05 December 2012

Happy Wednesday!

It's a particularly good day since I know I am taking Friday off as a "well day" to enjoy a longer weekend - might even check what movies are coming out this week. :)

Amazing Money Magnet
My 2 positions have each cycled a couple of times, slowly adding up for more position purchased.

Explosive Cash Magnet
These positions cycle every 7 days.
Being a quicker program, I decided to go ahead and add more funds and purchase another 2 positions.

My stats so far:
- Orbit One: 4 positions
- earns $2 every 7 days for 12 cycles, for a total of $24 per positions.

Ok, so I am a little confiused with this program now.
I do realize it is basically the same as the old JustBeenPaid with a different interface it's just that it gets me confused.
I am down to 16 PC Panels after the last "shift."
I also used some of my earnings to purchase AD Package to keep the cycling going.


16 November 2012

Hooray For Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday. It's been a bit of a trying week at work and I'm ready for the weekend ... and Thanksgiving with family.

Amazing Money Magnet
My two position in Level 1 just received their first earnings. This is one every 7 days so should be moving regularly.
Payments are 50/50 into ewallet and repurchasing wallet.

Explosive Cash Magnet
The program is now open and running!
Each "orbit" has 10 positions.
Once you've purchased all 10 in one orbit, you can progress to the next orbit.
Each orbit has a lightly higher earning percentage than the previous.

Only glitch is they do not use Payza for payment, so I need to go fund SolidTrustPay before I can get in on the action. Hopefully later on today.

- They have started the Profit Shift which I believe is the equialent of "re-start" in the old "JustBeenPaid" program.
- Daily earnings are on hold until the shift is complete.
- Any ad packs purchased this Nov. with new payment processor money -not what is in your account already- will earn 3% through the rest of Nov., then resort to 2%.

I'm not going to do much of anything until the Shift is done, except maybe surf if I need to to remain elligible for earnings.

Feeling good about these programs.
I've got another I need to post here once I actually go in a read up a little on how to move ... soon.

13 November 2012

Updates for ProfitClicking

We're barely into winter and I'm already depressed about the cold ... going to be a long one.

Profit Clicking
Ok, so I figured out how to access Profit Clicking ...
I need to open the site with firefox in order to be able to get into my ewallet, view ad packs and pc panels, referrals, etc. Basically, any backoffice links. However, surfing must be done through InternetExplorer.
Well, glad I figured that one out - and now I can add the banner back.

I did enough surfing tonight to be good for the week and maybe a bit more, so I'm good for a while. This was such an excellent site I'm ready to get it going again.

I've also added my affiliate linkgs for AmazingMoneyMagnetExplosiveCashMagnet and F5M-Millionaire-Club in the viewing rotation.

11 November 2012

Out With The Old In With The New

When nothing works, it means it time for a good old "out with the old, in with the new" philosophy ... so, I've dropped most of the old programs that quite working and I've gotten a few new ones to try out.

ProfitClicking (former JBP)
I sure miss JustBeenPaid - that was the best program I had ever been in. Ever since they moved over to ProfictClicking I cannot access anything in my back office.
I sent in a ticket this morning so let's keep our fingers crossed that this will be resolved soon.

AmazingMoneyMagnet - *NEW*
This one is set up just like the new defunct Wealth4AllTeam.
Ead ad pack purchase cycles 12 times, once every 9 days on the clock.
Ad packs are purchasesed at progressively higher prices, with off course more returns.

I really liked the W4AT format so I am giving this one a try. It's brand new so should be around for a little while - enough to get a nice return anyway.
I've purchased the first 2 ad packs in Level 1.

ExplosiveCashMagnet - *NEW*
Another of those cycling ad packs type, this one cycling every 7 days.
they are still in pre-launch until memberships reaches 1,000. As of the last update, we are slightly over 800 signed up so far.
Once the 1,000 number is achieve, we will be able to fund and purchase positions.

This one is morphing into a whole new program called Primus Hub. Not sure what it's about. Honestly, I have been too busy to spend time reading about it. They are still in the process and nothing is up yet, as far as I can tell. More details when I know more.

Ok, that's it for now.
Happy Veteran's Day everyone.

12 October 2012

So, Nothing's Working Right Now

Yep, that's right.
Nothing seems to be working anymore at this time.

JustBeenPaid's new ProfitClicking is a bit complicated still. To be truthful, I have not been on the site much since the change, and havenot been doing my "ad viewing," so I can't really have an intelligent opinion on the program yet.
The few times I did get in the site, I couldn't see the info I wanted about ads, earnings, etc.

Ok, guess I need to get in there and take the time to figure out the site.
Jury still out on this one then.

No payment or cycling since mid Sept.
Not good.

I withdrew all funds a little while back when it became obvious that it was a loosing proposition.
I just logged on to find a "delete account" button but no such luck. Might have to get in touch with admin, though I do expect this one to eventually disappear.

I'm removing all banners... except that I need to swap the JBP with the new ProfitClicking one...

Oh well, let's move on then.
Back soon.


04 October 2012

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I've added anything to this blog ... other matters have been requiring my attention, but no worries, I have not abandonned the blog. It does seem to go through these occasional quiet times of "neglect" and then I'm back with regular posts.

This is one of those time ...

Back very soon now.

29 August 2012

Profit Clicking: The New JustBeenPaid

This picture is of Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed Electra that she flew in her attempt around the world.
No particular reason other than I am currently drawing sketches of her plane for a comic book story I'm working on ... so she's on my mind.

ProfitClicking (formely JBP)
- Things are migrating over to the new program slowly but surely.
- Number might fluctuate over the next few days until everything gets updated accurately.
- It should be another week or so before the program officially opens.
- There will not be any earnings until the site opens.
- The Triplers are now called Daily ad packs.
- The ad viewing requirements will be 25 ads per week to earn.
Ok, that's it for now I think.

