31 January 2009

Band Director For A Day

It's been a buzy week, let me tell you.
First, I've been subbing all week, which is great too. I've had fun being the Band Director for one day, where I actually directed the 6th and 7th grade band. The kids were great humoring me as I did my best to keep the beat for them so they could do their scales and music while their teacher was out for the day. What fun. Ha ! :-)

Lots is happening on the online front lately.
Things are evolving and I am becoming more discriminating in my choice of participation.
I am more into what I call "serious" programs; ones that hold members' wellfare in mind rather than the few at the top or the owners of the company. See NEW sections below for more details.

First, quick update on PTC programs:
Still doing my Bux-Matrix clicks every day. Only 2 to 10 ads per day, so it's quick. I'm almost at minimum payment again. Got paid on this one already.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to ClickForABuck to do my minimum $100 per day click and saw that I had earned over $500 in referral clicks ! Whohoo ! Yeah ! Very excited about this. Things will move that much faster from now on.

BTW, I've reached my $5,000 paypal minimum and have requested a payment. I still have over $700 that I am keeping for the next request. I won't get $1:$1 ratio, but hey, if I get $0.25:$1, that's still over $1,000, which will make me very happy indeed. It takes 3-4 weeks to receive payments, which puts me in 3rd week of February or so. Stay tuned.


MyNetWealthTeam is making some great changes: when a member reaches certain levels of earnings, they are required to purchase a new position under the team link. This creates spillover for the entire matrix and keeps things rolling nicely for everyone.

This is major. I really like the administration behind this program. They really care about making it viable for all involved, not just the ones at the top.

I intend to purchase positions for each of my family members along the way. Get in, really, this one is worth your ONE time payment. Really.


Here is a new program called PushButtonXtreme.
There is no recruiting required, though as all things similar, if you do you earn extra bonuses.
Big names are involved in this one already. It's moving fairly fast so far and promises to be interesting.

It's a forced matrix with revolving features of sorts. What I mean is that your position constantly cycles as new members join the company wide 2x14 forced matrix. Each time you cycle you earn a commission and get cycled into the matrix again at a higher commission level.

Company wide meaning that you can earn even if you yourself do not bring in new members.
If you do, you earn extra referral bonus off course.

Basically, you get in line and advance as the whole thing advances.

See the new box ad in the side column.

That's it for now.
Stay tuned for exciting developments.

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24 January 2009

Cold Weekend and Pilyoga

It's cold again this weekend, with snow flurries yesterday. I'm so ready for Spring.

There is a Pilyoga class on Saturday mornings at the local gym... hmm... I'm intrigued, so I'll go today to check it out. If I like it, I just might make a habit of it. Ha, ha.

New WorkFor3Dollars members yesterday. Will send a welcome email after this, along with some resources for advertsing and success tips.

WF3D has a new upgrade feature to turn the program into a residual income earner. I'll go read about it in a few minutes.

I'm still surfing every day with Bux-Matrix. It's easy and quick, with only 10 ads per day. Small earnings so far, but hey, it's paying. The big bux on this one is through the matrix.

I joined a cycler (or doubler) a few days ago called Ebizv, and have been keeping an eye on it before mentioning it here. Last position to cycle was 10833, and I am 20141, so a little to go -and it's been moving forward each time so I feel good about it.

Cost: $2 ad pack
Cycles into $200
Get banner ad rotated 3000 times through the site

I'm just over $4,000 with ClickForABuck. At $5,000 I can request payment. Very excited to have made it this far. I get a minimum of $100 per day, with most often between $150-200+ if I have time to go through all the links.

Last for today is MyNetWealthTeam. I've got high expectations for this one as each person gets an automatic 13 positions in the matrix. Should help moving things faster for everyone, which also means faster earnings for everyone.

All right, I'm off to Pilyoga!... ;-)

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16 January 2009

Subbing at Local Middle School

Today I subbed (spell?) for the first time at one of the local middle school.
I had the low math classes. Overall it was great. The teacher had left tons of copying and inventory counting for me to do during the planning hour, so not time to loaf about, that's for sure.
I had the aid for one of the class re-explain to me real quick how to do some of the math so I could go around and help the kids too. I rather enjoyed it actually.

