16 December 2011

JustBeenPaid Possible Strategies

I've been looking around and reading about various strategies people are using with their JustBeenPaid and JSS-Tripler account, for ideas on how to maximize potential.
This is a really strong program with members making very impressive income, and I intend to be one of those people blogging about the several hundreds, and even 6 figure returns, from this Tripler.

There's the slow building approach:
- Buy 1 or 2 or more JSS-Tripler positions.
- Each time $10 accumulates, purchase a new Tripler position.
- Each time a matrix cycles, take some of the earning and purchase more Tripler posistions.

- this takes time and patience for sure. That's how I got started, with buying 3 or 4 new positions each time a matrix cyles to help along a little quicker. It's actually been building up nicely.

Start with high Tripler number:
- this takes money upfront, with buying a big chunck of Tripler positions from the start.
- compound the interests with purchasing more Tripler each time there is enough earnings.
- take money from the cycling matrices and re-invest part of that into more Tripler positions.

Starting with a higher number of Tripler position off course is a big advantage to achieving the higher numbers.

Cycle all earnings back into the Tripler:
- That' one's easy: ALL earnings from the Tripler and from matrices go back into buying more Tripler position, until the pre-set goal is achieve.

My conclusion is this.

Whatever your approach to get started does not really matter, just do it.

Then, compound ALL Tripler interests into new Tripler positions.
This will help build your Tripler numbers. Decide on a goal and compound until you reach that goal.

I read on a blog this morning about a woman who has made $17,000 from the JSS-Tripler so far!
Can you imagine! that's wonderful.

Her strategy is a point I've made before and is worth repeating.

Her key strategy for increased earnings is this one simple thing:

For every matrix position she receives, she buys the first TWO placements and upgrades them to Premium right away. 

Remember, this woman has made $17,000. I'd say her strategy is working.

This is what I've been doing.
In addition, I look through the matrices every few day and check on who in my downline is buying palacements. I do upgrade some to premium as I can to help out.

As in anything, everyone wins when working as a team.

Get in and get going: JustBeenPaid
To our success!

13 December 2011

JBP Placements Filling In

Logged on to JBP-JSS-Tripler this morning to a nice surprise.

- First I am now at $5 daily earnings, so every other day I can purchase a new JSS-Tripler position, which I did today.

- Second, going into the JSS-Main section, I noticed that just about all purchased and/or updated placements had been filled! That's 9 new placements filled in the last 2 days.
That's the way to do it; ALWAYS purchase the first 2 placements directly under any of your positions and upgrade them to premium as soon as possible. This will help you and anyone in your matrix cycle faster.

Woohoo, this feels good.

09 December 2011

Increasing Daily Earnings

Woohoo, only a couple weeks before Christmas holidays and family gatherings! Trying to get finished with my shopping before the last minute panic sets in...

JBP - JSS-Tripler: daily earnings are steadily increasing. My favorite program right now! For the moment, I am concentrating on purchasing another JSS-Tripler position each time I accumulate enough daily earnings, which in a couple more days will be every other days.

I've also upgraded several placements in JSS-Tripler to Premium, including some that were initially purchased by someone below me. Doing my best to help these cycle quickly.

GIN - Global Information Network: catching up on listening to the weekly broadcasts and greatly enjoying the information. I've taken pages and pages of notes on one particular conference series (about 13-14 hours worth). Wow. I'll be cleaning up the notes for a good review.

The information contained is priceless. Truly. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts in the last few years and this tops them all.


30 November 2011

JustBeenPaid Cycling and New Program

Gotta love this time of year, it's holiday after holiday ... Thanksgiving with family waswonderful, and now only another three weeks to more family and holiday time.

Another great thing is coming back after a few days offline and seeing another cycled position with earnings posted in my account in JustBeenPaid.

I bought a few more JSS-Tripler position to up the daily earnings.

An important strategy to make JBP work for you is you MUST buy the first 2 placements directly under ANY matrix position you have. If you don't, it can take month for that matrix to cycle. The idea is to make them roll over quickly, keeping the earnings rolling as well.

On another topic, you will notice new banners for something called Global Information Network (GIN) both at the top and on the side of this blog.
I have signed up as an affiliate and am currently listening to the various podcast available to my level.
This is tremendous information. I highly encourage you to get in (affiliates are fr-e-e) and start your journey to understanding to a whole new level of earnings.