Going very nicely.
I did a withdraw last week and got notice of payment the following day.
My e-wallet is already back up and looks like that I'll be able to make another withdrawl in a few days, depending on what TAPs cycle.

Got a couple grid move up, which now actually puts me in slight profit margin.
I'm not holding my breath though.

As an additional note, I've got a lot of advertising credits between these programs and need to start looking into using them.
My main programs I intend to advertise are W4AT and F5M-Milionnaire Club (though I don't talk about this last one much).


20 August 2012

Zeek Is No More

I'm slowly getting back into the school routine of getting up at a ridiculous hour and being gone all day.
Counting days until the next vacation days ... ha, ha.

I'm sure you've heard by now that Zeek is no more!
They have being shut down by the US government and accused of being a ponzi scheme.
I honestly do not know the ins and outs, or any details of importance actually, only that they are down for good and there are legal procedures already in place.

So, another one bites the dust.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
JustBeenPaid is, on the other hand, still going and getting stronger. They are in the process of becoming ProfitClicking soon. The program is moving to new and better servers to accomodate the new upcoming growth and should happen without much of anything on our part.\
I'm paid up to the 13th as far as daily earnings.

It's been really slow to be sure, as things often get with JBP. On the upside, they always come through so it's a matter of being patient.

Along with JBP, one of my favorite programs. No waiting or wondering is the earnings will come through. It's all determined by the clock, and therefore comes in like clockwork, if you'll pardon the pun.
Each TAP position cycles every 10 days for 12 cycles. That's it. Easy and reliable.
My favorite kind of programs. I wish there were more like this one and I would join them all.
I'm up to TAP2.3

One of my Level 4 position cycled into Level 5 - finally...
At this point, I can't really recommend joining this site. It is exptremely slow and NOT living up to it's advertising hype. If you were among the first dozen people joining or so you probably did really well, but now ... I thought I'd have had several position cycle all the way through by now.

I'll be looking at finding another one or two programs, now that I am down to JustBeenPaid and Wealth4AllTeam. Definitively NO surfing gigs though.


06 August 2012

One Last Week of Freedom

One last week of freedom before school starts up again on the 13th ...

Sooo NOT looking forward to it just yet. It'll be fine once I start teaching again - it's always a matter of getting back into the ryhtm of it all.

In the mean time, let's see what's going on, shall we?

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
According to Re-Start data, I should have 34 JPB matrix positions, though I only show 10 right now. It always take a while for all these to come through, so it's a matter of patience. Admin announced matrix positions will take a couple month to complete ... I'll keep checking.

The cash withdrawal requested last week went through this past Saturday - Thank you!

Last but not least, the traffic exchange is still in beta mode right now, so there is no need to surf. This will become mandatory at the rate of 25 sites per week sometime soon. :( blah, don't like to surf.

First off, I see that I got a referral! That's awesome, welcome!

I mentioned in the last post purchasing my TAP2.1 position.

I'm going to let this run on automatic for a little while to experience that part of the program, leting the system purchase each position for me whenever there is enough in the Cycle Bucket Balance.
I still have to decide what percentage of the E-Wallet Available Balance I want to cash out. I could technically cash out all of it since the program already devides the earnings with 50/50% split.

I would most likely do it $50 at a time, to make it worth the transaction fees.
The next positions due to cycle will be in about a week, so I have time to think about it.

Hmm, not sure where the "Unstoppable WhirlWind" went with this one. I was hopping to be at a self-sustainable place by now. This is so slow I might have to add to my original seed money, something I had not intended on doing.

My stats:
Funds deposited: $30
Earned: $29
Spent: $38
Which puts me in a $9 deficit mode.

Meanwhile, I now have 28 positions at Grid Level 1 ... with very little movement upward, thus limiting my earnings. Ok, don't get me wrong, I still have hopes for this program, if the position would actually cycle a little faster.

I also noticed a huge decrease in potential earnings posted on the main site for each cycling. If that makes the program sustainable, I'm all for it. I just want to see more results.

If you get in, do not expect tornado speed, LOL

I missed a few days of posting once again because I went off camping into the mountains this weekend. All worth it.
I am now at 533 VIP points. Let's see how long it take to get to 600.

There has been issues with daily posting of VIP points which the tech guys are working on.
I have had to manually give away bids in the back office a couple of times to insure I would be credited with my VIP points. It's no big deal and only take a couple extra minutes, though it would be nice to have it back on automatic.

GIN - Global Information Network
One definite positive about going back to school is that I will once again be listening to GIN postcasts on a daily basis. It's easy to do in the car, not so much when I'm at home with a thousand projects and things calling for my attention.
THAT - I'm looking forward to.

31 July 2012

Monday Morning

Well, it's Monday ... and time for some updates on the online virtual world.
Actually, it is now Tuesday, and the post I started yesteday is still in draft, waiting for me to finish it ... which I will be now doing.

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
Hmm, it feels like ages since I've checked on this one. I've had a buzy couple of weeks ...
So the re-start finally happened ... I went from 113 Tripler positions to 29.
With repurchasing, I have 49 Tripler positions at this moment.
This also means from over $20 daily earnings, I am back at $9 daily earning.

Allright, where does this leave me?
Actually, I have several hundreds dollars in my ewallet right now, and thinking I should withdraw a bit, you know, just for the fun of it.

I don't see any new JSS matrix positions yet, but considering they were late with that before the re-start, there's no telling how long it will take before these new ones show up.

Right then, since AlertPay went to Payza and now this new eGo pay or something, I guess I do have some catching up to do.

I just bought my TAP2.1 position!!!! Yeah!
That means from now on, I am withdrawing a portion of what falls into the cash ewallet. I have not decided what percentage yet, so maybe 50%, maybe more maybe less. Will let you know when I decide.
In the mean time, pretty exciting place to be in.

There's a few new things on the horizon for this program, which keep getting hinted at in updates, such as this one:
[...] after the genesis project launches, you will have 3 income centers, 5 businesses, the best marketing platform built specifically for us, and a few other surprises I don’t want to spoil. Let’s suffice to say, you will love hanging out at our website…..hint, hint. 
ok, no idea, but will let you know once again.