I mentioned MyNetWealthTeam earlier... well here it is, my full link:

You get 13 positions for the one time price of $15. Each spot will bring you $2,460.
Remember now that you have 13 spots, so 13 x $2,460 = nearly $32,000
Not bad for $15 investment.

I think this one is worth it.
As with all one time payment matrix, I plan on re-investing part of the profits into the matrix, to help grow the downline and increase my own profits as well.
I suggest you do the same.

Think about it and try to do the math... (wink)... as you invest into more positions, your income increases exponentially -and that's not mentioning the fact that your Team members also earn more and, if they are smart too, can do the same thing, keeping the ball rolling for everyone.

When you click on the link above, make sure the sponsor ID=34970
If not, clear your cookies than click again.
If you want to benefit from my re-investment, come in under me.

Checking up on TakeTheGlobe, I saw on the forum that they are still working on upgrading and that all payments due will be made by Jan 31st. Let's keep our fingers crossed, as that would be me.

The ever growing TeamOrangeMoon is doing well. My first 2 positions now both have 3 in downline.

I posted all the links in the previous post but I'll put them here again.
For Team updates, sign up here:

For the group network go here:

And to secure your position into the matrix, go here:

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15 January 2009

Team Orange Moon

Have you heard of the Team Orange Moon?

We are re-inventing internet marketing.

I joined the team a little while ago to see where it would lead.
The idea is to get as many people in the team as possible, then join certain online ventures as a team, creating momentum and spillover.

What about the last ones to get in, you asked?
That has been answered through a second program, running side by side the first, where members joined in reversed order according to their ID# from the first program. That way some are in profit in the first and others in the second program.

With more promotion and re-investing from those already in profit from either program, the thing keeps getting bigger and stronger.

I highly suggest you take a look at this. I am in both programs myself.
I was in the later group for the first so found myself in the earlier group to sign up in the second, and have a downline through spillover in the second group.

Here's another reason why this is a great team.
Instead of promoting individual links, we promote the Team link, that way the matrix fills in rather than creating holes. Everyone benefits from the group promotion and everyone gets spillover.

Here is what you do.
Sign up for updates:

Join the group network:

And be sure to get your position into the Matrix:
(again, this is not my personal link. I advertise for the Team, as do others).

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14 January 2009

Mid Month Earnings

The day is absolutely beautiful today. I can see snow on the mountain tops and with an amazing clear blue sky. We are expecting another snow fall within the next couple of days, so it's going to be white all over again... skiers will be happy.

I went to a subsitute orientering presentation yesterday. I'll be subbing at the local schools 2 or 3 times a week for a little while. Should be quite different from having my own class -I've taught high school for 10 years, up to this last december.

Allright, the mid-month earnings from previous month are coming in.

A payment was made to my paypal account from Squidoo this week, for the month of November. The highest I've had so far and pretty happy about it. My lens traffic is growing steadily over the month, so I expect this to keep going.
Don't know about Squidoo?
Sign up for fre.e here: http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/referral/Sunfish
then go create your own pages to promote or just to have fun.

Here is an example of the main Squidoo page that I promote:

Another small payment from Yuwie. Again, growing if every so slightly each month. Really, since this costs me nothing, it does not matter what the earning is as long as it keeps growing each month, which is what is happening. I'll have to say here that I have not reach the $10 minimum payment yet, and that's ok. Eventually, I'll get there.

Yuwie is a fre.e social network site that pays you each time any of your pages are viewed, anytime any of your referral's pages are viewed, and for any activity throughout the site from yourself and your referrals.

So far, I have 20 referrals in my tree. As this grows, so too will the earnings. Some members have upwards of 80,000 people in their tree! Can you imagine what that means in monthly earnings for just poking around a social site? wow! One step at a time...

Sign up for free here as my referral: http://r.yuwie.com/greenriver

I've just been informed of earning from a referral in the new 10kmatrix site.

