16 December 2011

JustBeenPaid Possible Strategies

I've been looking around and reading about various strategies people are using with their JustBeenPaid and JSS-Tripler account, for ideas on how to maximize potential.
This is a really strong program with members making very impressive income, and I intend to be one of those people blogging about the several hundreds, and even 6 figure returns, from this Tripler.

There's the slow building approach:
- Buy 1 or 2 or more JSS-Tripler positions.
- Each time $10 accumulates, purchase a new Tripler position.
- Each time a matrix cycles, take some of the earning and purchase more Tripler posistions.

- this takes time and patience for sure. That's how I got started, with buying 3 or 4 new positions each time a matrix cyles to help along a little quicker. It's actually been building up nicely.

Start with high Tripler number:
- this takes money upfront, with buying a big chunck of Tripler positions from the start.
- compound the interests with purchasing more Tripler each time there is enough earnings.
- take money from the cycling matrices and re-invest part of that into more Tripler positions.

Starting with a higher number of Tripler position off course is a big advantage to achieving the higher numbers.

Cycle all earnings back into the Tripler:
- That' one's easy: ALL earnings from the Tripler and from matrices go back into buying more Tripler position, until the pre-set goal is achieve.

My conclusion is this.

Whatever your approach to get started does not really matter, just do it.

Then, compound ALL Tripler interests into new Tripler positions.
This will help build your Tripler numbers. Decide on a goal and compound until you reach that goal.

I read on a blog this morning about a woman who has made $17,000 from the JSS-Tripler so far!
Can you imagine! that's wonderful.

Her strategy is a point I've made before and is worth repeating.

Her key strategy for increased earnings is this one simple thing:

For every matrix position she receives, she buys the first TWO placements and upgrades them to Premium right away. 

Remember, this woman has made $17,000. I'd say her strategy is working.

This is what I've been doing.
In addition, I look through the matrices every few day and check on who in my downline is buying palacements. I do upgrade some to premium as I can to help out.

As in anything, everyone wins when working as a team.

Get in and get going: JustBeenPaid
To our success!

13 December 2011

JBP Placements Filling In

Logged on to JBP-JSS-Tripler this morning to a nice surprise.

- First I am now at $5 daily earnings, so every other day I can purchase a new JSS-Tripler position, which I did today.

- Second, going into the JSS-Main section, I noticed that just about all purchased and/or updated placements had been filled! That's 9 new placements filled in the last 2 days.
That's the way to do it; ALWAYS purchase the first 2 placements directly under any of your positions and upgrade them to premium as soon as possible. This will help you and anyone in your matrix cycle faster.

Woohoo, this feels good.

09 December 2011

Increasing Daily Earnings

Woohoo, only a couple weeks before Christmas holidays and family gatherings! Trying to get finished with my shopping before the last minute panic sets in...

JBP - JSS-Tripler: daily earnings are steadily increasing. My favorite program right now! For the moment, I am concentrating on purchasing another JSS-Tripler position each time I accumulate enough daily earnings, which in a couple more days will be every other days.

I've also upgraded several placements in JSS-Tripler to Premium, including some that were initially purchased by someone below me. Doing my best to help these cycle quickly.

GIN - Global Information Network: catching up on listening to the weekly broadcasts and greatly enjoying the information. I've taken pages and pages of notes on one particular conference series (about 13-14 hours worth). Wow. I'll be cleaning up the notes for a good review.

The information contained is priceless. Truly. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts in the last few years and this tops them all.