30 November 2011

JustBeenPaid Cycling and New Program

Gotta love this time of year, it's holiday after holiday ... Thanksgiving with family waswonderful, and now only another three weeks to more family and holiday time.

Another great thing is coming back after a few days offline and seeing another cycled position with earnings posted in my account in JustBeenPaid.

I bought a few more JSS-Tripler position to up the daily earnings.

An important strategy to make JBP work for you is you MUST buy the first 2 placements directly under ANY matrix position you have. If you don't, it can take month for that matrix to cycle. The idea is to make them roll over quickly, keeping the earnings rolling as well.

On another topic, you will notice new banners for something called Global Information Network (GIN) both at the top and on the side of this blog.
I have signed up as an affiliate and am currently listening to the various podcast available to my level.
This is tremendous information. I highly encourage you to get in (affiliates are fr-e-e) and start your journey to understanding to a whole new level of earnings.

Cheers everyone-

21 November 2011

Positions Cycled in JustBeenPaid

Remember that new JustBeenPaid approach I explained last post to quicken the cycling of matrix positions?

Well, it worked already. TWO matrix cycled, sending $170 my way.

Of that amount, I bought 5 more JSS-Tripler and bought a placement in the next almost full matrix in line to continue with the new aproach.

This is very exciting.
As matrix positions cycle quiker, more earnings come my way and the way of other people in these same matrixes, with a win-win situation for all involved.

Here's the best thing to do:
Get in JustBeenPaid and upgrade to Level 1.
Then for each top JSS Main position in the matrix, buy the first 2 placements directly under you.
When these get filled, encourage your downline to do the same.
If each person does this and then upgrades their own placements, matrixes will cycle much quicker, thus sending each member quicker earnings.

Win-win for all!

18 November 2011

Upgrading Placements in JBP

Putting a new strategy in place:

At this moment I sit with 13 matrix.
Each is worth $60 once cycling, for a potential of $780 ...

I typically check up on JustBeenPaid every other day or so and buy new JSS-Tripler positions with any earnings showing up.

Today I did something different, in a new approach to hasten the cycling of my matrix positions.

What I did instead is take a look at all my matrix charts to see which is the closest to being filled.
You can do that by clicking on the "order" button to place them in order of "most filled" first.

Looking at this top matrix, I upgraded the last 2 needed position to "premium". This will place this matrix in the priority group as more positions are filled, thus increasing my chances of cycling sooner.

When this matrix cycles, I will receive $60, which will in part go to upgrading more placements in the next matrix and buying more JSS-Tripler positions and so on.

14 November 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while since 've posted any kind of news on this blog, and I thought it was high time I got back to it. I seem to do this in waves, with weekly updates for a while and then nothing for a stretch...

Let's hope this is a new start of weekly updates...

JustBeenPaid is my highest recommendation at this time.

With last restart, I gained 13 matrix positions, with several almost filled that should cycle in the near future.
AlertPay is having issues with their visa/mastercard usage, which is certainly putting a damper on my online activity, so I hope they  resolve this quickly.

On the JustBeenPaid site there is a testimony of a guy that signed up with JBP, started with $20 and went on to pay off a 12 year old debt and rise to the #7 top earner spot for the program. Not bad!!! I'm going to read up on his strategy and report back over here.

Back soon.