got a couple getting close to a weekly cash out now, which is indeed very exciting.
Great way to earn without referring or any marketing skills whatsoever. I'm proof of that, ha!

Another I seldom speak of that is work looking into is Bux-Matrix . You've got from 3 or 4 links, up too over a dozen links available per day. Very little time invested and it goes its course. This one also has a matrix tied to it. You do not have to participate in that aspect if you do not wish to, though I don't know why you wouldn't.

Allright. Have a great day and and enjoy the Fall, wherever you might be.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

05 October 2009

Cycling Something Crazy

What a great weekend! I hope yours was at least half as good as mine.

Well, EbizV has been cycling something crazy since its rebirth. It is now up to ID #12154.
This means 613 positions have cycled and earned since the past 5 days!... which only brings my own position closer and closer each day. Yeah!

In NineLevels, I am up to $8.49 in profit sharing towards my first $15, representing 150% ROI on my purchase.
For each $15, I will purchase a new matrix position at $9.99. That leaves me $5 in profit, creates spillover for my downline, and sends more commission my way.

The new rounds of automatic 3 month renewal at AdvertisetoEarn just went through, giving me a new position in the matrix.

One more day on my PacForAll to get my full 144% return.
My original investment on this one was $50. It has now grown to $100.
What did I have to do for this?... nothing! yep, not a thing. The admin is honest, has a great reputation, and keeps members appraised of what's going on. Do check it out. So far I could not be happier with it.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

26 September 2009

A Funny Thing Happened

Continuing with my organization of this site and the sister advertising page (see previous post), I have now moved a few programs into a new category: Earn with or without sponsoring.

Honestly I am not sure if this is the way to go or not -I do not mean to put down the other programs, all very deserving in their own right.

My intention is however to call out these programs that do have systems in place to benefit ALL members, not just the high achieving internet marketing experts.

And for that reason this is the best way I could think off to do this. So I'll try this for a while and see how I feel about it a little later down the line.
Do take a look at those programs listed. That's the point. They ALL have ways of benefiting YOU, whatever your skill level withing this crazy internet world. I've already received multiple payments from that category, and so can you. Ok. You make up your own mind.

A funny thing happened these past few days... a cycler that I had entered month and month ago (it's so long I don't remember when it was exactly) and effectivelly given up on for dead is now back up anc cycling!

The site had been on hold for some reason, be it server issues or other, I'm really not sure.
What's important here is that whatever it was, it's resolved and the site is back up and running.
There has been multiple cycling happening the last two days, and my position is progressively making its way up the ranks.

I am #20141.
The last to cycle this morning was #11541.
So, though a little ways to go, at the rate it's been moving, I expect to get there in a matter of days.

To know more, go to: EbizV

More revenue sharing credited to my account in NineLevels.

AdvertisetoEarn is making it's merry way up toward my next f/r/e/e position, so all good there too.

Got a big payment from PacForAll and turned right around and re-invested part of it.

And, last but not least, I joined Tagoldmine and added it to the "Earn with or without sponsoring" category. You get an automic referral added to your matrix once a week. I've just gotten my first one this week.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

23 September 2009

New Profit Sharing Blog

Sorry for the lack of post lately... I have been busy with house guests and taking some time away from the house to relax and enjoy the Fall.

Also, I started setting up another blog strickly meant to have an easily advertised one page with all my revenue and profit sharing sites. I will add it to the site rotation in the same revenue sharing sites to promote each program.

You can see it here: http://earnfromhometoday.blogspot.com

More banners to be added.

As for this blog, I'll have program updates soon...

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

18 September 2009

NineLevels ROCKS

A very merry Friday to you on this fine morning.

Why am I so cheerful? He, he, he. Because... NineLevels ROCKS !!!
That's all there is to it.

I wanted to give you a quick update on this one.

I've been in barely a week now and have already been paid not once, but TWICE.
And, on top of that, I've received my first share of the profit sharing.

I'm telling you, this is a good one.

- Profit sharing company;
- 3x9 forced matrix commission plan;
- AND has fr/e/e advertising for everyone.