Cheers everyone-

21 November 2011

Positions Cycled in JustBeenPaid

Remember that new JustBeenPaid approach I explained last post to quicken the cycling of matrix positions?

Well, it worked already. TWO matrix cycled, sending $170 my way.

Of that amount, I bought 5 more JSS-Tripler and bought a placement in the next almost full matrix in line to continue with the new aproach.

This is very exciting.
As matrix positions cycle quiker, more earnings come my way and the way of other people in these same matrixes, with a win-win situation for all involved.

Here's the best thing to do:
Get in JustBeenPaid and upgrade to Level 1.
Then for each top JSS Main position in the matrix, buy the first 2 placements directly under you.
When these get filled, encourage your downline to do the same.
If each person does this and then upgrades their own placements, matrixes will cycle much quicker, thus sending each member quicker earnings.

Win-win for all!

18 November 2011

Upgrading Placements in JBP

Putting a new strategy in place:

At this moment I sit with 13 matrix.
Each is worth $60 once cycling, for a potential of $780 ...

I typically check up on JustBeenPaid every other day or so and buy new JSS-Tripler positions with any earnings showing up.

Today I did something different, in a new approach to hasten the cycling of my matrix positions.

What I did instead is take a look at all my matrix charts to see which is the closest to being filled.
You can do that by clicking on the "order" button to place them in order of "most filled" first.

Looking at this top matrix, I upgraded the last 2 needed position to "premium". This will place this matrix in the priority group as more positions are filled, thus increasing my chances of cycling sooner.

When this matrix cycles, I will receive $60, which will in part go to upgrading more placements in the next matrix and buying more JSS-Tripler positions and so on.

14 November 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while since 've posted any kind of news on this blog, and I thought it was high time I got back to it. I seem to do this in waves, with weekly updates for a while and then nothing for a stretch...

Let's hope this is a new start of weekly updates...

JustBeenPaid is my highest recommendation at this time.

With last restart, I gained 13 matrix positions, with several almost filled that should cycle in the near future.
AlertPay is having issues with their visa/mastercard usage, which is certainly putting a damper on my online activity, so I hope they  resolve this quickly.

On the JustBeenPaid site there is a testimony of a guy that signed up with JBP, started with $20 and went on to pay off a 12 year old debt and rise to the #7 top earner spot for the program. Not bad!!! I'm going to read up on his strategy and report back over here.

Back soon.

13 August 2011

What Is Connecting Us All

How would I explain Connecting Us All?

That's the question that was keeping me up last night, because this is a simple and great way for us to help each other -NO hype, NO fancy pitch, only SIMPLE, DIRECT people to people connection.

In this post, I concentrate on what this can do for you because
- when you help others, you help yourself
- and when you help yourself, you help others... isn't that funny how this works!

The art of Giving (or Gifting) has been and continues to be a part of numerous cultures throughout the world. In some cultures, it is an accepted method of raising finances.
The US Tax Code allows for tax-free gift of one individual to another of up to $12,000 during the period of one year. Unfortunately, due to negligence on the part of a few, it has at times received a bad rap here in the US.

CUA retains the service of several law offices to ensure everything is set following law abiding practices. All contacts for law offices, corporate offices and corporate members are clearly listed and available on the website. Offices are in Colorado and the UK. You can read about this aspect here.

Now to the nuts and bolts of how this work:

Whatever you give, you receive 4 times.
So, if you
give $20, you get $80
give $50, you get $200
give $100, you get $400
etc. on up the ranks.

There are 3 sets of cycles, each comprised of 5 levels.
Once you complete the 5 cycles in each set, this is your total potential receiving:
- Express Cycles - total potential: $3,680
- Automated Imagine System - total potential: $3,680
- Automated Classic System - total potential: $15,200

This is repeated over and over for as long as you wish it to.

Now let's get back to the more immediate picture.

I suggest you enter 2 cycles right away, and here's why:
- The first, Express Cycle, is manual. Each time you cycle you must manually re-enter.
Always re-enter at the same level just completed, AND at the next level, thus multiplying your returns.
- The second, Imagine System, is automated, meaning you automatically move up the ranks each time you cycle one level.
In getting this one started right away, you place yourself in position to have people move under you as they cycle out of the Express Cycle.
- The third, Classic System, will open up once you move up the Imagine System.