This one is going waaayyyy slowwwwer than expected, or was being let on when they started out.
I really thought it would go a lot faster.
No matter, as long as it moves forward, right?

My highest grid is still at level 4.
Meanwhile, I seem to accumulate quite the number of Level 1 grids.

Quick note of this one: now past the 500 VIP points.

Right, now I'm off to withdraw some cash. :)

17 July 2012

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day!

Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Festival of 30 June 1878
by Claude Monet

For more information about this holiday, see Wiki page.

Let's see what good news we have on this day.

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
The Re-Start is on!!!... well, sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Wow, it's been a while coming - 100 days actually since the last.
The cut-off date is the 16th, meaning any positions bought from then on will NOT be affected by the re-start.

The account cut-off is July 30th, meaning if you are opening an account between now and then, whatever you do will NOT be affected by the re-start either.

I am actually ready for this. It usually means several matrices cycling and earnings in the account, so it's all good for me.

I just logged on and bought TAP1.11 - which means only one to go to have all 12 TAPs at this Level 1.
I will buy the first TAP at Level 2, and then will start withdrawing earnings that land in my ewallet.

So far I have been using all earnings to climb up through all 12 steps of Level 1.
Each TAP cycles every 10 days for 12 cycles before retiring.
They are 12 steps per level, and 5 Levels. Cost and earnings increase progressively each level, though remain the same for each step on any particular level.

I've got a whole post giving specific details on this program. See "Program Details" here or tab above for post link.

They've got a new Stats page what is AWESOME!
It's a whole lot easier to read and get specific details about our account than what was on before.

So now I can take a quick look and see that one of my positions has progressed to Grid 4! Yeah!
That's when the returns becomes more interesting.

So far I've used $18 of my initial fund and have earned $17, so I'm just about even.
Pretty happy the way this one is progressing. Would not mind a little quicker for sure (who wouldn't), but can't complain.

I will only withdraw once a grid makes it through all 6 levels and matures.

Last but not least ...
I recently had 90 VIP points retire, so fell back a little in my total and I am slightly below the 500 mark. That's ok, that's how the system works. Besides, with the daily VIP point earnings, it's always a steady progression upward anyway.

I've decided to let it accumulate through the summer and see how many VIP points I get by the end of August. Then I'll decide how far I want to go before starting withdrawing a percentage (probably 15-20%).

That's it for the news on this end.

11 July 2012

Hump Day And The Rounds

Happy Hump Day as we used to say in my house on Wed.
After three days of mostly non-stop rain, it was beautiful today so I mowed the grass this morning. It's going to be hot again the rest of this week.

On to the news.

JustBeenPaid - JBP
They are processing the weekend's earnings, combining Saturday, Sunday and Monday (up to 5%) and Tuesday (2%).
Placements of JSS-Triplers are behind about 8 hrs.
My last posted earnings were this past Friday.

Server updates are completed and the site is working as it should. They are still updating some of the scripts thoug so grid views are currently unavailable.

I have now passed the 500 VIP points! Yeah!
My daily earnings is also now reaching 10 VIP point.

A message from admin states that you now must withdraw at least the same amount that you deposited through whatever processor you used.
Let's make that a little more clear, shall we?

Say you deposit $500 with STP.
When you are ready to withdraw, you will only be able to withdraw through STP until you reach $500 withdrawn, afterwhich all other payment forms will become available.

This is to protect the program from too much in one account and too much out of another account. I balances things out a bit and makes perfect sense to me.

I had one TAP cycle today, with several scheduled to do so between tomorrow and the rest of the week, which should bring  me up to TAP1.10

Ok, that's about it.

Cheers everyone-

06 July 2012

Fireworks and Matrix Cycling

I hope you had a most wonderful 4th of July celebration this week. Despite fire dangers and drought, we did have smaller fireworks, which was just perfect. People had a chance to gather in appreciation of what we do have in this country, watch a light show and hear great music, as well as the traditional fireworks.

After three days of hiking, bicycling and generally staying away from the computer, I am back on going through emails and checking in on sites, where I see several cycling and maturing of matrices. Yeah.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I've had 3 matrices cycles since my last cash withdrawal, so it's time for another. I'll see if I can catch the right time to do that.
News is they are running a little late on Daily Earning Payouts because of tremendous growth and optimization of the payout system. My last earnings posting was on the 4th, so Th. is missing still.
I'm not worried.

Posting daily ads and earning VIP points. The last few days I am up to 8 and 9 per day earnings.
I bought another 30 Bids tonight, so hopefully I'll get past the 10 VIP daily earnings.

The general advice from my upline is to build your VIP points to at least 1000 before starting to withdraw or change your 100% compounding.
The best thing is to set a goal. Once that goal is reached, start with 15% up to 20% cash out on your daily earnings. This will ensure that your points continue to grow at a steady rate.

Just got TAP1.9 yesterday from earnings.

Very happy with the way this one is getting on this early on.
I have 1 subscription and plan on leaving it at that for now.
My stats: (L=Level)
- # of Completed Grids:
L1 - 3
L2 - 1
- # of Currently Opened Grids:
L1 - 7
L2 - 2
L3 - 1
So I'm up to Level 3 already.
I did buy 1 one time Ads position with some of the earnings a couple days ago and will continue to do so with funds landing in that particular re-purchasing ewallet.

Earnings are 75% cash out and 25% re-purchase.
Since each $1 ends with about $500, and 75% of that is $375, I figure that for each position that matures out of Level 6, I can cash out $375 in one lump.
Sounds like a good way to approach this program.
As you see in the stats above, 1 position has reached L3 ... a little more to go. :p


01 July 2012

Summer And A WhirlWind Program

It's high time for an update, wouldn't you say?
I did not realize it had been this long, though in my defense, I'm on summer vacation and taking advantage of that less structured schedule for more drawing and bicycle riding.