Here's how this works.

1. You sign up and purchase a $9.99 forced matrix position, which comes with advertising.
2. This $9.99 earns you 150% back in profit sharing, or $15.
3. For all practical purposes, you now have a f/re/e matrix position with $5 profit.
4. Next you earn forced matrix commissions.
5. And last but not least, you advertise your other programs.

Do you get what I'm saying?
This is a FR/EE forced matrix position that earns you lots of $$$$, and you get to advertise your own programs at the same time.

You simply CANNOT mess this one up, I don't care how lousy you are with internet marketing.
You WILL earn no matter what.

Do yourself a favor and check it out right now, because, again...

*** NineLevels ROCKS ***

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

15 September 2009

Growing Downlines

Fall is here, with aspens turning colors and pleasant cooler weather, making for some awesome hiking in the mountains! Yeah!


Yes, great news indeed. 2 programs with new downlines.

First, AdvertiseToEarn is working. I told you last time I was very close to getting my first f/r/e/e position... well, I got an email announcing this very position. It off course comes with full earning potential.

If you're not advertising this one yet, get in on it. It's as easy as it gets. All I do is enter the link in my various revenue sharing and traffic exchange sites, and that's it.

The other if for a new program called NineLevels.
Downline is growing nicely here.

This is a profit sharing company, a 3x9 forced matrix commission plan, AND fr/e/e advertising for everyone.

Yep. The way this works is each position you buy gets you a spot in the matrix and a 150% earning to maturity on that position. Which basically means that you pay $9.99 for a spot in the matrix (comes with advertising) and get $15 back -or, it's f/r/e/e with a $5 profit... Then you simply pocket the earnings from the matrix. How cool is that?

Give this one a look. Very well conceived.
Remember, you've got nothing to loose since each position earns profit sharing to 150%.
Get yourself a spot in this matrix.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

10 September 2009

Getting my Weekly Surfing Done

Changed to a new template today... though I liked the darker background, it was messing me up with the colored links on other sites where I RSS feed this blog. So, back to white... oh well, it's easier that way.

What's happening everyone?

I'm getting most of my weekly surfing done within 1 or 2 days, that way I have the rest of the week free to do other things. That's the beauty of weekly requirements, rather than daily. I more than not manage to miss a day or two with the daily ones, which cuts into my earnings a little but it cannot be helped. I hope those administrations will consider going to the weekly model. After all, can people not take the weekend off? What do they expect!

Anyway, enough for that soap box.

My weekly surfings, ALL coming along wonderfully, are:
- PayItForwardTraffic
- 15adsDaily (went weekly, as per members request)
- WindFallHits

My Daily surfings are:
- AdVentures4U
- MoonDanceTraffic

Here are my recommendations. Get in a couple and build them to 20-30 ventures/adpacks, then look for a couple more and repeat the process.
As you earn, decide at what point you want to withdraw your initial investment, then work out a plan. I suggest following the 50/50 rule, so as to keep your investments growing and earning.

Now, there is one program I did not include in either category above:
- Bux-Matrix

The reason is there is no surfing requirements. Actually, this is a PTC program. You earn per ads clicked. So I log on usually once a day and click the few ads available at that time. I have lots of referrals here earning for me too, so again, no worries.

This one is a good one to get in and get some cash flow to fund the other revenue sharing programs, if that helps you get started.

I'm also looking at a couple more Passive Income sites, since my first one, PacForAll is doing so well. I'll let you know which ones I decide on when the time is right. I'm reading up on several from other online earners for the moment.

I'm very, very close to my 1,000 hits with AdvertiseToEarn... so do me a favor, click on the link for me... pretty please?
Once I get to that 1,000, I get a fr-e-e position under my first one, so it is exciting to be so close.

Check out the 2 TeamBuilds on the right. Both have now officially launched and bringing in new members. Several links are team links, so everybody's advertising efforts benefits the whole.

