21 November 2011

Positions Cycled in JustBeenPaid

Remember that new JustBeenPaid approach I explained last post to quicken the cycling of matrix positions?

Well, it worked already. TWO matrix cycled, sending $170 my way.

Of that amount, I bought 5 more JSS-Tripler and bought a placement in the next almost full matrix in line to continue with the new aproach.

This is very exciting.
As matrix positions cycle quiker, more earnings come my way and the way of other people in these same matrixes, with a win-win situation for all involved.

Here's the best thing to do:
Get in JustBeenPaid and upgrade to Level 1.
Then for each top JSS Main position in the matrix, buy the first 2 placements directly under you.
When these get filled, encourage your downline to do the same.
If each person does this and then upgrades their own placements, matrixes will cycle much quicker, thus sending each member quicker earnings.

Win-win for all!

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