27 June 2009

Good Music This Summer Morning

I went to the Farmers' Market this morning and enjoyed some fun African music from the Zimfest going on this weekend. I always love these family / village atmosphere events: the market, the music, kids, dogs, people, bicyles, lounging in the grass, dancing, eating, having fun, etc. Good morning for sure.

Let's do the rounds.

Continuing with Bux-Matrix, I got more referrals since the last post. It's working like a charm. See my last post for my intended strategy for this one.

I'm up to 6 days with Ad-Ventures4U, which means I'll be up for payment Monday (each week). Can't wait to see what that looks like. Each week I will let earnings roll over into new ventures until I reach 100, then I'll consider withdrawing maybe every other payment, so as to keep the growth momentum.

The next sign up round is now posted in the TeamWorkMillionaire site. Get registered fr.ee and join in. I've participated in 2 rounds so far and will actually get several accounts this next one. We have over 2,000 members signed up, with about 400 active participants each rounds.

Even only 400 participants translates into 1,600 new positions being created each time. Not bad at all.

My first account is due to get more spillover this coming round, so I am very much looking forward to it.

The best strategy for this one is to get an account each round, or at least each other round. That ensures continuous growth for the program itself, and for your own positions. As things progress and your account receives spillover, you receive more and more earnings for each level down the matrix.

I anticipate the entire 2nd level of my first account to fill up during this upcoming round. That's 36 spots. The second account will most likely get its 1st level filled as well; 12 spots.
See what I mean? And you know the beauty of this? I don't have to recruit, I don't have to bug anyone, I don't have to advertize, I don't have to do anything but participate. Pretty cool, huh? :D

Gotta love it.
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23 June 2009

Strategy Working Out

Summer is definitively here! Currently: hot and humid.
Finally got around to getting the missing bolts for my scooter today. Now I can stop "driving" and get back to "riding," which is a lot more fun.

Let's see what is happening.

My little Bux-Matrix strategy is working nicely. By renting referrals, I get a lot more out of my daily clicks since I also earn from the referrals' clicks. My total earnings are increasing faster, getting me to my payout rate faster as well.

Actually, instead of withdrawing on the next round, I think I'll roll part of those $$ into getting additional referrals, and maybe keep doing that with every other payouts for a while. If I keep at it until I reach minimum $10 earnings per day, I'll be happy. Think about it. $10 per day means $300 per month. Not bad for about 5 minutes worth of work each morning.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Another surfing program I started yesterday is Ad-Ventures4U.
I'm sure you've seen the ad or link somewhere. It is literally everywhere. After reading the info and seeing enough people make several hundreds per month, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I bought one $10 package to start, meaning 10 ventures, which in turn give you advertising points, banners, site hits, and text messages for advertising your own programs. I'm still figuring it all out.
Ventures owned increases through profit sharings each week, depending on how you've surfed each day (min. 25 sites). These translate into cash whenever you want to withdraw.
Again, not a whole lot of time invested each day into something that grows on its own and can potentially return several hundreds per month.
Once you own a certain number of ventures, you no longer have to surf -that number is fairly high so I'm not concerned about it just yet, though it's good to know it's there. I look forward to reaching that point. ;p

And lastly for today, the current featured program is Fortune5Minutes. Great program, excellent reputation, excellent track record with 10 years of paying daily, and incredible payplan. Do not let this one pass you by without at least one read through.


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21 June 2009

Cyclers and Why I Like Them

If you take a minute to go through my list of programs on the right, you'll notice a certain number of cyclers. Yes, I like cyclers. Why?

For one thing it's pretty easy.

Let's look at Line Cyclers for now.
There's no pressure to recruit or bring in an unreachable number of referrals in order to get a return. In fact, there is no need to sponsor at all.

Yes, you read that right.


And that, ladies and gentlement, sums it up.

In most line cyclers, you start out with the lowest line, get in with one or as many positions as you like, and wait. As others do the same, you cycle, get a return, and choose how much to keep and how much to roll over back into another line, possibly the next one up.