And last but not least, MyTwoBestFriends has added a splash page and opt-in page for the online marketer.
This program is great because it is build for that person who prefers personal contact without having to know anything about the online marketing aspect, AND, with this new splash page, is now also geared toward those who do prefer marketing through online venues.
A little bit for everyone.
I've updated the link on the right to reflect that.

Right... that's seems to be it for today.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

04 September 2009

Hostcation Still Half Price

Because of the time urgency, I am making this brief...

Be a Founding member with HOSTCATION.

You can still get in now as a Founding Member at 50% discount until Sept. 8th.

As a founding member and you receive:
- Lifetime Membership for one initial cost (price doubles in a few days)
- 2 FREE Benefactor Members
- Leader Status or above (They will put members under you)
- 10,000 FREE Banner/Ad Advertising Points (Only until September 8th)


As a Founding Member, in addition to getting 2 paid members in your downline (providing you with income), you also get the following benefits:

-Unlimited Space
-Unlimited Bandwidth
-Unlimited Email Accounts and FTP Accounts
-Unlimited Dbases
-Unlimited Domains
-Unlimited Domain Parking
-Virtually unlimited everything!!!

Attached to this opportunity is Forced Two Miracle Matrix™
The membership now costs $99 but you are still getting 50% off, and this is one time payment.
There are not any monthly fees.

Again, time is of the essence here, still half price until Sept. 8th.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

02 September 2009

Receive Referrals For Getting On Board

Always on the look out for great deals, though not looking to get into too many other programs as the same time, I joined this one because a trusted friend sent it to me.

Sign ups are nearing the 900 right now. You'll want to hurry because the first 1000 to sign up are automatic Founding Members, and will receive referrals at launching time.

That's an automatic 2 people in your downline, earning from them from the start.

That's why I could not pass it up.

Take a look here: Hostcation
They are only accepting Founding Members until Sept 8th right now.

Ok, just wanted to get the word out fast on this one. Time is running out.

Another one I joined lately is 15adsdaily, simply because they changes their ad viewing requirement from daily to weekly, which works better for me. That way I can do anytime I want, usually in one sitting, without missing out on earnings because I skip a day or two.

I am also looking for ways to build passive income. You'll see a couple new things in that very section on the right: PacForAll and GoldNuggetInvest.
I put in the minimum for right now to see how it works. A couple emails from friends earning well on these convinced me to give it a shot.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

30 August 2009

Change Is Inevitable

Back from my camping trip feeling very refreshed by it. AMAZING hiking in the 10-11,000+ft range, right at and above tree line. Absolutely gorgeous scenery.

I came back to find out something is going on with Ad-ventures4U... not quite sure what yet. It's not all too clear so far, though the man assures us he is still here to stay and will get all this figured out and running again.
Once thing is clear and that this is no longer to be a Revenue Sharing program. They will still be advertising and daily surfing is still required. Not sure what the incentive is now, since there will not be earning from that -except off course to advertise your own program.

Ok, then. All we can do is wait and see and move on.
That's the name of the game.

All the more reason to diversify and not put all your eggs in the same basket.
Build up several programs, so you have multiple streams of income, making one loss just that, one loss.

This said, PayItForwardTraffic admin was very quick to send emails stating they are still right here and doing just fine, learning from mistakes by others. I'm dutifully doing my weekly surfing here and earning everytime. I do plan to continue adding to my adpack a few more times, then start taking out my initial investment, which I believe to be good strategy for this kind of thing.
Then I'll work out a roll and withdraw schedule that works for me. Consider doing something similar.

Just got an email from Pure2x2 that I was next in line to receive from my upline. Good news!
This is one of those program with built in measures to send referrals down to those who do not sponsor. Take a look at it. Get in free and take the time to read through the information. There's lots of it, and once you get it, you'll want to take the $5 upgrade for sure. It gets you in place to receive spillover.

You'll notice I am making an attempt at organizing the links by category.
Breaking it down this way will make it easier on the eyes to find what fits you.