Bux-Matrix is going its merry little way. Everytime I earn enough for a new matrix position, I'll re-invest into the downline. That means commissions for people in my downline, so if you have considered this program, consider joining in this Team.

As mentioned in the Squidoo section, my lens WorkFor3Dollars is getting lots of hits from Google search engines. That's good. I'm really happy about that. It means more traffic that I myself did not have to produce, which in turns means more people exposed to this great little program. Very simple and very affordable for anyone.

I joined MyNetWealth yesterday. No link yet as I am waiting for comfirmations from the adminstration -stay tuned.
Here again I intend to re-invest into my Team and downline each time commissions come in, to increase earnings for everyone involved, so do stay in touch as I will post the link as soon as it is up and running and available.

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11 January 2009

Colorado Fires

Some you might have seen the Colorado fires in the news, north of Boulder.
I drove by yesterday to see the black grass. Pretty impressive. Some folks got really lucky as their houses were surrounded by burnt grass and were apparently untouched. A great big grateful thank you to the fire fighters who come out to help in these cases.

Ok, Bux-Matrix is doing well. I log on first thing in the morning and do my 5-10 ad surfing. It's quick and easy. I got paid once already since I started and feel very positive about this site. As I said, I will re-invest into the Matrix each time I get paid enough to do so.

After that, I usually go over to ClickForABuck and at least click through all the $5 ads and a few more to get to my minimum $100 earning per day. This site earns $1-5 per click, so it builds up fast. If I have time, I'll come back later and do the rest, but this way, I know I get at least that $100 each day. I am currently at $3,000+.

I was checking up on the news in the Pulsating Matrix and they just reported their first member to get over $1,000 during a 5 day Pulse -that's when the entire matrix reassembles in a different order to get more members a chance to be at the top and earn the big bux.

This will take a little time to build, most likely, and for those who stick around will prove to be very profitable -me thinks. It starts as a traditional 3x7 Forced Matrix and goes from there.

I just joined the 10kMatrix team a couple of days ago. The very next day I already had my first level filled with 3 referrals. It's a 3x8 Forced Matrix... do you see a trend there? Ha, ha, yes, I do like these forced matrix programs.

Anyway, 3 referrals the first day, not bad. Check it out.

And last but certainly not least, I am working on a new squidoo lens to the index all my online programs. Take a look:



That's it for today.
It's an overcast Sunday, with low clouds over the mountains. I am so looking forward to Spring...

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07 January 2009

Beautiful Day and PTC

It's a beautiful day here in Colorado. Might be warm enough to go for a ride on my scooter... just got a helmet yesterday, so I've got to try it out. :)

Allright, I am making the rounds of the PTC program, as announced earlier, so today I am posting updates on all of them. Here goes.

I got paid with Bux-Matrix the very same day as payment requested from me. Very good sign of administration on top of things. This payment is a combination of PTC earnings and Forced Matrix. See previous blog entry for program details.

The Forced Matrix is where the bigger earnings will come from, and definitively well worth the one time $12 position into the matrix. In fact, for every $20 that I get, I will re-invest $12 into the matrix, thus helping the team: 12 people in direct upline of that position will earn commission. So check it out.

I was "estimated" to be paid on Jan. 6th with TakeTheGlobe. They are a little behind due to server attacks, so I knew I'd be very pleasantly surprised if my payment actually did come in. As it turns out, I am #2130 in line to be paid... hmm... not holding my breath on this one. Could be a while.

I still intend to buy a referral package once I do get paid. Why? Because then I can click my 10-20 ads a day, and earn from referral clicks as well, without having to spend so much time on it myself. You can click over 100 ads per day if you want. Fre.e to join.
Members in the forum are posting being paid in the thousands... and you'll need plenty of referrals to get there, which is why I plan on re-investing part of each earnings into referral packages.

ClickForABuck is one of my favorite, though I have not reached minimum payment yet. It is smooth running, I never have trouble logging on, and you earn $1-5 per click. See previous entry for program details. The person who referred me to this said he got paid $1,000. I am willing to run the course to payment to see, since it is all fre.e to participate and there is nothing to loose.

