30 October 2009

Snow Everywhere

Though it's not snowing anymore today, we've had over 14 inches of snowfall. It's beautiful. I played in the yard with the dogs yesterday. They absolutely love it. I even tried to make a snowman, but it's so dry it doesn't stick together. Can't make snowballs either, it's all powdery stuff. So my snowman turned out more like a big stump. He, he. It was fun anyway.

Things are moving along fine for me.

Heard of TVI?
How could you not if you spend anykind of time on the net, right?

Well yes, I joined. Only not with just anyone.
There are several teams out there who have come up with ways to help folks get in without the $250 out of pocket, so that's what I started looking into.

I reviewed about 3 teams before settling for the one I joined.

And here is why:
- one time $37 gets you in.
- refer 2 or BUY 2 referrals.
- that's it!

So, even if you absolutely cannot bring anyone in the system, you can still get in simply by buying your 2 referrals and you're done.

There is a team site that everyone advertises. That is where some of the referrals come from.
A lot of people are bringing in their own two and advertising, thus helping the rest of the team as well.
That's what I'm doing.

I opted-in a few days ago on the main site and just received my official sign up link. I signed up this morning and now wait for the confirmation email with my personal link.

Here is what you do:

1. Go here: http://livingdreams.biz/
2. Read how to earn $10,000 monthly

3. Click on Get Started Button
4. Fill in details
5. Write my name as referrer: Christine Pointeau

That's it.
See you there.

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

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