13 January 2010


It's mid-week already and I don't feel like I've done much so far...

Just finished my weekly surfing over at PayItForwardTraffic and WindFallHits.
I told you last time that WFH had moved to a monthly format. Well, they did but the surfing requirement went back to weekly. I guess they figured out that people would surf in a few days and not visit the site again for the rest of the month -which was indeed my intention, ha.

Oh yes, I actually got a payment from Ad-Ventures4U. Could hardly believe it. ;o

Not much new from last time.

Received a payment from NineLevels a couple days ago. This one pays on a regular basis.

I have 5 positions, and each will bring slightly over $24,000 in comission matrix.
So far, 3 of these 5 positions have been paid for through Profit Sharing and Matrix commission. Not bad. Once all are paid for I will continue purchasing matrix position, as explained in my strategy in previous posts...
... so if you are under me on this one you are pretty much guaranteed spillover over time.

I'm having fun playing with HyiFund. The earnings are steady and I read good things about them so far on other blogs.
I'm adding a few dollars to increase the daily interest and cash out. Nothing much, just enough to play along.

I've also added a SCAM ALERT on the side column. I hate doing this but in this case I feel very strongly about it.

Do NOT sign up with this company. I joined several weeks ago through someone who was bragging about daily earnings. Well, I was never able to get a withdrawal.

And lastly, I will continue with reviews of my favorite programs next time -feeling too lazy at this moment...

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