13 June 2010

So Many Too Many

I get way too many emails promoting this or that new "get in NOW or miss out" type hype... I'm tired of all the scams and programs playing on people's emotions. Times are hard. A lot of people are hurting. These emails just play on that borderline desperate need to find something that works.

For my part I am sending a lot of these said emails to the spam folder. Enough already.
I've got my few programs that I check in on. Every so often I might try a new one after I've read several positive comments about it in other blogs, or if it comes directly from someone I know. That's it.

So let's look at a few.

Right now Bux-Matrix is working just fine. No earth shattering earnings, but hey, steady and realiable, as mentioned in previous post. I've been paid several times with this one and use it as advertisment.

NineLevels is coming along. That Profit Sharing is up a few more pennys (hey, at least it's getting there) -and that much closer to payment.

JustBeenPaid is a bit disappointing in that people are not upgrading as much as they should, though I still have 2 purchased referrals to be delivered, so I'm still feeling good about it.

Oh yes, here's another that seems to be doing it's own slow and steady thing, and that's OneTeam2by2. One of the few programs that you can actually put on automatic and forget about it -contrary to what a lot of site say. Just got some spillover recently.

KaskKwik... hmm.. the jury is still out on this one. I guess a few members must have cancelled because the doubling of the membership did not happen as far as I can tell. There are 4002 members as of this writing. This should be over 5000 by now, if most people had acquired their second position. Only time will tell.

Lastly for today, I had recently got into RockSolidFunds just in time to get emails from admin that they had just had over $5000 stolen from their PP... great... what can you do? Apparently it was taken from the LR, so AP should be ok, which is what I used. I'll let it build up to a few dollars and make a whithdrawal, to see if payments are made. (I'll add a link once I receive payment).

It is what it is. One can only smile and move on.

I am looking into a couple gifting activities. If interested, you'll have to contact me with a request of info as I won't be posting that on here... or request to be added to my private list.

06 June 2010

Planting The Veggies

This weekend has been a major veggie planting endeavor. I figure we should be safe now as far as frost of other destructive weather. Ha!.

I got another payment from Bux-Matrix recently. This little program has turned out to be steady and reliable. I can't remember how long I've been in this one now, but it's been a while certainly. Every so often, I get a payment received email. Kinda nice.

Ok, let's look at some of the big ones:

Referrals are signing up in JustBeenPaid but not upgrading... why is that???!!!... It seems to me a fairly straight forward system. Sign up, upgrade, purchase a couple referrals and advertise as you wish. As you yourself get referrals under you, they will pass up their 3rd and every 10th referrals thereafter to you, thus growing your downline and earnings. Don't know, seemed like a good thing to me. So sign up already! Allright? Allright. (sigh)
All joking aside, I do think this is a good one. I've received 1 out of 3 of my purchased referrals so far, and I've got a bunch of folks that came through my link and are waiting to make up their mind.

moving on...

The membership in KashKwik is now at 4098. I've cycled once so far and have a few referrals. Hopefully everyone will cycle this month. That would be great -for me and all you guys who signed up under me. :)

Someone left me a comment on the last post saying it's a scam. All I can say is I've cycled once and I'm willing to ride it a bit longer to see where it leads.

Everytime I log into my NineLevels account the profit sharing is up a little bit more... LOL, taking a while but getting there.
I do recommend this one. All you have to do is read through some of my past post.
And since it's been a while, here's my strategy in 5 steps:
1. Purchase you Main position, #1 ($9.99).
2. Purchase first level under that one, or 3 more: #2,3,4.
3. Wait for your Profit Sharing (150%). Payments are automatic every $5 -no need to do anything.
4. Every other Profit Sharing payment (or every $10 received), purchase another matrix position.
5. Keep ALL Matrix earnings.

That strategy is very simple, and if you do the math, you'll see it is a winning strategy for everyone involved: Yourself and your Downline.

A couple smaller, mostly passive programs:
- now one position shy of cycling into stage 2 in OneTeam2by2.
- received 4 FREE positions in AdvertisetoEarn.


That's it for today!
It's beautiful. Hope you're spending time outside! :D