05 November 2009

Things Are Moving Along

Things are moving along and it feels wonderful!

First, NewWavePowerMarketing is about go on a major launch.
It's a small 4x4 matrix that will bring you over $1,000 per position per month. Not bad at all.
Moreover, each month the matrix is compressed to get rid of empty positions.

Their secondary program is a smaller 3x1 cycler matrix that is currently being offered to NWPM members only, and will soon be open to all.

I got in 2 days ago and have already cycled out of the 1st wave, got a re-entry into the 1st and one into the 2nd. There are 3 waves to go through. At the end of the 3rd, you get 5 re-entries into 1st wave and pocket a profit. This goes on indefinitively.

Can't give you a link to this one yet... but, you can get into NewWavePowerMarketing and then you'll automatically receive it.

Checking up on my Tagoldmine program, I see I now have 2 referrals into my 2nd Bronze matrix. This can be totally passive or you can recruit and move faster. Either way, you earn with automatic payments sent to you.

Gotta love it. :D

I'm telling you, things are feeling pretty good right now.
Finally, I have a group of sound, reliable programs that move along mostly of their on. Some go faster, some go slower. The speed is irrelevent here because I know that they are all MOVING FORWARD, and that is the important part.

Oh yes, TVI is going through its automation process right now too.
Up to now it has been manual, taking time.
This is a chance to get in for $37 instead of the $250, so you can bet I jumped on it.
Go to this post for TVI details.

People are reporting making $10,000 a month with this one. So for one time $37, I'll take my chances.
There are lots of different teams out there putting programs together to help people get in with a lower out-of-pocket. Of all the ones I've seen, this one struck me as the best. See for yourself.

Till next time.

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