18 March 2010

New Page Up

Very Important!

I've got a new page titled: Pay It Forward.
Find the link under the header and read through the page.
If you believe as I do, then let's work together and make it happen for all concerned. Let's work as a Team.

New program: NextGenMarket.
Lot's of good things about this one. It's a good way to raise money in a reasonable amount of time.
Surf 20 sites a day until you reach 150% return on your initial spent. Miss a day? No problem. Daily surfing is not a requirement on this one, which is the main reason I choose to join. You simply surf until the 150% return condition has been met. Daily cash out too, so again, no need to wait if you need some cash back.

My experience so far:
For each day surfing 20 sites:
- $0.05
- 6% earnings on spent

Daily earnings vary from 2-6%. It just happen to have been 6% each day so far since I've joined.

It's been several days since I've been able to access GeniusFunds.
I've read on another blog that they are experiencing serious server issues and are working to resolve those as quickly as they can. They assure their members that they are still here and will be back up and running when things are fixed.
I was getting a little concerned, so glad to read this. GeniusFunds have been here a while and have a very good reputation, so let's hope for the best.

That's all for today.

It's a beautiful day and I need to go to the library. Hmm, I think I'll even ride my bike. :)

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16 March 2010

I Love This Time Of Year

Spring has got to be my favorite time of year... I spent all afternoon last Sunday working in the yard, particularly getting the veggie garden ready for planting in a few weeks. What fun.

And speaking of Spring, HyiFund will be doing some spring cleaning of their own, closing all inactive accounts (those who have yet to make a deposit).
This is to clear up their server a bit and remove those empty accounts just taking up space. Always a good thing to do now and then... so, I hope this does not apply to you, and if so, then make a small deposit so you can stay on.
It's been working very nicely for me, and I just turned the compounding back on and requested a withdrawl payment.

My 2 purchased referrals in JustBeenPaid have been delivered and paid their upgrades.
I went ahead and purchased a 3rd to continue growing. This one will be passed up to my sponsor (remember, it's the 3rd and every 10th after that), which is fine with me. I gladly pass this one on as that is the beauty of this system. You pass a few on and you receive a few too. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes. Giving means you will also be on the receiving end.

So, I do encourage you to get your spot and start earning.

I joined the InfinityDownline site through a friend recently to get a closer look.

ONE person puts you in profit with recurring monthly income.
Members pay each other directly, so there is never any administration fees.
It functions with what they call a Reverse 2 Up System: the 2nd and 4th referral of every member is passed up to their sponsor -that mean YOU- increasing each member's income exponentially.

Go to the page and take a minute to read through it.

Ok, time to get the surfing done with Bux-Matrix and Bux.to


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07 March 2010

Choose A Strategy

A critical detail about being successful online is not only to choose on a strategy, but more importantly to stick to it.

That is all the more important for most passive income programs. Don't talk yourself into rolling it "one more time" to increase that earning faster. Stick to the plan.

Why? Simple.
If you've ever lost money through any investment type or passive income sites, you know exactly what I mean. It is so easy to figure it out on paper and think you'll be laughing your way to the bank in x number of days or weeks, and it's another all together to actually have it happen. What if the whole thing folds over before you take out any earnings? Then what? Nothing is what.

First, choose a strategy that will return your initial spent as quickly as possible.
Then, choose a strategy that allows you to withdraw on a regular basis, all the while increasing your initial spent to gradually increase the earnings.
Sure, it take a bit longer than the all-or-nothing approach -but it will get you there safer.

All right then. :)

Here's what's happening on the passive income side:

One spent in HugMoney is done (5 days cycle). As mentioned before, I am waiting for the 2nd spent so I can combine them, then will move to the 50-50 strategy talked about in the last post.

Looks like HyiFund is back on. I've turned off the compounding to accumulate cash for the next week.

My GeniusFund account is off to a good start. I've got this one at 50% compounding so I can withdraw a little every so often. Part of the strategy, he, he.

That's all for today. Short and sweet.
Good day!

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04 March 2010

Cleaning House

You know what I've been thinking about lately? It's that of the many (too many maybe) programs that I'm in or have gotten involved in over this past year, there are really but a handful that are worth their while and keep rolling along at their own respective steady pace.

That got me thinking too about clearing house.
I've already taken off several links that were no longer serving, and I've got a few more.

The programs I tend to play with and promote the most are the No-Referral Needed and Passive Income one... so I suggest you pay particular attention to those sections in the column link.

Anyway, that's my bit for today.

I got money from Bux-Matrix a couple of days ago. Steady and realiable site. One of my referrals upgraded (smart move) which pushed me over the payment threshold and got me that automatic payment. Nice.

The income is growing over at Bux.to also. Minimum $50 on that one to withdraw, so I can't wait to get there.

I've got 2 spent in HugMoney right now. I'll wait for both to finish in a few days and combine them in one spent.
I see lots of paying posts on this one in other blogs, so I'm feeling good, and will be moving into my 50-50 strategy: take out 50% of profit each round. That way I get something each time and increase my spent each time, thus providing more earning each week... etc.

Also good news from HyiFund, who is back from their server attack issues with better protection. I've withdrawn money from them several times now, with no problems at all.

Coming up on 30 days since I purchased my 2 referrals for JustBeenPaid. Hopefully it should not be too long now.
They are also adding a couple extra levels called JBP2 and JBP3 to bring extra earnings to members. The idea in itself is good -will see how that develops. I'd suggest to at least get in the first level and get yourself positioned.

Last and not least, FillerUpClub is working on restructuring their Powerline Matrix.
All payment issues are now good and working and members can pay with either credit card or echecks, direct from bank account.
Vouchers also going out this week for those who ordered them. Seems to be rolling forward.

Remember too on this one, it does not matter if you bring folks in or not if because of the Powerline Matrix, where members are entered as they sign up, one person after the next.

Ok, have a great day everyone !

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