All right, let's just make our way down the sites.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
- Still chugging along. I've got close to 200 Tripler positions now. Not sure whatever happened to the re-start but I guess I'll keep buying and letting them mature into the matrix.
- And speaking of, the admin is about 2-3 month behind on filling the matrix. No wonder, I keep getting these emails about my Triplers being placed into JSS and when I go check, nothing has changed.
At least the admin keeps us posted on these things.
- The traffic exchange has been added and is not mandatory yet ... this is not a change I look forward to. I highly dislike having to "surf" or "view" ads and stay away from those sites. That's one of the things I liked about JBP. Oh well.

I have now passed the 400 VIP points. My highest daily earning just hit 8 VIP points, so things are looking good.
I did miss a couple days here and there, though I try to keep up and do pretty good. Obviously being regular about daily postings does maximizes earnings.

My goal is still to get to 500 VIP points before considering changing the 100% compounding and start earning cash. I'll let you know what I decide once I get there.

I'm on TAP1.7 of 12. Earnings should post either today or tomorrow for a couple TAPs, which should also automatically get me to TAP1.8
Progressing nicely.
You can more details on these previous post:

And now, the new program:

It reminds me a little of W4At above, in that it works automatically, on its own, once you're in -my favorite kinds of programs.

the link: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?greentree00

Here's the quick run down from their front page:
- Over $500 of potential earnings from every $1 ad you purchase.
- You $1 daily ad subscription accesses powerful daily advertisement.
- You earn each time you 2x2 grid is filled in 6 different WhirlWind phases.
- Sponsoring does not fill your 2x2, therefore not required to earn.
- 75% cash out: 25% re-purchase standard to put you in more cycling.
- Over $50 in sponsoring bonuses are awarded throughout the 6 phases.
- You can fund your ewallet with Payza (AlertPay) or SolidTrustPay.

Here's what that means, in practical terms:

I filled my ewallet with $30 to start and bought 1 $1 daily subscrition.
- that means each day, $1 buys 1 position into a 2x2.
- if your funds run out, you loose all your positions, so be sure to check in once in a while. Once you accumulate earnings that will not be a problem anymore.

Your 2x2 does not depend on you to cycle. These are company wide, so once you get that subscrition started, just let it run on its own. Brilliant.
You can get as many subscritions as you want, just remember each is $1 daily. Subscritions cannot be deleted either, so pay attention when you're signing up.

Each grid position will go through 6 phases, automatically progressing up the line with each grid cycle.

So, Phase 1 cycling will pay you and advance you into Phase 2.
Phases 2 through 6 will cycle and:
- advance into the next Phase
- pay you
- pay your sponsor
- and buy a company position into Phase 1, thus ensuring the livelyhood of the program.

I've been in 4 days.
I grid has cycled after 2 days and moved to Phase 2.
I have 5 Phase 1 positions.

Ok, I'll do a UnstoppableWhirlWind specific post later one with step by step.

click on the link and take a look at the front page. It's a really straighforward and simple program.


18 June 2012

What A Gorgeous Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend this was, wasn't it?
I was at the Denver ComicCon all day and had a blast! The costumes were incredible.

And now it's Monday and reality must set in -for a few days at least.
So, let's see where things stand.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
There has been issues with the server of late, and it's been a hit and miss type thing about logging in the past week. I was able to get in this morning without trouble, so maybe things are settled now.
I keep buying more Tripler positions. I'm up to over 100 Triplers, with close to $20 daily earnings.

I'm also upgrading Placements to Premium anytime I'm in there: 4 today and about 10 or so last week.

Let me take this moment to remind everyone that it's a good idea to go ahead and upgrade your own placements at the time you purchase them, rather than wait.

Just past the 300 VIP points, with daily earnings from $3 to $6, which translates to 3 to 6 VIP points, since I have a 100% compounding for now. My first goal is to reach 500 VIP points, which I imagine should happen within 2 month or so.

Moving on up the ladder. Earnings are coming in nicely and I went ahead and got TAP1.6 a few minutes ago. I plan on purchasing all the way to TAP1.12 as soon as enough earnings accumulate. As that time, I'll see about starting to cash out a percentage from the cash wallet.

You know, these posts are probably sounding a little redundent by now. What can I say? All programs work for the most part as smooth as one could ask for.
Earnings compound. Positions get bought. More earnings come in. I cash out a little and continue.
And so on and so on.


01 June 2012

More New Records For JBP

JBP - JustBeenPaid
More records are being set in JustBeenPaid it seems:
Our new JSS-Tripler positions bought hit
a new all-time record on Wednesday an

another all-time new record today. Thanks
to all our promoters for helping make
JSS-Tripler so successful! Please keep
up the good work!
I just bought another 11 Tripler positions this morning.
Tripler positions are maturing nicely and transfering over to the matrices, in turn making these cycle and earn. I've even gotten a few referrals through my link, so all is well with this program. I'm so grateful for the day I signed up in JBP.

Consistently earning 3 to 5 daily VIP now. My account is at 255 VIP points.

An email from my upline shares that she had reached 150 000 VIP points at the end of April, and now, a month later, is at 200,000 VIP points. She is able to withdraw several thousand dollars per week.

Something to strive for.

I bought TAP1.4 this morning. Cycles are coming in every 10 days from purchase date for each levels. I try to scatter my TAP purchases so the earnings are also scattered.
Not much more to say, it's all working like clockwork, just like their motto says.

GIN - Global Information Network
I'm into my 6th month of consistently listening to the audios now. My life has changed incredibly. I see more serendipity happening too, which is pretty cool.

Just this past week, I decided to take out my old dish washer, which I never use, and replace it with a cabinet.
The next day, literally, I found an ad on Craigslist for a free cabinet for whomever came to pick it up. Guess what? Exact size, SAME style as my current cabinet, and only 10 minutes from my house!