Now how can this keep going if not one recruits?

Fair question.

First, there are always people who do recruit and bring in more members. Some folks are just great at it and help the rest of us who are maybe not so good at it.
Second, members keep reinvesting into the cyclers, creating a continuous roll over of cycling positions
And third, most cycles are set up in such a way that insures positions will keep on being purchased, be it through automatic re-investment, or minimum positions in particular lines. All in all, it works.

My current line cyclers:
- Mad Money Junction
- Merry Profits

You can easily register for fr.e.e to familiarize yourself with how things work, then start with a couple lines and have some fun!

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Easy As 1-2-3

17 June 2009

Sign Up Round Coming Up

Allright, I said I would post an update soon and this is it. I'm still working at that temp job as they keep asking me to come back... hey, might as well work it as long as it goes.

Meanwhile, I have less time for my online programs, though they seem to all do their merry way just fine.

Because a new round is about to start, I want to start with TeamWorkMillionaire.
Sign up into the Team for fre.e and watch for the the link.

The next round soon is on the 19th -this coming Friday. Get in!
Last round over 1,000 of the members joined in -each receiving 4 position- meaning over 4,000 new positions in the matrix got filled. And this happens every 2 weeks. Do you see the potential here?

I can't emphasize this enough. The beauty of this kind of program is that even if you know absolutely nothing of online marketing, you can still count on a good return from your position somewhere down the line. So what if it takes a few month, or even a year? It will come, and that's the best guarantee you can have.

Each join is $5, which gives you an automatic 4 position.
From these 4 you will get $9,000. Not bad for only $5 going in.

This is also a feeder program into MyNetWealthTeam.
That one takes $15 to join, gives you 12 spots in the matrix, and returns over $32,000.

So, what should you do?
  • First, join TeamWorkMillionaire and watch for the next join.
  • Second, join MyNetWealthTeam with your first main position to secure your spot in the matrix. That way when positions start spilling into it, you'll already be placed (make sure sponsor ID=34970. Clear cookies if needed).
  • Third, each time the join link gets posted on TWM, join once or as many times as you want.
That's it.

The second thing I'll address today is Bux-Matrix.

I really think this is a good way to earn extra money. It take about 5 minutes of clicks each morning -sometimes less depending on how many new ads are posted. You can advertise your own programs if you wish, and for a once lifetime upgrade, you get a post in the matrix, earning from that end too.

I have been paid 3 times so far with this one, and so wanted to try a new strategy to see how much I can grow that earning and get paid more often.

I just rented 10 referrals for one month.
Now each times they log on to click the ads, I get paid, regardless of what I am doing.
This will earn me more than the rental cost, so it's easy to see why that might be advantageous.
As I earn from these referrals, I will roll over a part of that earning into renting more referrals, thus growing the earnings each month.
That's the strategy anyway.

Will let you know. :-)

Ok, that's the news for right now.
Do check out the links above, and please, Please, join TeamWorkMillionaire.

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08 June 2009

Quick Post with New Cycler

It's been a little while since I've posted here... I am working overtime for a temporary job these days and it is literally taking all my energy, putting in 10 hour days.

So, a quick note for today and I'll post more details on how things are going in this coming week.

First, TeamWorkMillionaires just had it's last round of sign-ups. I got a new position myself.
Every 2 weeks the link is posted for all members to join, so get yourself in (fre.e) and watch your email for the next round.

Having everyone sign in from the same link makes sense. The matrix is filled from the top down and from left to right in the order they come. This way everyone wins. Each round a great percentage of the members buy a new position -actually receiving 4- making this a continuing growing downline for all involved. Check it out. Highly recommended.

The other thing I want to mention today is a new quick 1x3 cycler: 3StarGalaxy
It should cycle fairly fast for a low one time only initial payment. It's part of the TeamOrangeMoon team, so you know there are lots of members already geared to get in.
Also a team link, no individual sign ups.

That's it for now. Check out these 2 links and I'll be back soon.

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