17 June 2009

Sign Up Round Coming Up

Allright, I said I would post an update soon and this is it. I'm still working at that temp job as they keep asking me to come back... hey, might as well work it as long as it goes.

Meanwhile, I have less time for my online programs, though they seem to all do their merry way just fine.

Because a new round is about to start, I want to start with TeamWorkMillionaire.
Sign up into the Team for fre.e and watch for the the link.

The next round soon is on the 19th -this coming Friday. Get in!
Last round over 1,000 of the members joined in -each receiving 4 position- meaning over 4,000 new positions in the matrix got filled. And this happens every 2 weeks. Do you see the potential here?

I can't emphasize this enough. The beauty of this kind of program is that even if you know absolutely nothing of online marketing, you can still count on a good return from your position somewhere down the line. So what if it takes a few month, or even a year? It will come, and that's the best guarantee you can have.

Each join is $5, which gives you an automatic 4 position.
From these 4 you will get $9,000. Not bad for only $5 going in.

This is also a feeder program into MyNetWealthTeam.
That one takes $15 to join, gives you 12 spots in the matrix, and returns over $32,000.

So, what should you do?
  • First, join TeamWorkMillionaire and watch for the next join.
  • Second, join MyNetWealthTeam with your first main position to secure your spot in the matrix. That way when positions start spilling into it, you'll already be placed (make sure sponsor ID=34970. Clear cookies if needed).
  • Third, each time the join link gets posted on TWM, join once or as many times as you want.
That's it.

The second thing I'll address today is Bux-Matrix.

I really think this is a good way to earn extra money. It take about 5 minutes of clicks each morning -sometimes less depending on how many new ads are posted. You can advertise your own programs if you wish, and for a once lifetime upgrade, you get a post in the matrix, earning from that end too.

I have been paid 3 times so far with this one, and so wanted to try a new strategy to see how much I can grow that earning and get paid more often.

I just rented 10 referrals for one month.
Now each times they log on to click the ads, I get paid, regardless of what I am doing.
This will earn me more than the rental cost, so it's easy to see why that might be advantageous.
As I earn from these referrals, I will roll over a part of that earning into renting more referrals, thus growing the earnings each month.
That's the strategy anyway.

Will let you know. :-)

Ok, that's the news for right now.
Do check out the links above, and please, Please, join TeamWorkMillionaire.

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