20 April 2012

Fridays Are always Good

Fridays are always good. No matter what happens today, you just know you've got the weekend coming up, making anything and everything a little easier to handle no matter what.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Just a quick check-in in expectation of this Re-start. No changes yet, except that 4 of my Tripler positions matured into the matrices and I see a couple placements filled in since yesterday.

Referrals: I want to remind you to purchase ONE JSS-Matrix position in order to receive some of these maturing Tripler positions once the re-start gets underway -otherwise you are loosing out.
You must also be upgraded to Level 1 in JBP to be able to purchase that JSS matrix position.

I know it feels like a lot of steps to get this going, but I assure you it is worth it.
Once these steps are in place, it's pretty much automatic.

You log in, purchase Triplers with those earnings, let them mature into your JSS matrices, purchase placements and upgrade them to Premium as needed, then watch those earnings come in.
At this time, I cash out 50% of my matrix earnings and re-invest the rest into placements and upgrades, mine or others.

It's a simple rythm and the rewards are certainly nice too.

Looking at testimonies and top earners, it's incredible how people are earning 6 figures from this program! I intend to continue building those earnings for as long as I can.

Join the fun! :D

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