08 May 2011

Connecting Us All Overview

I took a few minutes to watch the two ConnectingUsAll video presentations this morning as it's been a while and I wanted to re-acquaint myself with them.

When you go to the main page and acroll down, on the left is a Watch Our Videos button. Click that and again at the bottom, click on both "Invitation Presentation" and "Invitation Video".

Both of these videos do a very good job of taking you through the philosophy of the company, it's reason for being, who is behind setting this up and what they did to insure it's legal compliance.
Corporate office addresses and numbers are available on site. There are offices in Colorado, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Over $1 Million was invested at the start of this company to ensure its legality, and several top law firms are involved in the process.

You will also be taken through the entire program and how to maximize it's potential for yourself and your family. It's very well done actually and was a nice refresher.

Here are a few notes I took while watching:

One of the company's goal is to help 1 Million people and raise $1 Million in humanitarian aid.
The company has a non-profit status: gifts are exchange directly between members, never through the company itself. You can fully participate for free. If you choose to, you may upgrade with $16 monthly fee used for operating costs. Whatever remains of money coming in from the monthly fees is channeled to people in need through the Giving Tree.

Member share abundance through:
- Systematic Giving
- Systematic Inviting
- Systematic Receiving

Members of ConnectingUsAll are about unconditional giving and blessing of others, often total strangers.

You can start the process with $36 and go through the entire system, upgrading as you cycle.
The presentation takes you through step by step on how to do that.
Each time you cycle and receive, you re-enter that same level and the next one, thus multiplying your receiving potential and ensuring program continuity.

There are 3 sets of cycles, each comprised of 5 levels.
Once you complete the 5 cycles in each set, this is your total potential receiving:
- Express Cycles - total potential: $3,680
- Automated Imagine System - total potential: $3,680
- Automated Classic System - total potential: $15,200

I think this is truly a wonderful program, one of the rare few that really is about people helping people, and one that anyone can succeed in. Everyone has equal potential to receive, not just the people at the top -in fact, there is no "top" as people continually cycle and re-enter at the bottom.

Let me talk about the first 2 set of cycles:

Express Cycle - this one is manual. You must manually re-enter each level as you cycle.
Automated Imagine System - as the name implies, you simply enter at the bottom and automatically advance up as you cycle. That makes it pretty easy. As you advance through this system, you will automatically be entered into the Automated Classic System.

Here is what I did when I entered CUA, pretty much in line with the video presentation:

- Sign up for free and familiarize yourself with the site.
- Start with Express Cycle 20 (give 20 receive 80).
Invite others to do the same to help you cycle faster.

Instead of waiting to cycle, I went ahead and entered the
- Automated Imagine System 20 (give 20 receive 80).

You can do this or wait until you cycle through the Express 20, it's up to you.
I choose to get a leg up to move faster.

Either way, do get involved with ConnectingUsAll -it's a keeper.

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