15 September 2009

Growing Downlines

Fall is here, with aspens turning colors and pleasant cooler weather, making for some awesome hiking in the mountains! Yeah!


Yes, great news indeed. 2 programs with new downlines.

First, AdvertiseToEarn is working. I told you last time I was very close to getting my first f/r/e/e position... well, I got an email announcing this very position. It off course comes with full earning potential.

If you're not advertising this one yet, get in on it. It's as easy as it gets. All I do is enter the link in my various revenue sharing and traffic exchange sites, and that's it.

The other if for a new program called NineLevels.
Downline is growing nicely here.

This is a profit sharing company, a 3x9 forced matrix commission plan, AND fr/e/e advertising for everyone.

Yep. The way this works is each position you buy gets you a spot in the matrix and a 150% earning to maturity on that position. Which basically means that you pay $9.99 for a spot in the matrix (comes with advertising) and get $15 back -or, it's f/r/e/e with a $5 profit... Then you simply pocket the earnings from the matrix. How cool is that?

Give this one a look. Very well conceived.
Remember, you've got nothing to loose since each position earns profit sharing to 150%.
Get yourself a spot in this matrix.

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Easy As 1-2-3

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