Also, take a minute to call the MyTwoBestFriends number at the top and send me an email for your invitation. This is a one-of-a-kind program and you'll want to take a look. NO online advertising necessary.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

24 August 2009

Going Camping

I am going camping for a few days to get some fresh mountain air. It should be really pleasant. I've got to figure out the food thing today...

Still surfing my daily and weekly ads for Ad-Ventures4U and PayItForwardTraffic revenue sharing sites. Both are working great. I see people making several $100 per week in both of these, so I've got something to shoot for.

My next earning from Bux-Matrix will go towards another Ad-V4U ad package.

I have considered other similar sites, but decided that I'd rather build these 2 up first, to maximize return in the earliest possible future.

Ok, I am making this quick today because I have lots to do to get ready (see above)... :D

The only other thing I want to say today is this:

Consider 4x1Fortune.
I'll talk more about it as I return.
I want to concentrate on advertising this one for a while.
Once the cycling gets started, there is no stopping it. Each cycle pays for your re-entry into the current cycle and into the next level, so there is no further out of pocket expense. Each cycle brings you higher earnings. You can be into multiple cycles, since you always get re-entry. And, last but not least, there is a follow me type system for your referrals, which helps you keep cycling.

Anyway, like I said, take a look and more on this one later.
I'm really looking into it and seeing the beauty of their set up.

And another thing... I will PIF the first 3 people in (from today).
Here's how we'll do it.
You get it and pay for your spot (please use AlertPay).
You send me an email asking for your PIF refund.
I verify your position in my matrix and send you the $11 back.

What I ask in return:
You do the same for 3 people. Pay their way in.
That's it.

I help you in and only ask that you forward the favor.

Think about it...
- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

20 August 2009

A Few Changes Happening

A few changes are happening that I need to update here.

First thing to notice is the TEAM BUILD section on the right.

What was TeamOrangeMoon has now split into 2 groups.

The first listed is Road2Fortune5.
This is a team link: Every member promotes position 1, so no one is left behind.
I very much like this concept. Why penalize people because of lack of skills after all? I certainly believe in helping the common cause, which, in this case is to make everyone successful.

This is a feeder program that cycles you into the very reliable Fortune5Minutes. This program has a very solid reputation online. They have been around for over 10 years now, paying daily without fail. What more can you ask for?

The Road2Fortune5 team builds with recycling of positions, and is meant to feed people into the F5M program, thus pushing members forward into the higher paying matrixes.

Very much worth your while to get invoved. There is a tremendous group of dedicated folks behind this team build.

The second Team link is for what is now TeamOneWorld.
This one starts with cycler 3StarGalaxy (team link), which then cycles you into secondary, higher paying programs.

I very much like the way this is going, with everyone coming into the team joining ONE cycler program. Cycling members earn paid positions into the other programs. You only have a one time out of pocket expense to get going and earning.
Once you cycle, you also earn position back into the original cycler, pushing yet more members out the top.
Again, having the entire membership promote ONE link makes for winners all around. Much more efficient for all involved.

Get involed in these 2 teams.
Why go it alone?

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

14 August 2009

Get Gifts Position On This Site

Yesterday myself and a friend rode our bikes downtown for a free outdoors concert. It was great. A good chunck of the community was there. Good energy for sure.

Let's talk a little about this AdvertisetoEarn site.

I mentioned something I call "safety net" last time, to help those with difficulties recruiting. Well, this site most certainly has plenty of those.

Here is the main idea:

- First, you get your main position for a one time $15 payment, starting you 5x5 forced matrix, which will earn you $2139.
- Off course, the trick here as we all know is that you need people coming in under you to make any money -that's how forced matrix work... and how they fail for a lot of folks also.

Here's where this is different.
- For every 1000 hits you send to your main referral link, you get a fre-e (earning) position in your own matrix.
- You can earn an additional 8 positions just by advertising. 7 positions go in your own matrix and 1 goes back via the team link to spill down into the first available spot (spillover).
- You can earn 1 more position by referring just one person, which also goes through the team link as spillover down the matrix (the referral goes into your matrix).

All this gives you a total of 1 paid position and 9 gift positions, with a total earning potention of $21,390.