23 May 2012

Sunny Days On and Off Line

What beautiful sunny days we are having of late! I headed straight for the mountains this past Sunday for a little altitude hiking -what a treat.

It's been sunny days on-line too, with these programs that hardly need anything from me.

JBP - JustBeenPaid
Always seem to start with this one ... what can I say, it works like a charm.
The re-start seems to get pushed back every week. It's all fine with me either way. I keep buying Triplers and they keep maturing into JSS matrix positions.
Two matrices cycled recently, so I'll be taking out a little cash in the morning. :)

Still posting my daily ads -or at least, about 98% of the time.
VIP points are accumulating nicely. I've got it on 100% repurchase and will keep it as such into the summer.

I now have 3 of the TAP1 series.
There has been 4 cycles so far, with TAP1.3 being automatically purchased from my earnings as explained in the backoffice.

Remember, all earnings are split 50/50 as follows:
- 50% into the Cycle Bucket -for TAP purchasing only
- 50% into the Cycle Payment -from which you can withdraw.

From what I could see in the purchase history, the system takes from the Cycle Bucket first and supplements from the Cycle Payment pockets to automatically purchase your next level whenever these two add up to enough for the purchase.

See previous post for more details on Wealth4AllTeam.

10 May 2012

Earn On Autopilot

Program details about Wealth4All-Team.

A few points that caught my eye about this program -

1- Earn on Autopilot:
Once the system starts, there is no stopping it short of you cancelling your account. Otherwise, it runs on autopilot, with earnings every 10 days.

2- No Sponsoring:
That's always a good one.Everyone earns on a specific shedule no matter what.  Most folks have no desire to go out and get referrals, and this makes it available to ALL without exception.

3- Level Up Automatically:
You can start with as many levels as you want, though you need to buy Level 1 before Level 2 and so on. Once you have enough in your cash wallet to purchase Level 2, the system does it automatically for you, increasing your earnings, again all on autopilot.

4- Low Out-Of-Pocket to Start:
You need $26 to start. Leave it at that if you want and let the autopilot take over. Or,start with more and accelerate the earnings and leveling up. It's up to you.

How To Start:
Sign in and fund your e-wallet with $26 minimum (see left hand menu).
- Go to "Make Payment" for the one time membership fee of $10.
- Go to "Make Payment" again and it takes you to Level 1.1 TAP of $16.

Each time you go to "make Payment" it takes you to the next available level you can buy.

Start with TAP 1.1 and let it run,
- or, buy several levels right away,
- or, spread out buying TAPs to see earnings on multiple days.
Each TAP Level earns every 10 days for 12 cycles.

How It Works:
Each TAP contains ad units and training units. The ad units are the ones paying you each cycle.
Each TAP cycles every 10 days and pays you $0.90 per cycle for 12 cycles.

50% of cycle earnings are placed in your cycle bucket and it automatically buys you the next tap in line when there is enough in there. AUTOMATIC GROWTH FOR YOU.

TAP Levels Explained:
Each tap level has 12 sub levels such as TAP1.1, TAP1.2, TAP1.3........ to TAP1.12
You have to buy each tap in sequence.
Remember, 12 taps per tap level.

TAP1 - Costs $16 - contains 5 ad units - Pays $4.50 per cycle.
TAP2 - Costs $32 - contains 8 ad units - Pays $7.20 per cycle.
TAP3 - Costs $64 - contains 16 ad units - Pays $14.40 per cycle.
TAP4 - Costs $128 - contains 32 ad units - Pays $28.80 per cycle.
TAP5 - Costs $192 - contains 48 ad units - Pays $43.20 per cycle.
TAP6 - Costs $16 - contains 5 ad units - Pays $4.50 per cycle.
TAP7 - Costs $32 - contains 8 ad units - Pays $7.20 per cycle.
TAP8 - Costs $64 - contains 16 ad units - Pays $14.40 per cycle.
TAP9 - Costs $128 - contains 32 ad units - Pays $28.80 per cycle.
TAP10 - Costs $192 - contains 48 ad units - Pays $43.20 per cycle.

Each tap pays 100% for the first 6 cycles and then 50% for the next 6 cycles, it then matures and ends its cycling.

You will already have other taps bought with the reinvestment plan and so will always have a growing number of taps and ad units paying you each cycle.

Awesome program.

04 May 2012

Daily Earnings On The Rise

Yesterday I got 3 organic raspberry bushes from a local grower and planted them in my yard! With that, the strawberry patch doing so well and the currant bush going crazy as well, it's going to be a berry season for sure!

- JBP - JSS-Tripler -
The Re-start is happening anytime this week. I did not find a specific date, only that it was planned for this week. I'm ready.
All my matrix placements are at the Premium level and I keep purchasing Tripler positions every other day, usually 3 to 5 at a time.

Since I titled this post "Daily Earnings" I should probably tell you what it is ... LOL

Daily earnings for JBP is now over $15.
I have 10 matrices, several in very good position to receive placements and therefore cycle during this upcoming re-start, and somewhere around 80+ JSS-Tripler positions last time I paid attention to that number. As these mature, they transfer into matrices and the whole things keeps turning and cycling and earning.
Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Oh yes, I also had one matrix cycle a couple days ago.

All is well in the JBP world.

If you are reading this and you are not a part of JBP, you are loosing out.
Click on the link on the right and get started.

- ZeekRewards -
Things are going well here too. I just bought another 20 Bids to reach higher numbers a little faster.
Daily earnings for Zeek is now typically between $3 and $4.

Not bad, considering I started this program just a few weeks ago. Progressing well now that I've got the daily posting under control.

From an email from my upline:
Regarding 3 ladies in my upline, one has reached 150,000 points.
Another has 100,000 points.
And yet another, after 6 month, is now at 8,000 points.

I have 162 points ... :)

To put these numbers into perspective, the back office has a example of 50,000 points at 1.4% daily earnings making $700 PER DAY!