This is the Call To Action part:

1. Go to ConnectingUsAll and click on the Join Now link (upper right or bottom of page).
2. Enter your information; make sure your sponsor is: Greentree
3. Fund your wallet via AlertPay*
4. Enter Express Cycle 20 (give 20, receive 80)
5. Enter Automated Imagine System 20 (give 20, receive 80)
6. Invite others to do the same.
7. Cycle, cycle, cycle... :P

It's really is that easy.

*If you do not have an AlertPay account, do this first -it only takes a minute.

Cheers everyone -

P.S. For more details on CUA and other programs, see the Program Details page.

29 July 2011

JSS-Tripler Positions Maturing

JustBeenPaid is continuing to be one of my favorite sites to go check in on.
Know why?
Because everytime I get in my back-office, there is more earnings posted, positions are moving closer to maturing -or have matured by the time I get on, and I know the whole things keeps on rolling whether I take a look or not!

I love it!

At this moment, I've got 6 positions due to mature with tomorrow's earnings in JSS-Tripler, for a total of 9 matured positions.

Since for every 4 matured position in JSS-Tripler, 1 spot in JBP main matrix is awarded, of these 9 positions, 8 will instantly go into 2 JBP positions, which in turn will bring $60 each upon maturing.


The plan right now is to increase the daily earnings a few dollars more, then for every 2 new JSS-Tripler positions I buy, I'll take out $5. That way the number of earning positions do continue to grow and my cash out also continues to grow.

I'll let you know when I get to that point.
I am still rolling in the earnings for now, and since 6 more positions are maturing tomorrow, the daily earnings will decrease a little until I make up for the 4 ( I just bought 2 today).

If you are in JBP already (and some of you reading this are) and you are not yet playing along with JSS-Tripler, I encourage you to re-think your reason(s) and take a closer look into it.


24 July 2011

JSS-Tripler Going Strong

Just a quick check in to let you know JSS-Tripler of the JBP (JustBeenPaid) program is going strong and growing everyday.

I am now up to $5.20 per day.
I can purchase a new position simply from earning every other day, and soon that will be one per day.

2 positions have matured with several more close behind.

For more details explore past posts below or go to the Program Details tab below the header.


24 June 2011

JSS Tripler of Just Been Paid

Are you familiar with JustBeenpaid ?

It's a pretty simple program really, the basics being you sign up and send your sponsor $15 every three month.
In turn, each person you bring into the program send you $15 every three month as well. With one person under you, your subscription is paid for.

After that, it's up to you how much of the sub-programs you want to participate in.

I've been taking part in the JSS-Tripler for a little while now.

- JSS-Tripler earn 2% return daily for each $10 position.
- You can buy multiple positions daily.
- Compound daily to increase your earnings.
- Use your earnings to buy more positions.

The total cash earning per position is $15 or 150%.

- The $15 is paid in the form of JSS positions.
- When 4 of your JSS-Tripler position mature and earn $15 each, you get a JSS position that pays you $60 when it cycles.

You do need to be an upgraded member of JBP in order to receive you JSS position, so I suggest you do that fairly soon after getting started with JSS-Tripler , if not first thing.

At the time of this writing I have 17 positions earning $3.20 per day. This increases by $0.20 each time I buy a new JSS-Tripler position, enabling me to buy more positions at a time (one of my upline is earning somewhere around $100 a day...).
One JSS-Tripler position has matured and a 2nd is very close behind.
One of my JSS position has cycled, earning me $60 cash.

For the moment, I log on every few days and buy more JSS-Tripler positions with the compounded earnings.
I plan on cashing out the $60 as my JSS positions cycle.

All in all, I'm pretty happy about this program. Give it a shot: JSS-tripler -you might be too.

08 May 2011

Connecting Us All Overview

I took a few minutes to watch the two ConnectingUsAll video presentations this morning as it's been a while and I wanted to re-acquaint myself with them.

When you go to the main page and acroll down, on the left is a Watch Our Videos button. Click that and again at the bottom, click on both "Invitation Presentation" and "Invitation Video".

