23 November 2009

First Day of Holiday Season

Today could be viewed as the official first day of the Holiday Season, being Monday of Thanksgiving week. Which only means it gets progressively crazier as we near the end of the year.

Oh well, I guess it's part of the whole experience.


Things are moving along for our TVI Team. The entire system is conceived to move at a good pace to get members into TVI and earning the big dollars.

Get in and work on getting 2 referrals. If this does not happen within 2 weeks, then go ahead and purchase 2 referrals so as not to stall the team moving forward. If after that you do happen to bring people in, then great, they'll benefit someone else down your team and you by default. Everybody wins.

Seriously give it some thought and get in TVI now.

More earnings coming my way in NineLevels. It's automatic each Tuesday for any account over $5.
Quick recap: it takes $9.99 to get in, giving you a Profit Sharing earning of 150% back on that investment, AND, commission earnings from the matrix.

Ok, let's do the math.
You spend $9.99 and get 150% back, or $15.
That means you're actually being paid $5 to come participate in this program.
On top of that, you can now make over $24K from matrix commission.

Repeat as desired.
Not bad at all.

FYI, I have been paid several times and now have 4 matrix positions.
Come in under me you are guaranteed spillover. For each 150% return, I purchase another matrix position. Do the same and you'll see that earning grow.

A new Speed Line is open for The Power of 5 cycler.
You can get in for $5 and quickly cycle into the Earth element, or first line.

This Speed Line is opened every few days to enable new people to come in or members to re-enter at the base level and help move the lines through. As a member you can also enter any line at any time if you wish.

I've now cycled from Earth to Water Element (1st to 2nd).
Once I cycle through this 2nd element, I'll receive a payment and an entry into the next level.

Moving through nicely so far. Each time I get a payment, I'll re-enter the Speed Line, keeping a profit each time and getting myself back into the game for more payments.

Well, it's Monday and I have some surfing to do, so... Have a great day!

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