05 October 2009

Cycling Something Crazy

What a great weekend! I hope yours was at least half as good as mine.

Well, EbizV has been cycling something crazy since its rebirth. It is now up to ID #12154.
This means 613 positions have cycled and earned since the past 5 days!... which only brings my own position closer and closer each day. Yeah!

In NineLevels, I am up to $8.49 in profit sharing towards my first $15, representing 150% ROI on my purchase.
For each $15, I will purchase a new matrix position at $9.99. That leaves me $5 in profit, creates spillover for my downline, and sends more commission my way.

The new rounds of automatic 3 month renewal at AdvertisetoEarn just went through, giving me a new position in the matrix.

One more day on my PacForAll to get my full 144% return.
My original investment on this one was $50. It has now grown to $100.
What did I have to do for this?... nothing! yep, not a thing. The admin is honest, has a great reputation, and keeps members appraised of what's going on. Do check it out. So far I could not be happier with it.

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