Both of these videos do a very good job of taking you through the philosophy of the company, it's reason for being, who is behind setting this up and what they did to insure it's legal compliance.
Corporate office addresses and numbers are available on site. There are offices in Colorado, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Over $1 Million was invested at the start of this company to ensure its legality, and several top law firms are involved in the process.

You will also be taken through the entire program and how to maximize it's potential for yourself and your family. It's very well done actually and was a nice refresher.

Here are a few notes I took while watching:

One of the company's goal is to help 1 Million people and raise $1 Million in humanitarian aid.
The company has a non-profit status: gifts are exchange directly between members, never through the company itself. You can fully participate for free. If you choose to, you may upgrade with $16 monthly fee used for operating costs. Whatever remains of money coming in from the monthly fees is channeled to people in need through the Giving Tree.

Member share abundance through:
- Systematic Giving
- Systematic Inviting
- Systematic Receiving

Members of ConnectingUsAll are about unconditional giving and blessing of others, often total strangers.

You can start the process with $36 and go through the entire system, upgrading as you cycle.
The presentation takes you through step by step on how to do that.
Each time you cycle and receive, you re-enter that same level and the next one, thus multiplying your receiving potential and ensuring program continuity.

There are 3 sets of cycles, each comprised of 5 levels.
Once you complete the 5 cycles in each set, this is your total potential receiving:
- Express Cycles - total potential: $3,680
- Automated Imagine System - total potential: $3,680
- Automated Classic System - total potential: $15,200

I think this is truly a wonderful program, one of the rare few that really is about people helping people, and one that anyone can succeed in. Everyone has equal potential to receive, not just the people at the top -in fact, there is no "top" as people continually cycle and re-enter at the bottom.

Let me talk about the first 2 set of cycles:

Express Cycle - this one is manual. You must manually re-enter each level as you cycle.
Automated Imagine System - as the name implies, you simply enter at the bottom and automatically advance up as you cycle. That makes it pretty easy. As you advance through this system, you will automatically be entered into the Automated Classic System.

Here is what I did when I entered CUA, pretty much in line with the video presentation:

- Sign up for free and familiarize yourself with the site.
- Start with Express Cycle 20 (give 20 receive 80).
Invite others to do the same to help you cycle faster.

Instead of waiting to cycle, I went ahead and entered the
- Automated Imagine System 20 (give 20 receive 80).

You can do this or wait until you cycle through the Express 20, it's up to you.
I choose to get a leg up to move faster.

Either way, do get involved with ConnectingUsAll -it's a keeper.

09 January 2011

Concentrating On The 40

Today I want to refer back a couple posts to my announcement of entering the Flip'N 100:

If you'll remember, at the time I had just joined with a gift of 100 and fully expected to received 3 gifts of 100, for a total of 300...

Well, as things would have it, there was a slight malfunction in the automatic gifting feature, preventing me from placing this flip on automatic. Knowing this, I fully intented on logging on a few minutes before the flip and be ready to manually make my gift and thus securing my spot.
To make a long story short, I was about 10 minutes late in logging on and missed my turn, allowing other members to jumped ahead of me. The automatic feature was back however and I was able to set it, hopping for the best though not holding my breath at getting the 3 expected gifts anymore.

The results?
I still got 2 gifts for that round, or $200, meaning that though I did not make the expected $100 profit I did come out even.

Flip'N 100 first round:
- total put in: $200    (2 @ 100)
- total received: $200 (2 @ 100)
- loss/profit:  $0

What now?
I decided to stop participating in the Flip'N 100 for the moment and concentrated on the Flip'N 40 to raise my account cash a bit. Also, there is a new Flip'N 20 opening soon, in which I will most likely participate as well. Though the profit each turn is less, the potential risk and/or loss is also less, making it more attractive overall.

This is turn (I hope) will encourage more members to participate, allowing for more participants to receive multiple gifts.

One last thing, as you may or may not know depending on how much of these posts you've actually read, ConnectingUsAll is about much more that just these Flip'N matrixes -there is a whole other system of gifting cycles that are for building sustainable, long term earning. That is where you should absolutely start when you do decide to join CUA. Start at the lowest level ($20) and move up the ladder as you cycle in each level.

Right now I am in 2 of these cycles:
- Express 20 -first level
- Imagine 20 -first level of automatic cycles that move you up levels automatically.

Happy New Year everyone.
May 2011 be everything you hope and wish for.