How to send hits to earn these positions?
- join advertising exchange / surfing sites and other fre-e advertising venues. The backoffice will give you proper links to do just that.
- or, join the advertsing coop and earn 100 hits per day. In 10 days you have your next free position.

There is another aspect of the so called safety nets, helping ALL members succeed:
- every 3 month, members automatically purchase a new position (this can be cancelled anytime without loosing any current positions). Which not only means you are set to get another 10 position every 3 month, but you will get spillover from your upline as well, as they get their new positions in place.

So, to recap:
1. You buy 1 and get 9 gift positions by advertising (or joining the coop).
2. Team spillover is created from 2 of your 10 positions.
3. Upline spillover is created through recurring 3 month purchase from each member.
So what do you think?

For my own advertising, I have the link set up in both Adventure4U and PayItforwardTraffic exchange sites. This takes a few minutes each morning and then I go on to what I need to do. no stress.

So far, I have sent over 700 hits to my site, so just a little more and I get my first gift position! Yeah!

Do take a look. It's pretty easy to do.

Also, see new Featured program in upper right corner.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

09 August 2009

Busy With Art Projects

I'm busy with various art projects right now.
I have a show this coming December that I am very excited about. This is the first time I am posting a link to that aspect of my life, so here goes. Curious about what else I do besides this blog? Take a look here: http://www.zazzle.com/riverbynight

Right then.
Let's get to business.

I upgraded to first level in Pure2x2.
Remember, even though I do some advertising -I'm not looking for a free ride, though I know my, shall we say, occasional weeknesses with advertising- I always look for programs with build in safety nets.
By this I mean that even in the worst possible case that one might not succeed in sponsoring at all, that person can still make some money. That kind of safety net.

I read through all the information in the Pure2x2 before choosing to upgrade. It's all there. You can get in free and read it for yourself. There are safety nets in place that will still place people under you should you be unable to do so yourself.

Ok, so long story short. I upgraded.

Points are slowly but surely accumulating in AdvertisetoEarn. I've got it in 3 ad exchange right now and it's coming along. Once I have 1000 hits on the site, I get a free position in the matrix (under my main one).

I said last time that there were renewed acitivity with WorkFor3Dollars. Yep, got some new members in the downline. Yeah! I really like this one.

Still working on sending out invitations for MyTwoBestFriends. This one is here for the long run. Take a look at the phone number on the right side column. Call it and get back to me.

Oh yes, almost forgot, TeamWorkMillionaire is open again for new positions. I grabbed a few more this time around. The link is open every 2 weeks for 24hours or so. During that time, all members are invited to purchased new position in the matrix. It gets filled from the same original position, down from left to right. That way every one will get their matrix filled, regardless. It's a team effort, for the good of all involved.

Each position cost $6 and brings back $2000. No brainer here.

Hmm, what else?
Last thing for today.
TheGoldenPath now has a new administration. They are very focused and have everything back on track. Another matrix, only this one is compressed every week to fill in holes. They also have an advertising campaign about to get off the ground. Some pretty good names here at the top running this one, so I am willing to stick in and see where it goes.
My position number shot up to 528, which means I find myself towards the fairly top end of the matrix -pretty cool indeed.
Take a look and consider jumping in for a bit and see what happens.

Allright, that's probably enough for today.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

05 August 2009

School Right Around The Corner

School is right around the corner -again.
Well, still about 3 weeks, though that will pass quickly enough. Then it's back to subsituting now and then.
In the mean time, I am working my way through the 3rd book of the Twilight series. Fun for sure.

Today I took my earnings from Bux-Matrix and bought another ad-package in PayItForwardTraffic.

Bux-Matrix is paying much more often, as I have mentioned in previous post, because of my referrals. So I am taking advantage of that to upgrade further with both Ad-Ventures4U and PayItForwardTraffic. I am letting all earnings from these 2 sites roll into my account also, which increases my earnings as well.

What have not talked about for a while?
WorkFor3Dollars is getting an increase in traffic once again, which is good to see. I've made good money with this one.