Minimum for Paypal is $5,000, and Alertpay is $10,000. They also have eGold for $2,500, but I personally do not like them. I am currently at $2,448.

That's it for the PTC programs.
I'm looking out my home office window and it's still looking rather cold out there. Not sure if the scooter ride will happen today...

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04 January 2009

A Pulsating Matrix

What in the world is a "Pulsating Matrix"?
That's what I thought when I first came accross this.

It's new and unique, that's what it is.

It starts out in the usual 3x7 forced matrix format, called the 1st Pulse.

After a few days, the whole thing flips over into the 2nd Pulse, where the last people to enter the system find themselves at the top of their matrix.
Another few days and it flips again, this time into the 3rd Pulse, where people with the least amount of earning through their history of being a member are now at the top of the matrix.
And then the cycle starts again back to 1st Pulse.

Each Pulse last 5 days. Payment is sent out each week for 10 days prior earnings.

The idea is for people who have a hard time sponsoring to be able to make money anyway. That gets them excited (who wouldn't), most important, it gets them paid, and therefore... yes, that's right, it gets them talking and bringing people in, and everybody wins.

I like the intention behind this program.

Be sure to listen to the audio provided on the presentation page. The owner does a great job communicating his vision and reasons for this Pulsating system, and you'll get a better understanding of the whole thing.

Pretty fascinating, if you ask me.

The product coming with the matrix is a communication software similar to Skype, which I am not very familiar with at this time, so I'll let you check it out. I initially joined for the matrix more than anything else. Once I've played with the product more, I'll report again here.

This is a brand new program for me. My commission so far: $4

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03 January 2009

Bux-Matrix PTC update

I'm going over my PTC programs for the next 2 or 3 days.

Bux-Matrix is two programs within one.

First - the PTC portion:
- Fre.e to join, just like any PTC sites; just view ads and accumulate earning up to the payout minimum, in this case, $2

Second - the Forced Matrix portion:
- you can upgrade by purchasing a position in the 3x12 matrix for one time $12.
- this functions just like another forced matrix, with people coming in through your personal link as you advertise it, and -hopefully- also through your upline.

The difference and why you would indeed want to go ahead and upgrade.
- for one thing, fre.e members earn $0.005 per ad viewed, while upgraded members earn $0.01;
- you get 10 ads per day intead of 5 for fre.e members;
- there is off course the obvious additional earnings from the matrix, with downline commissions and direct referral commissions;
- and you get 400 adversing point for any other programs you are participating in.

My account currently shows $2.289 so I should be due for a payment soon (minimm payout $2).

Get your fre.e AlertPay account first -see link on sidebar, then jump in the Bux-Matrix and let's earn together.

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02 January 2009

Back With Great News

I am back with some great news!

First, the home office is up and running. I am very excited about being connected once again, and getting on with online earnings. Yeah!

Second, I am adding a new program to my portofolio:

Here's why:
Great little 3x9 forced matrix (you know how I love those)
The payment breakdown looks like this:
- Levels 1-3 pay out $1 per position;
- Levels 4-7 pay out $0.50 per position;
- Levels 8 pays out $1 per position;
- Level 9 pays out $2 per position.

That means:
- 10 filled position pays for your monthly $10 membership;
- the highest pay is for the biggest level: 9

If you've read this blog before, you know I strongly believe in Residual Income as being the #1 way to make it online. Sure, there are a lot of great programs out there with one time payment fee to get in and with which you can make a lot of money as well. In fact, I belong to a couple of those myself: WF3D and Bux-Matrix, and making money there too.

One time payments are wonderful for people with limited income that want to find a way to make money without having to pay out much of anything. Actually, it's good to have both.

For example, I primarily promote the WF3D program (and a couple others) because of their affordability and accessibility for everyone, regardless of financial situation. With this, I build a list of contact with whom I communicate about what else I do, and refer them back to this blog, with my entire portofolio.

Stay tuned as I make the rounds of my earning portofolio and report updates on this blog.

~~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ~~~

Join me in making 2009 the best year yet !!

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