04 April 2010

Team 2 By 2

Team 2by2 is one of those great sites where even someone who knows nothing of getting referrals will eventually earn just from being a member.

The program has a $12 monthly fee, which buys you a new position into the matrix each month.
This guarantees matrix will be filled over time, creating earnings for members.
You can cancel at anytime and not loose your existing positions, but off course the point is to keep it going.

There are 8 stages in the matrix, each being a 2x2 matrix.
For each stage you complete from stage 2 through 8, you receive positions back into stage 1 through the Team link, helping to fill in any holes in the matrix.
For you it also mean a constant flow of positions cycling and earning through the various stages.

Anyone you personally refer follows you through the 8 stage matrix.
And again, anyone coming in through the Team main link fill in any holes in the matrix.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer...

Team 2by2 has a contest running from April 1 through the end of May:

Refer 2 and get entered to win the following:

- 1st PRIZE: HP 10.1 Inch Netbook PC with Intel Atom Processor, Windows 7, 1 GB memory, 160gb hard drive, webcam and more! The value of the prize is $300! Or, take the equivalent in cash!

- Second PRIZE: $100 cash!

2 members id will be randomly picked to win, giving everyone a chance to win (not just the top recruiters).

This is a good program. The admin is good with useful updates and stats, so you can see the progress.
It's easy and anyone can do it. Simply sign up and set up your subscription.
Advertising will make it work all the more faster -as with any program- so tell your friends about it.

Have fun!

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