My current favorite is MyTwoBestFriends though. Send me your email through comments in this blog (will stay private) to get your invitation.

Here is what I like the most about it:
- it's not about internet marketing, rather it is about ordinary people helping each other through hard financial time.
- even people who know nothing about internet marketing are being successful.
- lots of members come into this as entire families, making sure everyone is taken care of.
- because of that, the membership is made up of friends and families caring for each other.

Aren't you a least bit curious?
Send me that email and I'll send you an invitation.

And lastly for today, I am very pleased with ThePulsatingMatrix and how it is moving forward.
Here's another one where you do not need to know anything about internet marketing. Check it out.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

24 July 2009

Here's An Interesting One

Here is an interesting one.
I got in this one maybe 3 weeks ago; it's called JPHF Matrix.
It's a 4x10 matrix.

Ok, ok, not another matrix already!
Here's why I got in: You can buy referrals!
You do not have to advertise or bring in anyone if you don't want to -just buy your referrals.
So that's what I did. Now I can go on with whatever else I'm doing and let this one run by itself on the back burner.

When you buy referrals, you are placed in queue for the next available ones. A couple weeks ago I was #188 in line. Today I am #174, so it's moving along.
The 5 referrals bring you more commission than you paid for, and these folks will either do the same as you did -i.e. buy referrals themselves- or advertise to bring in folks.
Either way you win.

The next thing is I want to remind everyone to call this number: 616-597-1060
It won't take long and is worth your time to listen in.
Then get back to me.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

23 July 2009

Back From Vacation With Money Waiting For Me

Isn't it great to come back from vacation and logging on only to find out I have money waiting for me? I love it.

A great program I don't talk about much for the simple reason that it's pretty much hands free is The Pulsating Matrix.
I say hands free because you basically sign up, set everything up on automatic, and go on with whatever else you are doing. Really.
That's what I did and my commission keeps coming in.

I usually check up on it once or twice a month, whenever I think about it.

Payment is once a week.
I'm set to get $58 next.

Remember, this is for doing literally NOTHING!
I urge you to check it out and consider it for yourself.
It keeps growing over time.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

07 July 2009

This Is Taking Off

I have been in something called MyTwoBestFriends for a little over a week now, and it is literally TAKING OFF !!!

There is absolutely nothing like it on the net today.
This is NOT internet marketing. You do not have to know anything about marketing nor advertising online.

It is, however, by personal invitation only.

You could get your Grandmother in it, help her set it up, and watch her triple her retirement money in a few days.

Really. I'm getting my family in because of that very reason.
Don't know about you, but I am tired of seeing loved ones and friends struggle...

Do yourself a favor, do your family a favor,
and listen to this short call: (616)597-1060

Then leave me a comment with name and email and I will send you a personal invitation.*
*no worries, your comments will not be for public viewing.

Well, I'm packing for a visit with my folks. Looking forward to it. :D

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

02 July 2009

Hiking and Paddling -I Love Summer

I've been hiking and paddling lately. Easy going days with leasure mornings of spending time breathing fresh air. I so love summer.

This is the kind of days I am making happen every day of the year. How about you?

One step at a time, I get closer to that goal.

And speaking of, here's what's happening in the virtual world:

TeamWorkMillionaire is getting ready to post the sign up link tomorrow. It will be on for 2 days this time, to compensate for a holiday weekend where people might not be at their computers as much. Get yourself in the directory so you can access that link.

As mentioned in the last post, this round should fill my 2nd level for account #1, and most likely my 1st level for account #2. I plan on getting a 3rd account this round.

I passed my payout level with Bux-Matrix this morning. Renting those referrals was the best thing I did in this program. Makes everything work so much faster. Get in and follow that same strategy.

I read a lady's blog this morning who works about 10 minutes every morning surfing a few sites like this, and earns about $100 a day right now. Not too bad for 10 minutes a day. Her secret is exactly what I am doing: rent referrals to do the work for you.

Think about it.

