29 August 2012

Profit Clicking: The New JustBeenPaid

This picture is of Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed Electra that she flew in her attempt around the world.
No particular reason other than I am currently drawing sketches of her plane for a comic book story I'm working on ... so she's on my mind.

ProfitClicking (formely JBP)
- Things are migrating over to the new program slowly but surely.
- Number might fluctuate over the next few days until everything gets updated accurately.
- It should be another week or so before the program officially opens.
- There will not be any earnings until the site opens.
- The Triplers are now called Daily ad packs.
- The ad viewing requirements will be 25 ads per week to earn.
Ok, that's it for now I think.

Going very nicely.
I did a withdraw last week and got notice of payment the following day.
My e-wallet is already back up and looks like that I'll be able to make another withdrawl in a few days, depending on what TAPs cycle.

Got a couple grid move up, which now actually puts me in slight profit margin.
I'm not holding my breath though.

As an additional note, I've got a lot of advertising credits between these programs and need to start looking into using them.
My main programs I intend to advertise are W4AT and F5M-Milionnaire Club (though I don't talk about this last one much).


20 August 2012

Zeek Is No More

I'm slowly getting back into the school routine of getting up at a ridiculous hour and being gone all day.
Counting days until the next vacation days ... ha, ha.

I'm sure you've heard by now that Zeek is no more!
They have being shut down by the US government and accused of being a ponzi scheme.
I honestly do not know the ins and outs, or any details of importance actually, only that they are down for good and there are legal procedures already in place.

So, another one bites the dust.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
JustBeenPaid is, on the other hand, still going and getting stronger. They are in the process of becoming ProfitClicking soon. The program is moving to new and better servers to accomodate the new upcoming growth and should happen without much of anything on our part.\
I'm paid up to the 13th as far as daily earnings.

It's been really slow to be sure, as things often get with JBP. On the upside, they always come through so it's a matter of being patient.

Along with JBP, one of my favorite programs. No waiting or wondering is the earnings will come through. It's all determined by the clock, and therefore comes in like clockwork, if you'll pardon the pun.
Each TAP position cycles every 10 days for 12 cycles. That's it. Easy and reliable.
My favorite kind of programs. I wish there were more like this one and I would join them all.
I'm up to TAP2.3

One of my Level 4 position cycled into Level 5 - finally...
At this point, I can't really recommend joining this site. It is exptremely slow and NOT living up to it's advertising hype. If you were among the first dozen people joining or so you probably did really well, but now ... I thought I'd have had several position cycle all the way through by now.

I'll be looking at finding another one or two programs, now that I am down to JustBeenPaid and Wealth4AllTeam. Definitively NO surfing gigs though.


06 August 2012

One Last Week of Freedom

One last week of freedom before school starts up again on the 13th ...

Sooo NOT looking forward to it just yet. It'll be fine once I start teaching again - it's always a matter of getting back into the ryhtm of it all.

In the mean time, let's see what's going on, shall we?

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
According to Re-Start data, I should have 34 JPB matrix positions, though I only show 10 right now. It always take a while for all these to come through, so it's a matter of patience. Admin announced matrix positions will take a couple month to complete ... I'll keep checking.

The cash withdrawal requested last week went through this past Saturday - Thank you!

Last but not least, the traffic exchange is still in beta mode right now, so there is no need to surf. This will become mandatory at the rate of 25 sites per week sometime soon. :( blah, don't like to surf.

First off, I see that I got a referral! That's awesome, welcome!

I mentioned in the last post purchasing my TAP2.1 position.

I'm going to let this run on automatic for a little while to experience that part of the program, leting the system purchase each position for me whenever there is enough in the Cycle Bucket Balance.
I still have to decide what percentage of the E-Wallet Available Balance I want to cash out. I could technically cash out all of it since the program already devides the earnings with 50/50% split.

I would most likely do it $50 at a time, to make it worth the transaction fees.
The next positions due to cycle will be in about a week, so I have time to think about it.

Hmm, not sure where the "Unstoppable WhirlWind" went with this one. I was hopping to be at a self-sustainable place by now. This is so slow I might have to add to my original seed money, something I had not intended on doing.

My stats:
Funds deposited: $30
Earned: $29
Spent: $38
Which puts me in a $9 deficit mode.

Meanwhile, I now have 28 positions at Grid Level 1 ... with very little movement upward, thus limiting my earnings. Ok, don't get me wrong, I still have hopes for this program, if the position would actually cycle a little faster.

I also noticed a huge decrease in potential earnings posted on the main site for each cycling. If that makes the program sustainable, I'm all for it. I just want to see more results.

If you get in, do not expect tornado speed, LOL

I missed a few days of posting once again because I went off camping into the mountains this weekend. All worth it.
I am now at 533 VIP points. Let's see how long it take to get to 600.

There has been issues with daily posting of VIP points which the tech guys are working on.
I have had to manually give away bids in the back office a couple of times to insure I would be credited with my VIP points. It's no big deal and only take a couple extra minutes, though it would be nice to have it back on automatic.

GIN - Global Information Network
One definite positive about going back to school is that I will once again be listening to GIN postcasts on a daily basis. It's easy to do in the car, not so much when I'm at home with a thousand projects and things calling for my attention.
THAT - I'm looking forward to.