03 December 2009

Where To Start

Wow, where should I start?

I am so excited this morning. Want to know why?
Off course you do, he, he, he...

Well, here it is then. After a wonderful time away from the computer for the Holidays with family and friends, I am back online this week catching up with what's going on with all my online activities.

And guess what? It's going great!!!

First, my TVI downline is growing.
This is a first rate program folks, and I urge you to seriously take it into consideration.
See the last 2 or 3 post for details on this one -I talk about it all the time, and for good reasons.

Or, just go here: Check out TVI now.

Wow. I could just jump up and down for this one, really. Click above to see why.

You'll see a new link on the right: FillerUp
It's a co-op with half price gasoline. They are still in pre-launch mode, though that will be over soon. I'm checking it out for now and will let you know who that goes.
You can sign up for free right now too and look around. There's lots to read.

All Revenue Shares are running very slow right now. The ones that are transitioning to an outside earning mode are the ones that will make it.

- PayItForwardTraffic is one of them. They are moving to a once a month payment system.
- WindFallHits is still paying.
- AdCashNetwork has now moved to being strickly an advertising site.

The SPEED LINE is open once again though only until the end of today in the Powerof5 line. (I'm a bit late on this one, sorry).
Extra bonus: you get entered into the next level line, meaning you purchase a $10 spot for the price of $5. Great deal.

Another line, YouAintSeenNothingYet is continuing with their upgrades.
They recently conducted an ad copy contest, and are now paying out prizes to the winners.
Most are too long in my taste, but that's what works apparently.

Here's the first part of one that I like:

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!!

Feast Your Eyes on This

Straight Line Powerline Cycler:

with a Built In
Re-Investment Strategy on STEROIDS!!

For a ONE TIME $20.00 Membership
You are Positioned to Cycle through 4 Stages.

Upon Completion of Your 4th Stage,
You WILL Receive 72 NEW POSITIONS...

PROFITS of $1,560.00 Available for YOUR Withdrawal...

With Hundreds of Re-Invested Positions Automatically

Working to Push You Through Each Stage,

You Can Cycle
Over and Over and Over ...
All for Just $20!

Want MORE Postions?...
Just Purchase From Your Back Office.

*** plus ***

YOU GET >>>...
Products valued over thousands of dollars -not junk ebooks or software which you don't need
or will never use but real products that will enhance your online success!

Click on my link above.

I know have one Bronze and one Silver matrix in Tagoldmine. Progressing nicely.

The Profit Sharing in NineLevels grows slowly but surely. I might have told you last time I got paid again. It's automatic each Tuesday if you have over $5 in your account. Nothing to do, no payment requests necessary, just a nice email from your payment processor that you got paid.
Just the way I like it.

Well I think that is going to sum it up for today.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

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