I received my earnings for Ad-Ventures4U Monday evening as expected. I choose to roll them over into my current ventures to increase the revenue each week.
Very reliable from everything I read about this program.
This is part of my 10 minutes a day work plan... he he he. (see note above).

I am also in a program that is by direct invitation only. The goal is to support friends and family, so no online marketing or advertizing going on nor necessary. Keep it personal.
You only need to bring in 2 people and that's it. If you have more than 2 people interested, you can send them down the line to help out others -which is why I am doing now.

If you are reading this and are curious enough, leave me a comment with your name and email (will not be for public view) and I will send you an invitation.

Another program with excellent reputation is Fortune5Minutes. Now, I have to warn you, when you first get on the main page and start reading how it all works, it's a bit overwhelming.

Don't let that make you nervous. All you need to understand is you get in the first level and the administration handles the rest. Get in, let others know about it, and you will automatically move on through the levels without you having to do anything.

Each level pays for your entry into the next level. Easy.
Again, excellent reputation for this one, and running for over 10 years. Can't get much more reliable than that.

After having my fair share of mismatch, I really look for this kind of references.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

27 June 2009

Good Music This Summer Morning

I went to the Farmers' Market this morning and enjoyed some fun African music from the Zimfest going on this weekend. I always love these family / village atmosphere events: the market, the music, kids, dogs, people, bicyles, lounging in the grass, dancing, eating, having fun, etc. Good morning for sure.

Let's do the rounds.

Continuing with Bux-Matrix, I got more referrals since the last post. It's working like a charm. See my last post for my intended strategy for this one.

I'm up to 6 days with Ad-Ventures4U, which means I'll be up for payment Monday (each week). Can't wait to see what that looks like. Each week I will let earnings roll over into new ventures until I reach 100, then I'll consider withdrawing maybe every other payment, so as to keep the growth momentum.

The next sign up round is now posted in the TeamWorkMillionaire site. Get registered fr.ee and join in. I've participated in 2 rounds so far and will actually get several accounts this next one. We have over 2,000 members signed up, with about 400 active participants each rounds.

Even only 400 participants translates into 1,600 new positions being created each time. Not bad at all.

My first account is due to get more spillover this coming round, so I am very much looking forward to it.

The best strategy for this one is to get an account each round, or at least each other round. That ensures continuous growth for the program itself, and for your own positions. As things progress and your account receives spillover, you receive more and more earnings for each level down the matrix.

I anticipate the entire 2nd level of my first account to fill up during this upcoming round. That's 36 spots. The second account will most likely get its 1st level filled as well; 12 spots.
See what I mean? And you know the beauty of this? I don't have to recruit, I don't have to bug anyone, I don't have to advertize, I don't have to do anything but participate. Pretty cool, huh? :D

Gotta love it.
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23 June 2009

Strategy Working Out

Summer is definitively here! Currently: hot and humid.
Finally got around to getting the missing bolts for my scooter today. Now I can stop "driving" and get back to "riding," which is a lot more fun.

Let's see what is happening.

My little Bux-Matrix strategy is working nicely. By renting referrals, I get a lot more out of my daily clicks since I also earn from the referrals' clicks. My total earnings are increasing faster, getting me to my payout rate faster as well.

Actually, instead of withdrawing on the next round, I think I'll roll part of those $$ into getting additional referrals, and maybe keep doing that with every other payouts for a while. If I keep at it until I reach minimum $10 earnings per day, I'll be happy. Think about it. $10 per day means $300 per month. Not bad for about 5 minutes worth of work each morning.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Another surfing program I started yesterday is Ad-Ventures4U.
I'm sure you've seen the ad or link somewhere. It is literally everywhere. After reading the info and seeing enough people make several hundreds per month, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I bought one $10 package to start, meaning 10 ventures, which in turn give you advertising points, banners, site hits, and text messages for advertising your own programs. I'm still figuring it all out.
Ventures owned increases through profit sharings each week, depending on how you've surfed each day (min. 25 sites). These translate into cash whenever you want to withdraw.
Again, not a whole lot of time invested each day into something that grows on its own and can potentially return several hundreds per month.
Once you own a certain number of ventures, you no longer have to surf -that number is fairly high so I'm not concerned about it just yet, though it's good to know it's there. I look forward to reaching that point. ;p

And lastly for today, the current featured program is Fortune5Minutes. Great program, excellent reputation, excellent track record with 10 years of paying daily, and incredible payplan. Do not let this one pass you by without at least one read through.