- Wealth4A-Team -
I mentioned this program for the first time in the last post. You can go review that for more details.

TAP1.1 went through its first cycle without a glitch and earned the expected $4.50.
When enough has accumulated for purchase of TAP1.2, I'll buy it.
As more and more TAPs accumulate, so will the earnings. It's all about compounding at the beginning.

This program is still very new for me, but there is a very good email that got me to join that I will post on this blog in the ver near future.

By the way, TAP stands for "Training and Advertising Package," which gives you, among other things, banner advertising. I'll be looking into that for my various programs.

Ok, that's all for today then.

27 April 2012

The Old and The New

Though I am not looking for new programs per se, I do keep an eye out in case a really good one comes along ... curious? See further below ;p

JBP - JSS-Tripler
The daily payouts script is now running -these payouts take up to 7 hrs to be accomplished. Mine are usually posted by morning but not today. I'll check again later.

In the mean time, I continue to purchase Triplers. The re-start should be any moment now and I look forward to cycle a few matrices in the process.

Make sure you are upgraded to Level 1 AND have a JSS matrix position if you want any benefits from this re-start.

My VIP points are steadily adding up from the 20 original purchase, with earning settings at 100% VIP repurchasing. I consistently earn close to $3 per day now.

Of those original VIP points, the first 10 have been retired and the second 10 are not far behind. That ok though, as the repurchasing has more than grown the account over time.

At some time in the future I'll consider changing to maybe 80/20, just not yet.

And now the new:

W4ATeam - Wealth 4 All  <--link
This one caught my attention because of its easy hands down cycling features.
Similar to JustBeenPaid, you purchase a certain package that matures at a predetermined time, automatically.

In this case these purchases are called TAP and they cycle every 10 days like clockwork, for 10 cycles until maturity. You also get AU, Advertising Units, per each TAP Level purchased.
There are 5 levels of TAPs, each with 12 sub-levels.

The system automatically takes 50% of your full cycle earnings and purchases the next TAP level in the series if there is enough. The other 50% is paid out to you.

I bought my first level 5 days ago, so it's another 5 days until I get my first cycling earnings:

TAP-1.1 at $16.
Each cycle pays $4.50 for 10 cycles, or $45 upon maturity.

I really like these low maintenance programs. I'm not tied to the computer having to surf or do other tasks and can go on about my day. Win win! :D

I'll copy / paste the email I received from my own sponsor in the next post for more details. In the meantime, visit the site and watch the video.

Jave a great weekend!

First, the old:

20 April 2012

Fridays Are always Good

Fridays are always good. No matter what happens today, you just know you've got the weekend coming up, making anything and everything a little easier to handle no matter what.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Just a quick check-in in expectation of this Re-start. No changes yet, except that 4 of my Tripler positions matured into the matrices and I see a couple placements filled in since yesterday.

Referrals: I want to remind you to purchase ONE JSS-Matrix position in order to receive some of these maturing Tripler positions once the re-start gets underway -otherwise you are loosing out.
You must also be upgraded to Level 1 in JBP to be able to purchase that JSS matrix position.

I know it feels like a lot of steps to get this going, but I assure you it is worth it.
Once these steps are in place, it's pretty much automatic.

You log in, purchase Triplers with those earnings, let them mature into your JSS matrices, purchase placements and upgrade them to Premium as needed, then watch those earnings come in.
At this time, I cash out 50% of my matrix earnings and re-invest the rest into placements and upgrades, mine or others.

It's a simple rythm and the rewards are certainly nice too.

Looking at testimonies and top earners, it's incredible how people are earning 6 figures from this program! I intend to continue building those earnings for as long as I can.

Join the fun! :D

18 April 2012

Ready For Restart

Mid-week already. Spring is in the air and all I want to do these days is forget about work and go ride my bike. Someday ...

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I am all ready for the Re-Start, which is getting very close now -either later this week or early next week.
I just checked my account and made sure all placements were at Premium level.
I have several matrices that I hope will cycle with this restart. Regardless, I'm excited about it.

Remember that all Tripler positions bought now will NOT be affected, so continue to purchase and get a head start on these maturing.

Here's a portion of the last update:
A maximum of 40% of an account's JSS-Tripler
will be converted to JSS positions by the
Restart. Accounts not in profit will not
be affected. Small accounts will be less
affected than big accounts -- a sliding
scale will be used. The actual positions
converted will be chosen randomly from
those that qualify for conversion. The
conversion will be done in such a way that
affected members will be able to earn more
from their new JSS positions than they
would have earned from their converted
JSS-Tripler positions.

The most important thing for new members
to realize is that you can earn a great
deal with JSS-Tripler. On our Blog you
can see that our top earner has earned
over $394,000. All of our top 20 earners
have earned more than $130,000 each
Chances are very good there will not be another restart for 90 days or so, giving all these Tripler positions time to mature.

My first Bid Pack expires tomorrow, which, honestly, I'm not sure what that means. Will see tomorrow and report on that next time.
I still have a second Bid Pack and have been earning VIP points throughout this time as well, so I'm in no danger of being out. I will most likely purchase another pack regardless to continue accumulating those points.
I have my bid repurchase on 100% compounding right now to get maximum benefits and earnings once I decided to lower that and get a portion in cash.

GIN - Global Information Network
When you go to the website, there is new video on the front page about WHY you should seriously consider joining GIN.
Take a moment to watch it. It is worth your time.

I believe with all my being that the kind of information being shared through this organization will make an incredible amount of difference in the world and in people's lives.
Members now span over 150 countries and growing.


13 April 2012

Happy Friday 13th

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

It's been a very good day for me, and I hope for you too.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Just request yet another $100 withdrawal from JustBeenPaid today. I had tried the last couple days and kept getting the "daily limit has been reached" message, but not today! So Friday the 13th is lucky for me, ha, ha ...

