26 September 2009

A Funny Thing Happened

Continuing with my organization of this site and the sister advertising page (see previous post), I have now moved a few programs into a new category: Earn with or without sponsoring.

Honestly I am not sure if this is the way to go or not -I do not mean to put down the other programs, all very deserving in their own right.

My intention is however to call out these programs that do have systems in place to benefit ALL members, not just the high achieving internet marketing experts.

And for that reason this is the best way I could think off to do this. So I'll try this for a while and see how I feel about it a little later down the line.
Do take a look at those programs listed. That's the point. They ALL have ways of benefiting YOU, whatever your skill level withing this crazy internet world. I've already received multiple payments from that category, and so can you. Ok. You make up your own mind.

A funny thing happened these past few days... a cycler that I had entered month and month ago (it's so long I don't remember when it was exactly) and effectivelly given up on for dead is now back up anc cycling!

The site had been on hold for some reason, be it server issues or other, I'm really not sure.
What's important here is that whatever it was, it's resolved and the site is back up and running.
There has been multiple cycling happening the last two days, and my position is progressively making its way up the ranks.

I am #20141.
The last to cycle this morning was #11541.
So, though a little ways to go, at the rate it's been moving, I expect to get there in a matter of days.

To know more, go to: EbizV

More revenue sharing credited to my account in NineLevels.

AdvertisetoEarn is making it's merry way up toward my next f/r/e/e position, so all good there too.

Got a big payment from PacForAll and turned right around and re-invested part of it.

And, last but not least, I joined Tagoldmine and added it to the "Earn with or without sponsoring" category. You get an automic referral added to your matrix once a week. I've just gotten my first one this week.

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23 September 2009

New Profit Sharing Blog

Sorry for the lack of post lately... I have been busy with house guests and taking some time away from the house to relax and enjoy the Fall.

Also, I started setting up another blog strickly meant to have an easily advertised one page with all my revenue and profit sharing sites. I will add it to the site rotation in the same revenue sharing sites to promote each program.

You can see it here: http://earnfromhometoday.blogspot.com

More banners to be added.

As for this blog, I'll have program updates soon...

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18 September 2009

NineLevels ROCKS

A very merry Friday to you on this fine morning.

Why am I so cheerful? He, he, he. Because... NineLevels ROCKS !!!
That's all there is to it.

I wanted to give you a quick update on this one.

I've been in barely a week now and have already been paid not once, but TWICE.
And, on top of that, I've received my first share of the profit sharing.

I'm telling you, this is a good one.

- Profit sharing company;
- 3x9 forced matrix commission plan;
- AND has fr/e/e advertising for everyone.

Here's how this works.

1. You sign up and purchase a $9.99 forced matrix position, which comes with advertising.
2. This $9.99 earns you 150% back in profit sharing, or $15.
3. For all practical purposes, you now have a f/re/e matrix position with $5 profit.
4. Next you earn forced matrix commissions.
5. And last but not least, you advertise your other programs.

Do you get what I'm saying?
This is a FR/EE forced matrix position that earns you lots of $$$$, and you get to advertise your own programs at the same time.

You simply CANNOT mess this one up, I don't care how lousy you are with internet marketing.
You WILL earn no matter what.

Do yourself a favor and check it out right now, because, again...

*** NineLevels ROCKS ***

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15 September 2009

Growing Downlines

Fall is here, with aspens turning colors and pleasant cooler weather, making for some awesome hiking in the mountains! Yeah!


Yes, great news indeed. 2 programs with new downlines.

First, AdvertiseToEarn is working. I told you last time I was very close to getting my first f/r/e/e position... well, I got an email announcing this very position. It off course comes with full earning potential.

If you're not advertising this one yet, get in on it. It's as easy as it gets. All I do is enter the link in my various revenue sharing and traffic exchange sites, and that's it.

The other if for a new program called NineLevels.
Downline is growing nicely here.

This is a profit sharing company, a 3x9 forced matrix commission plan, AND fr/e/e advertising for everyone.

Yep. The way this works is each position you buy gets you a spot in the matrix and a 150% earning to maturity on that position. Which basically means that you pay $9.99 for a spot in the matrix (comes with advertising) and get $15 back -or, it's f/r/e/e with a $5 profit... Then you simply pocket the earnings from the matrix. How cool is that?

Give this one a look. Very well conceived.
Remember, you've got nothing to loose since each position earns profit sharing to 150%.
Get yourself a spot in this matrix.