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Easy As 1-2-3

21 June 2009

Cyclers and Why I Like Them

If you take a minute to go through my list of programs on the right, you'll notice a certain number of cyclers. Yes, I like cyclers. Why?

For one thing it's pretty easy.

Let's look at Line Cyclers for now.
There's no pressure to recruit or bring in an unreachable number of referrals in order to get a return. In fact, there is no need to sponsor at all.

Yes, you read that right.


And that, ladies and gentlement, sums it up.

In most line cyclers, you start out with the lowest line, get in with one or as many positions as you like, and wait. As others do the same, you cycle, get a return, and choose how much to keep and how much to roll over back into another line, possibly the next one up.

Now how can this keep going if not one recruits?

Fair question.

First, there are always people who do recruit and bring in more members. Some folks are just great at it and help the rest of us who are maybe not so good at it.
Second, members keep reinvesting into the cyclers, creating a continuous roll over of cycling positions
And third, most cycles are set up in such a way that insures positions will keep on being purchased, be it through automatic re-investment, or minimum positions in particular lines. All in all, it works.

My current line cyclers:
- Mad Money Junction
- Merry Profits

You can easily register for fr.e.e to familiarize yourself with how things work, then start with a couple lines and have some fun!

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Easy As 1-2-3

17 June 2009

Sign Up Round Coming Up

Allright, I said I would post an update soon and this is it. I'm still working at that temp job as they keep asking me to come back... hey, might as well work it as long as it goes.

Meanwhile, I have less time for my online programs, though they seem to all do their merry way just fine.

Because a new round is about to start, I want to start with TeamWorkMillionaire.
Sign up into the Team for fre.e and watch for the the link.

The next round soon is on the 19th -this coming Friday. Get in!
Last round over 1,000 of the members joined in -each receiving 4 position- meaning over 4,000 new positions in the matrix got filled. And this happens every 2 weeks. Do you see the potential here?

I can't emphasize this enough. The beauty of this kind of program is that even if you know absolutely nothing of online marketing, you can still count on a good return from your position somewhere down the line. So what if it takes a few month, or even a year? It will come, and that's the best guarantee you can have.

Each join is $5, which gives you an automatic 4 position.
From these 4 you will get $9,000. Not bad for only $5 going in.

This is also a feeder program into MyNetWealthTeam.
That one takes $15 to join, gives you 12 spots in the matrix, and returns over $32,000.

So, what should you do?
  • First, join TeamWorkMillionaire and watch for the next join.
  • Second, join MyNetWealthTeam with your first main position to secure your spot in the matrix. That way when positions start spilling into it, you'll already be placed (make sure sponsor ID=34970. Clear cookies if needed).
  • Third, each time the join link gets posted on TWM, join once or as many times as you want.
That's it.

The second thing I'll address today is Bux-Matrix.

I really think this is a good way to earn extra money. It take about 5 minutes of clicks each morning -sometimes less depending on how many new ads are posted. You can advertise your own programs if you wish, and for a once lifetime upgrade, you get a post in the matrix, earning from that end too.

I have been paid 3 times so far with this one, and so wanted to try a new strategy to see how much I can grow that earning and get paid more often.

I just rented 10 referrals for one month.
Now each times they log on to click the ads, I get paid, regardless of what I am doing.
This will earn me more than the rental cost, so it's easy to see why that might be advantageous.
As I earn from these referrals, I will roll over a part of that earning into renting more referrals, thus growing the earnings each month.
That's the strategy anyway.

Will let you know. :-)

Ok, that's the news for right now.
Do check out the links above, and please, Please, join TeamWorkMillionaire.

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