21 February 2012

JBP Expanding Soon And Fortune5Minutes

Happy Presidents' Day!
I hope you got the day off to do something you enjoy.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
We keep hearing that there are big expansion plans coming in JustBeenPaid, though no specifics yet.
As of the latest update, there are now 199,444 members! Impressive.
The top 20 earners have earned more than $102,000 each! Wow! I want to get there!

I know you've heard me say it already, but it can stand repeating. I personally love this program! I log on, buy Tripler positions, buy and upgrade placements in JSS matrices, and cash out whenever said matrices mature. How much easier could it be?

Any new members coming into JSS-Tripler get an automtic "$10 free money" to get started with the daily 2% earnings. Please note that after 60 days that $10 will be deducted from your account -but that's ok, because by that time you are well on your way.

Fortune5Minutes - Millionaires Club has a new link on the side bar, right under "Portofolio".
This program has been around and paying daily for almost 20 years now. Not something you can say often about online programs.

There are three different levels of membership. I came in with the $5 option. If you want to skip a few steps, come in higher.
Briefly, its a series of matrices that take you to higher levels each time you cycle, as well as re-enter you into that particular level, thus progressivelty increasing your earning power as you indefinitively go through levels and cycles.

I'll have a complete post on the various steps next, though you can certainly click on the link and read it directly on the site.

I'd say for $5, and taking into account the reputation of this program being a steady earner for almost 20 years ... seriously consider it.

Cheers for now-

17 February 2012

Cash Out And Premium Placements

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Three matrices cycled a couple days ago. I cashed out my usual 40% and re-invested some of the rest by upgrading 6 placements in my downlines to Premium status.

In the news, it seems it is taking 20+ days for placements to get filled because of the restart. That's likely to increase a bit before getting better -looking at my own Tripler positions, my earliest ones to cycle will be in 34 days ... I'm still buying Tripler positions every time I log on.

That's it.
Feeling somewhat grumpy today ... blah.

Actually, I think I'm going over to the GIN website for a little cheering up and the next post is going to be about some of the benefits of joining the club.

15 February 2012

News Coming From JustBeenPaid

JBP - JSS-Tripler
There's news from JBP and I have no idea what this means ... hopefully we'll know more soon:

   JSS-Tripler now has 166,874 members -- growing by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Thanks to all our sponsors our viral growth continues. Purchases of JSS-Tripler positions have also hit all-time record highs in recent days.

   We're using some of our funds to grow the breadth of JSS as a company. This will add powerful new income streams. This will soon become very exciting and will also provide our members with great new earning potentials.
   Stay tuned for some thrilling developments!

Meanwhile, I continue to log on every other day and purchase Tripler positions with whatever earnings I have accumulated. I now have 18 matrices -wishing some of them would cycle already, ha!
New Program -
I told you last time I joined a new program ... well, I have not had a chance to really look through the finer details, something I am about to do right now.

09 February 2012

.slow And Steady

We've got about a foot and a half snow packed onto the yard right now.
It's awesome and the dogs love it.

Doing the slow and steady thing, tugging along without a hitch. I've gotten all my restart positions that I can tell. I might have to go back and recount to be sure, but I think I'm there. The restart is about 2/3 done from what I read.
I continue to buy new Tripler position with my earnings anytime I log in. I have 18 JSS positions right now too. Whenever more cycle, I'll buy placements and upgrades.

GIN - Global Information Network
I'm listening to a 14 disk set right now anytime I am in the car. Sooo much better than filling your brain with all the negative news being constantly broad casted.
It's very invigorating and I feel very productive and driven lately. I'm waiting on a proof for a new booklet I'm publishing and I'm already well into another 100-150 page books I plan on having out by this summer.

New Program -
I joined a new program yesterday through a friend. I'm pocking around the back office to learn more about it and will add it here soon. Very promising.