28 December 2009

Rounding Up The Year

It's been an amazing 2009, with 2010 promising to be even better.
What do you want to achieve next year? Make that goal list and stick to it.
It's all good and well to make New Year's resolutions, action must be taken.

My online experience is growing and I've got some really good programs here, so I know I'm going in the right direction. I'd love for you to join me and help you do the same.
Let's make 2010 a year to remember.

More people are joining FillerUp and the gas rebates are going out. Incredible set up. I can see the matrix fill below me and coming my way. It's a very exciting feeling to watch it move and know with certainty that I will benefit from it.
Remember, it's FR/E/E to join and look around, so do that at least.

I've also added this program to the NO Sponsoring Needed category on the right.

The official launch for TVI-GlobalAssist is about to go out with some incredible advertising campaign. Another one to check out for sure and get your spot secured. You'll want to benefit from the influx of new members.

I'm expecting another Profit Sharing commission payment from NineLevels in the coming few days, possibly next week. It's the little engine that could -it keeps on going. :D

Did my surfing for Bux-Matrix and PayItForwardTraffic this morning. I'll most likely finish WindFallHits this afternoon too. All these sites have had a low during the holiday, which is to be expected, and I'm looking forward to seeing a renewed increase in weekly earnings in January.

If you are starting out, this is a good way to get weekly cash into your payment processor and limit the out-of-pocket expenses at a time when that's probably the last thing you need.

One of my goals for this coming year is to really look into a few passive income sites, mostly arbitrage betting types.
I've got a few on the side bar under Passive Income right now and will concentrate on building these at first, and maybe a couple more I am looking into.
Diversifying is always best with these, as one truly never knows what will happen. Then if a site were to close, it's not an all-eggs-in-one-basket scenario.
Expect more posts about these this coming year.

Oh, almost forgot, just got paid from Tagolmine.

On another note, one thing I got for Christmas is a movie/diner at the movies... hmm. My 2 top choices right now are New Moon and Sherlock Holmes. What would you pick?

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18 December 2009

Getting Ready For Vacation

I am leaving in a couple for days and will be gone for over a week! Yeah! Family time is always fun and I am greatly looking forward to it.

This year is rounding up nicely, and I certainly look forward to 2010. It promises to be quite a year.

Latest update from WindFallHits admin is about continuing the transition to fully sustainable model with outside sources of income. They are on a small but steadly incline with payments, so I think this one is here for a while longer.

PayItForwardTraffic in on the same track, with transitioning to 100% outside income and a slight incline in weekly payments.

I actually like these two. They are easy to surf and the admin is good about keeping members up to date on what's happening.

Membership levels in FillerUp is fast approaching 6,000! Isn't that great?

Slight change in the Pay Plan, to make the accounting simpler:
Every level in the matrix pays $1 per referral.
At 2 referrals, you get a "Break-Even" bonus of $10.
At 10 referrals, you get another bonus of $40.

Your still making $50 per month for 10 people like before.
It's just structured a little differently.

I know this one is going to do great.
So get in there, earn monthly income, and get F-RE-E gas!

Our TVI Global Assist Team is another one that will do well next year.
It's very well put together with the strong recruiters helping the not so strong.
There is also an advertising co-op you can take part to bring more folks in.
It all trickles downstream, so to speak, into your matrix and your downline's matrix, meanwhile making you and other cycle into TVI -and that's what we all want afterall.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone !

And see you next year.

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15 December 2009

Coming My Way In FillerUp

Are you thinking about your New Year's Resolutions yet?
Some have been dancing in my mind now and then lately, even though we still have Christmas to experience before that. Be prepared, right? ha, ha.

Some exciting news!

Checking the progression in the FillerUp powerline / matrix, row 4 is now starting to fill! Why is that exciting? Well, because I am on row 3 and that means filled positions are now coming my way and will soon fill up my matrix's first row.

And that = earnings !
$5 each month for 10 people on my first level = $50 monthly
Then $1 per person down 5 levels
Total payout? $110,150 monthly !!!

yes folks, it CAN happen. I'm on my way to getting my first level filled.

Happy dance! Happy dance!

It's ok to be silly about this. Have you taken a look yet? FR.E-E gas is what you get with this. Very much worth it. All you have to do is take a look at your local gas station to help you make that choice.

The Powerline is lateral (rather than vertical), which means seats are filled through each row on a first come first served basis, from left to right. This goes on one row at a time, and will eventually come down to YOU, thus filling your matrix. Very very cool.

This is the first time I see a Powerline and Matrix combined, and the idea is genius.

You will also notice a new link under Passive Income on the right.
Even though I do NOT generally recommend HYI type sites (been burned a few times), a friend of mine turned me on to this one for a few simple reason.

It's called HyiFund.
When you sign up, you automatically get $2.50 added to your account, which earns interest right away. You can rollover earnings to build it up or withdraw it once you have enough.

So that's what I did.
I've been getting 3 pennies a day for the last 3 days.
Big deal you might say. I know, we are talking pennies here.

Here's why I choose to do it.
That initial $2.50 was given to me, which means zero investment on my part.
I am earning interest.
I can now forget about it and let it rollover.
At some point, I'll withdraw earnings without ever having had out-of-pocket expense.

Nothing to loose.

Ok, short post today as I have some wrapping to do!