A few updates:
The Restart is coming sometimes next week.
If you joined the program after March 24th, you will NOT be affected by the Restart.
Tripler positions bought after April 7th will NOT be affected.

I suggest you keep buying you Tripler positions. It's business as usual for me, restart or no restart, ALL Tripler earnings go back into buying new positions.

Be sure to have at least ONE matrix positionto benefit form all those Tripler positions maturing into the matrices. It's a good way to have a few cycle.
By the way, you can participate in everything without having upgraded to Level 1, but you WILL need to upgrade in order to withdraw funds. I recommend upgrading now to Level 1 so it's done and you can be a full participant.

One last point -I've noticed quite a few referrals who joined and then did nothing ... if this is you, go ahead and start playing with the program. It's a good one.
BUY some Tripler positions to get the earnings rolling, and BUY at least ONE matrix positions
Let me know if you need help!

I missed a few days of placing ads because of travel and other personal reasons. I'm back to it now.
My first packet of bids will end on the 19th I believe. I will look into purchasing another one to keep the growth going.

I admit I am not sure about the ins and outs of this program ... I need to spend some time reading through the site to really understand how this works.
I am still in the building phase right now, so it's ok.

Right, that's it for now folks.
Have a great weekend!

10 April 2012

Upcoming ReStart In JBP

I've been away for a few days with limited possibilities of getting online, so now I am catchingup. I'm also about to publish a book by the end of April (if I keep to my schedule), so things are somewhat busy as you might expect.

Noonetheless, online activities are on-going.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I just finished upgrading several placements in my matrices.

The administration announced an upcoming ReStart within the next week or so.
It's been a while since the last one -about 90+ days- so it was bound to happen soon. The good thing is that they are letting members know so you can make sure you are in a good lace to cycle matrices.

Buy placements and upgrade those and others to Premium.

If you are still on the fence about joining, do it NOW. Get yourself on receiving end of the flood of positions coming in from the restart.

Any Tripler positions bought from now on will NOT be affected by the restart, so go ahead and keep buying to get a head start on the next cycling.

Also, weekly earnings stay at 2% daily while weekend days now go to 1.5%.
This makes sense as an offset to lesser funding during weekends.

GIN - Global Information Network
I drove down to Texas and back, about 16 hours each way, and listened to the GIN audio series the whole time. I have to tell, I was FIRED UP by the time I got back home!
No better way to get motivated than to listen to people who are doing and benefiting from what you want to do.

There is more and more informationa available on the website, both for visitors and for members on the inside. I continue to be amazed at the quality of the data provided, and at the qualifications and experience of the people sharing that data.

That said, got a book to finish ...
Cheers -

12 March 2012

Did You Change Your Clocks?

Did you remember to change all your clocks Saturday night?
I thought I did only to jump out of bed this morning when my alarm did not go off ... I had inadvertently changed the alarm and not the time, and somehow the alarm was set for "pm."

 Let's see what's going on this morning.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Still logging on every other day and now typically buying 2 or 3 Tripler position.
Premium placements are taking 30 to 45 days to fill now. It's definitively slowed down. I can't wait until all these Tripler positions start maturing again and flow into the matrices. Only 10 days more mine.

Did not do so well this weekend in placing my daily ad -starting back this morning.
I typically do not care for programs that require a daily activity, since my whole point of finding earning programs online is to free up my time for other things. Oh well, this is a big earner for friends of mine so I am willing to give it a shot, and once I got how to place the ads, it's no big deal. Takes about 1 minute tops.

F5M-MC - Fortune5Minutes
I did say last time I would go find a banner didn't I? Guess I'll get on that once I post this.

GIN - Global Information Network
I am re-listening to the second set of CDs, only 5 hrs for this one. I noticed last time I was on site that there is a third set, also just a few hours. Will start that one probably by mid-week.
There are also local chapter meetings in my area, so I'll see about attending to meet other like-minded folks. Should be fun!


06 March 2012

Daily Online Routine

I'm getting my daily online routine down, looking in on the various programs that are working and reading here and there on how to improve my strategies and other relevant information.

A few minutes each morning and I am done for the day. Feels pretty good actually.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
This one is as easy as it gets. Still logging in about every other days to purchase new Tripler positions with current earning. Last time I also had a matrix cycle so I withdrew my 40% in cash, then upgraded more placements to Premium in several matrices. Basically I make sure all (or as much as I can) placements in any of my matrices are at the Premium level.

My next JSS-Tripler positions to mature will be in 16 days (because of last restart) ... that means as more members have their positions mature as well there will be a renewed amount of matrices to cycle.

ZeekRewards  **NEW**
New square banner on the side.
I've been in this one for a couple weeks or so now and getting the hang of it too.
By placing an ad and submitting the ad link you qualify to receive a portion of that day's profit sharing.

I'm good during the week though not always so good on weekends when other activities take precedence. Off course the more consistent you are the quicker your account grows.

Sign up as a Silver or Gold member if interested, so you can start earning. You can sign up as an Affilitate and upgrade later, though if you're going to participate, I suggest going ahead and getting in at the Silver level at least.

More details as I get more acquainted with the program.

F5M-MC - Fortune5Minutes
I'll see if I can find a banner to add for this rather than the link -it looks better and is easier to find. :)

GIN - Global Information Network
I've listened through the entire level I training -a 13 CD set, about 3 times now and moving on to the second training set of another 8 or 9 CDs.
I've been doing this since early December every day in the car. Since listening to this information, I am more focused and productive. I am  more driven to actualize my dreams, and I feel I am taking concrete steps towards that goal.

I published a book called Travel With Me last month and have another 150 pages book due out by the end of April. Awesome!

Invest in yourself. You will look back on this as the best single thing you have ever done for yourself.


21 February 2012

JBP Expanding Soon And Fortune5Minutes

Happy Presidents' Day!
I hope you got the day off to do something you enjoy.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
We keep hearing that there are big expansion plans coming in JustBeenPaid, though no specifics yet.
As of the latest update, there are now 199,444 members! Impressive.
The top 20 earners have earned more than $102,000 each! Wow! I want to get there!

