16 December 2008

Paid To Click Programs

I'm in 2 Paid To Click programs, or PTC as they are known.
Both are fre.e to get in and there is no requirement of referrals. For most of these sites, you can earn simply by clicking on ads, thus earning credits which can then be exchanged for cash or for your own advertising.

I'm playing around with these to see if I can actually make a little money... not that I expect to get rich with this, I just want some extra cash in my AlertPay account.

The first one is TakeTheGlobe, of which I've written before. That's the blue stats box that I post occasionally. I did get a package of 10 referrals on this one, to make things move faster. You can refer to previous blog entries for more on that one.
BTW, I'm up to $45+ earning now.

The one I really want to mention today is Click For A Buck. You get from $1-5 per ad viewing. Pay out is at $5,000 with Paypal and $10,000 with AlertPay. The person who referred me on this got paid $1,000+, so I decided to give it a try. Why not, right?

My current stats are: $2,009
A little ways to go still. I prefer Alertpay so I may hold out until the $10,000.

Ok now, my understanding is that these dollar amount do not translate into the same actual dollars paid out. You get a portion of that. They just assign the "credit" with a $ sign -a bit misleading if you will, though certainly sweetening the attraction.

PTC programs are not what I want to do in the long run. They're fine for now, and way too time consuming for me, though they do offer some fre.e advertising for your own opportunities to get started in the world of online marketing.

Check out each through the title links above and see for yourself.
As for me, gotta go click ads... ;)

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