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12 December 2009

End Of Year Rush

Don't know about you, but things seem to be a bit crazy of late.
I'm not even done with my Christmas shopping yet... and it's only 2 weeks away! Closer, actually, since I am leaving next weekend for a few days with family... yikes!

This blog most likely won't be updted much from now on until early January, when regular routine sets in again. If you happened on here, there's still plenty for you to read and check out. Don't be shy.

That said, let's talk business a bit.

I see a lot of advertising for this TVI-Team, so I know people are getting the word around. It's moving great. The more advertising, the more referrals trickle down line. This is still one of my most highly recommended program to get yourself in-line with.

The $5 Speed Line in ThePowerof5 is now open every week from Tuesday through Thursday. I am waiting for my next cycle (with payment) to re-invest into this one.
The Speed Line is a great idea. Lots of people generally come into that one then, helping pushing positions up the lines. That's what happened for me.
Everytime I receive a payment, I'll get another position in line, to keep it coming.

Here's one that started moving again lately, and that's WorkFor3Dollars.
I had not thought of this one for a while and got a few referrals all of a sudden. I do include my link in various ad rotating sites.
It's too bad really, I got involved in all these other programs and kind of forgot about WF3D. The good thing about it is it's very affordable at $3 entry level.
Anyway, good to see it move again. I've used this mostly as a list builder.

I check up on NineLevels every so often to see how my Profit Sharing is progressing: getting close to another payment. Easy, hands-off approach.
If you're not interested in doing much promotion, this is an easy one to have. Get your spots in the matrix and wait for your profit sharing payment. Every time you get 150% return, buy another spot in the matrix. Earn both ways.

Basically you keep playing with the same original $10, all the while earning from the matrix.

As for ad viewing, I'm getting a bit tired of the surfing gigs. It's all very slow right now, due to the holidays. As the new year gets going, I hope the returns will increase for a little more weekly cash. Will keep you posted.
WindFallHits and PayIfForwardTraffic are both on an upward trend, so I'm always sure to keep up with these 2 at least.

Finally, let's talk a little about the FillerUp Club.
The official launch is Dec. 16th -right around the corner.

This features both a Powerline and a Forced Matrix. Both get filled up at the same time, on a first come first served basis.
I just now took a peak at my own position. I'm on the third row, in spot 183. As more people come in after the launch, I'll get spillover in the matrix.

It's completely f-ree to sign up, so the best thing to do is get in and take a look around. When you feel comfortable upgrading, do so.
The perks in this program is Fr-ee gas, certainly not a bad thing to have.

Take care and stay away from the holiday craze.

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03 December 2009

Where To Start

Wow, where should I start?

I am so excited this morning. Want to know why?
Off course you do, he, he, he...

Well, here it is then. After a wonderful time away from the computer for the Holidays with family and friends, I am back online this week catching up with what's going on with all my online activities.

And guess what? It's going great!!!

First, my TVI downline is growing.
This is a first rate program folks, and I urge you to seriously take it into consideration.
See the last 2 or 3 post for details on this one -I talk about it all the time, and for good reasons.

Or, just go here: Check out TVI now.

Wow. I could just jump up and down for this one, really. Click above to see why.

You'll see a new link on the right: FillerUp
It's a co-op with half price gasoline. They are still in pre-launch mode, though that will be over soon. I'm checking it out for now and will let you know who that goes.
You can sign up for free right now too and look around. There's lots to read.

All Revenue Shares are running very slow right now. The ones that are transitioning to an outside earning mode are the ones that will make it.

- PayItForwardTraffic is one of them. They are moving to a once a month payment system.
- WindFallHits is still paying.
- AdCashNetwork has now moved to being strickly an advertising site.

The SPEED LINE is open once again though only until the end of today in the Powerof5 line. (I'm a bit late on this one, sorry).
Extra bonus: you get entered into the next level line, meaning you purchase a $10 spot for the price of $5. Great deal.

Another line, YouAintSeenNothingYet is continuing with their upgrades.
They recently conducted an ad copy contest, and are now paying out prizes to the winners.
Most are too long in my taste, but that's what works apparently.

Here's the first part of one that I like:

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!!

Feast Your Eyes on This

Straight Line Powerline Cycler:

with a Built In
Re-Investment Strategy on STEROIDS!!

For a ONE TIME $20.00 Membership
You are Positioned to Cycle through 4 Stages.

Upon Completion of Your 4th Stage,
You WILL Receive 72 NEW POSITIONS...

PROFITS of $1,560.00 Available for YOUR Withdrawal...

With Hundreds of Re-Invested Positions Automatically

Working to Push You Through Each Stage,

You Can Cycle
Over and Over and Over ...
All for Just $20!

Want MORE Postions?...
Just Purchase From Your Back Office.

*** plus ***

YOU GET >>>...
Products valued over thousands of dollars -not junk ebooks or software which you don't need
or will never use but real products that will enhance your online success!

Click on my link above.

I know have one Bronze and one Silver matrix in Tagoldmine. Progressing nicely.

The Profit Sharing in NineLevels grows slowly but surely. I might have told you last time I got paid again. It's automatic each Tuesday if you have over $5 in your account. Nothing to do, no payment requests necessary, just a nice email from your payment processor that you got paid.
Just the way I like it.

Well I think that is going to sum it up for today.

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