28 January 2010

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I've been busy with school starting over and working on various other blogs and projects.
Besides this business blog, I've got a foodie blog, a photography blog (just started) and a sketch blog -just to name blogs. Curious? All blogs are linked to the rest of the sites, so you can go from there.
Here's the foodie blog: http://SproutsandCoconuts.blogspot.com :)

I turned the compounding back on in HyiFund this morning and requested a withdrawal. Will let you know how that goes.

Speaking of withdrawals, I received payments this morning from both New Wave Power Marketing and 3WaveCycler. Since I made the request last night, it was nice to see how quickly that made it into my account.

Once you have 4 members under you in NewWavePowerMarketing you are paid for. That covers your membership and everything after that is monthly profit. It's a good program with potential for a very nice monthly income.

The 3WaveCycle is a TeamLink. All new members come through the team link and come down the matrix in order to ensure that everyone cycles at some point. You do, however, receive additional bonus for referrals, so there is still that incentive to introduce people to the program. Also nicely done. I've cycled several times and have about 3 re-entries I believe so far. It's a one time payment at the very start, so not much risk to play along.

Profit Sharing is adding up slowly but surely as always in NineLevels.
I know I say this everytime, but really, get in this one! Your initial money comes back at 150%, then it's all play money on the Profit Sharing side and PURE PROFIT and the Matrix side. What more do you want?

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24 January 2010

It's Sunday

It's Sunday and it looks beautiful, though still somewhat cold. I'm ready for 70 F temperatures...

I've turned off the compounding on my HyiFund account to accrue a little withdrawal money. I think I'll let it do that until the end of the month, turn in back on again for a couple weeks, then repeat. That gives me cash every 2 weeks and a good way to increase my spent and thus increase my earnings. Sounds like a plan. :)

Lots of good comments on other blogs about this one, if you want to check it out.

I've got a couple PTC that I do on a daily basis. A new one is Bux.to .
Referrals can be purchased so that would be my recommendation to really make it worth it.

I've personally purchased 35 referrals. Of those, only 10 are apparently active. The program only guarantees (and replaces) referrals for purchases 100 and above. Now I wish I'd gone ahead and gotten the 100 package, since any inactive would have been replaced and the purchase price would be more than earned back by the end of the month.
As it is, I paid for 35 and really only got 10.
So, live and learn. If you purchase referrals, go ahead and get to guaranteed package.

In the mean time, it is earning well and I do plan on buying that bigger package with my earnings.

Another one I am playing with is HotCapital. It pays 25% daily for 5 days, or 125% of your spent returned to you by day 5.
I've gone around several times now and will do so another couple times, then take some money out and continue with the rest.
Be cautious and do not place in too much to get started. It is listed as paying so it's all good for now. I'd say put it what you are comfortable with, turn it over a couple times and take a little out every so often as you choose.

I've also joined a new program called OneTeam2x2
All members are constantly recycled through the main link, thus filling in any holes in the matrix from the top down.

Each time your 2x2 matrix is filled you earn, advance to the next level, and get a re-cycled spot into level 1. It's a small, quick matrix, which guarantees a regular flow back through.

All cycled position go back through the main #1 position to filter down the matrix.
Any referrals that you bring in follow you, which can also accelerate your and your referral's cycling as well.

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13 January 2010


It's mid-week already and I don't feel like I've done much so far...

Just finished my weekly surfing over at PayItForwardTraffic and WindFallHits.
I told you last time that WFH had moved to a monthly format. Well, they did but the surfing requirement went back to weekly. I guess they figured out that people would surf in a few days and not visit the site again for the rest of the month -which was indeed my intention, ha.

Oh yes, I actually got a payment from Ad-Ventures4U. Could hardly believe it. ;o

Not much new from last time.

Received a payment from NineLevels a couple days ago. This one pays on a regular basis.

I have 5 positions, and each will bring slightly over $24,000 in comission matrix.
So far, 3 of these 5 positions have been paid for through Profit Sharing and Matrix commission. Not bad. Once all are paid for I will continue purchasing matrix position, as explained in my strategy in previous posts...
... so if you are under me on this one you are pretty much guaranteed spillover over time.

I'm having fun playing with HyiFund. The earnings are steady and I read good things about them so far on other blogs.
I'm adding a few dollars to increase the daily interest and cash out. Nothing much, just enough to play along.

I've also added a SCAM ALERT on the side column. I hate doing this but in this case I feel very strongly about it.

Do NOT sign up with this company. I joined several weeks ago through someone who was bragging about daily earnings. Well, I was never able to get a withdrawal.

And lastly, I will continue with reviews of my favorite programs next time -feeling too lazy at this moment...

06 January 2010

New Year New Start

Back from the break and high time I started posted on here again.

As this new year gets underway, I am going through everything I am involved in and keeping or dropping. It's clean up time!

There are definitively some that are tremendous and anyone working online should give them serious consideration -in my humble opinion anyway. And then there are those who promised a lot and never delivered. We've all joined those at one time or another, so I think you know what I mean.

All that to say, cleaning is underway.

My ABSOLUTE recommendations are, without question:
- TVI-GlobalAssist
- FillerUp
- and NineLevels ... no matter what else you're into.

I've talked about these before and will continue to do so.

NineLevels is great to get started at a very low cost and really without much risk, if any.
That initial $10 comes back at the rate of 150%, or $15.
Everything else is pure and simple profit.
Get your game plan on and keep playing with that same initial $10 and rake in the matrix profit.

Really, even someone completely broke can afford this one, and even someone lousy at math can figure this one out.

Ok. That's that.
I'll talk again about my other 2 highest recommendations soon.

On a different front, HyiFund is working along fine. It's fun to log in and check out the daily earnings. Now don't go out and bet too much here just yet. I'm always cautious approaching new HyiFunds, so I've place a very small amount in to see it grow a little faster and will continue to watch. I have read good reports on this one so I am willing to go along for now.

You get an instant $2.50 to play with when you sign up a new account.

On the surfing front, WindFallHits had completed its move to once monthly payment.
The good part is you can get all your surfing done in a matter of a few days if you so choose, then not worry about it for the rest of the month. The less fun part if you get paid only once a month.

Overall, I think it's a good move for this site. They are still paying -unlike others who just quite paying without notice- and, they are on an upward slent. It's all good.

More sites doing the overhaul thing is Powerof5.
If I understood the updates correctly, they are completely changing their premise, which I am not too happy about.
The program is changing from a one line cycler to a 1-up type program. We'll see.
I'll post more updates as I know more.

All right.
More to come soon.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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