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10 September 2009

Getting my Weekly Surfing Done

Changed to a new template today... though I liked the darker background, it was messing me up with the colored links on other sites where I RSS feed this blog. So, back to white... oh well, it's easier that way.

What's happening everyone?

I'm getting most of my weekly surfing done within 1 or 2 days, that way I have the rest of the week free to do other things. That's the beauty of weekly requirements, rather than daily. I more than not manage to miss a day or two with the daily ones, which cuts into my earnings a little but it cannot be helped. I hope those administrations will consider going to the weekly model. After all, can people not take the weekend off? What do they expect!

Anyway, enough for that soap box.

My weekly surfings, ALL coming along wonderfully, are:
- PayItForwardTraffic
- 15adsDaily (went weekly, as per members request)
- WindFallHits

My Daily surfings are:
- AdVentures4U
- MoonDanceTraffic

Here are my recommendations. Get in a couple and build them to 20-30 ventures/adpacks, then look for a couple more and repeat the process.
As you earn, decide at what point you want to withdraw your initial investment, then work out a plan. I suggest following the 50/50 rule, so as to keep your investments growing and earning.

Now, there is one program I did not include in either category above:
- Bux-Matrix

The reason is there is no surfing requirements. Actually, this is a PTC program. You earn per ads clicked. So I log on usually once a day and click the few ads available at that time. I have lots of referrals here earning for me too, so again, no worries.

This one is a good one to get in and get some cash flow to fund the other revenue sharing programs, if that helps you get started.

I'm also looking at a couple more Passive Income sites, since my first one, PacForAll is doing so well. I'll let you know which ones I decide on when the time is right. I'm reading up on several from other online earners for the moment.

I'm very, very close to my 1,000 hits with AdvertiseToEarn... so do me a favor, click on the link for me... pretty please?
Once I get to that 1,000, I get a fr-e-e position under my first one, so it is exciting to be so close.

Check out the 2 TeamBuilds on the right. Both have now officially launched and bringing in new members. Several links are team links, so everybody's advertising efforts benefits the whole.

And last but not least, MyTwoBestFriends has added a splash page and opt-in page for the online marketer.
This program is great because it is build for that person who prefers personal contact without having to know anything about the online marketing aspect, AND, with this new splash page, is now also geared toward those who do prefer marketing through online venues.
A little bit for everyone.
I've updated the link on the right to reflect that.

Right... that's seems to be it for today.

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04 September 2009

Hostcation Still Half Price

Because of the time urgency, I am making this brief...

Be a Founding member with HOSTCATION.

You can still get in now as a Founding Member at 50% discount until Sept. 8th.

As a founding member and you receive:
- Lifetime Membership for one initial cost (price doubles in a few days)
- 2 FREE Benefactor Members
- Leader Status or above (They will put members under you)
- 10,000 FREE Banner/Ad Advertising Points (Only until September 8th)


As a Founding Member, in addition to getting 2 paid members in your downline (providing you with income), you also get the following benefits:

-Unlimited Space
-Unlimited Bandwidth
-Unlimited Email Accounts and FTP Accounts
-Unlimited Dbases
-Unlimited Domains
-Unlimited Domain Parking
-Virtually unlimited everything!!!

Attached to this opportunity is Forced Two Miracle Matrix™
The membership now costs $99 but you are still getting 50% off, and this is one time payment.
There are not any monthly fees.

Again, time is of the essence here, still half price until Sept. 8th.

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02 September 2009

Receive Referrals For Getting On Board

Always on the look out for great deals, though not looking to get into too many other programs as the same time, I joined this one because a trusted friend sent it to me.

Sign ups are nearing the 900 right now. You'll want to hurry because the first 1000 to sign up are automatic Founding Members, and will receive referrals at launching time.

That's an automatic 2 people in your downline, earning from them from the start.

That's why I could not pass it up.

Take a look here: Hostcation
They are only accepting Founding Members until Sept 8th right now.

Ok, just wanted to get the word out fast on this one. Time is running out.

Another one I joined lately is 15adsdaily, simply because they changes their ad viewing requirement from daily to weekly, which works better for me. That way I can do anytime I want, usually in one sitting, without missing out on earnings because I skip a day or two.

I am also looking for ways to build passive income. You'll see a couple new things in that very section on the right: PacForAll and GoldNuggetInvest.
I put in the minimum for right now to see how it works. A couple emails from friends earning well on these convinced me to give it a shot.

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