I know you've heard me say it already, but it can stand repeating. I personally love this program! I log on, buy Tripler positions, buy and upgrade placements in JSS matrices, and cash out whenever said matrices mature. How much easier could it be?

Any new members coming into JSS-Tripler get an automtic "$10 free money" to get started with the daily 2% earnings. Please note that after 60 days that $10 will be deducted from your account -but that's ok, because by that time you are well on your way.

Fortune5Minutes - Millionaires Club has a new link on the side bar, right under "Portofolio".
This program has been around and paying daily for almost 20 years now. Not something you can say often about online programs.

There are three different levels of membership. I came in with the $5 option. If you want to skip a few steps, come in higher.
Briefly, its a series of matrices that take you to higher levels each time you cycle, as well as re-enter you into that particular level, thus progressivelty increasing your earning power as you indefinitively go through levels and cycles.

I'll have a complete post on the various steps next, though you can certainly click on the link and read it directly on the site.

I'd say for $5, and taking into account the reputation of this program being a steady earner for almost 20 years ... seriously consider it.

Cheers for now-

17 February 2012

Cash Out And Premium Placements

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Three matrices cycled a couple days ago. I cashed out my usual 40% and re-invested some of the rest by upgrading 6 placements in my downlines to Premium status.

In the news, it seems it is taking 20+ days for placements to get filled because of the restart. That's likely to increase a bit before getting better -looking at my own Tripler positions, my earliest ones to cycle will be in 34 days ... I'm still buying Tripler positions every time I log on.

That's it.
Feeling somewhat grumpy today ... blah.

Actually, I think I'm going over to the GIN website for a little cheering up and the next post is going to be about some of the benefits of joining the club.

15 February 2012

News Coming From JustBeenPaid

JBP - JSS-Tripler
There's news from JBP and I have no idea what this means ... hopefully we'll know more soon:

   JSS-Tripler now has 166,874 members -- growing by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Thanks to all our sponsors our viral growth continues. Purchases of JSS-Tripler positions have also hit all-time record highs in recent days.

   We're using some of our funds to grow the breadth of JSS as a company. This will add powerful new income streams. This will soon become very exciting and will also provide our members with great new earning potentials.
   Stay tuned for some thrilling developments!

Meanwhile, I continue to log on every other day and purchase Tripler positions with whatever earnings I have accumulated. I now have 18 matrices -wishing some of them would cycle already, ha!
New Program -
I told you last time I joined a new program ... well, I have not had a chance to really look through the finer details, something I am about to do right now.

09 February 2012

.slow And Steady

We've got about a foot and a half snow packed onto the yard right now.
It's awesome and the dogs love it.

Doing the slow and steady thing, tugging along without a hitch. I've gotten all my restart positions that I can tell. I might have to go back and recount to be sure, but I think I'm there. The restart is about 2/3 done from what I read.
I continue to buy new Tripler position with my earnings anytime I log in. I have 18 JSS positions right now too. Whenever more cycle, I'll buy placements and upgrades.

GIN - Global Information Network
I'm listening to a 14 disk set right now anytime I am in the car. Sooo much better than filling your brain with all the negative news being constantly broad casted.
It's very invigorating and I feel very productive and driven lately. I'm waiting on a proof for a new booklet I'm publishing and I'm already well into another 100-150 page books I plan on having out by this summer.

New Program -
I joined a new program yesterday through a friend. I'm pocking around the back office to learn more about it and will add it here soon. Very promising.


24 January 2012

Slow Re-Start at JBP

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
It seems the re-start is still only 30% completed at JustBeenPaid. It's taking longer than I thought it would and I'd like to see my JSS positions show up ... patience ... 1 of 8 JSS matrix position has shown up for me so far.

On the other hand, three JSS positions cycled.
With that earning, I cashed out 30% and re-invested some of the rest as follows:
- bought 1 placement
- upgraded 6 placements to Premium
- bought 4 new JSS-Tripler positions

Not bad!

GIN - Global Information Network
Having a blast listening to podcasts in the car. A thousand times better than all that noise about politics and backstabbing and attacking tactics of upcoming elections.
The information is literally out of this world.
I need to put together a letter / longer post to explain some of the benefits and why you would consider becoming a member, so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about here.

If you do happen to click on the GIN banners, scroll down a bit and watch the Invitation video: "Why You Should Consider Joining GIN" to get started.

Allright, then, have a great day.
Cheers -

10 January 2012

Jss-Tripler Restart

JSS-Tripler went through a "restart"a couple days ago.
Looks like 75% of my Triplers were converted to JSS positions, making me pretty happy. These positions have not shown up in the matrices yet, though that usually takes a few days after the restart, so I'll keep checking.

In the mean time, I'm still buying Triplers anytime I can with earnings. One matrix did cycle, with several others slowly but surely getting filled.
I'm taking some of the cycling earnings and updating placements to Premium to catch some of these new positions rolling in from the Restart.

On a different note, I've been tuning in to the weekly development podcasts offered by GIN, the Global Information Network, and loving them.

One key element in this last one: Be Positive in your speech.
Listen to yourself and the people around you -you'll be amazed as to how much most are negative in their words. Seriously, make it a point to listen for a few hours, be it at work in your social network. It might surprise you.

02 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to one and all!
This year is starting off on an exciting foot already, so be ready for things to get even better!

I had not checked my JustBeenPaid account much during the Christmas holidays -taking a break from online anything and everything- so it was great to log in again and see the progress.

Here what I've done since xmas:
- bought 7 new JSS-Tripler position from earnings
- had 1 matrix cycle
- upgraded 3 matrix placements to Premium

Upgrading the placements now places 2 matrix in line to cycle soon.

Like I said earlier, 2012 is starting off great!
I've noticed the blog also picked up a few new "followers" -Welcome! Hope you enjoy the posts!