27 April 2012

The Old and The New

Though I am not looking for new programs per se, I do keep an eye out in case a really good one comes along ... curious? See further below ;p

JBP - JSS-Tripler
The daily payouts script is now running -these payouts take up to 7 hrs to be accomplished. Mine are usually posted by morning but not today. I'll check again later.

In the mean time, I continue to purchase Triplers. The re-start should be any moment now and I look forward to cycle a few matrices in the process.

Make sure you are upgraded to Level 1 AND have a JSS matrix position if you want any benefits from this re-start.

My VIP points are steadily adding up from the 20 original purchase, with earning settings at 100% VIP repurchasing. I consistently earn close to $3 per day now.

Of those original VIP points, the first 10 have been retired and the second 10 are not far behind. That ok though, as the repurchasing has more than grown the account over time.

At some time in the future I'll consider changing to maybe 80/20, just not yet.

And now the new:

W4ATeam - Wealth 4 All  <--link
This one caught my attention because of its easy hands down cycling features.
Similar to JustBeenPaid, you purchase a certain package that matures at a predetermined time, automatically.

In this case these purchases are called TAP and they cycle every 10 days like clockwork, for 10 cycles until maturity. You also get AU, Advertising Units, per each TAP Level purchased.
There are 5 levels of TAPs, each with 12 sub-levels.

The system automatically takes 50% of your full cycle earnings and purchases the next TAP level in the series if there is enough. The other 50% is paid out to you.

I bought my first level 5 days ago, so it's another 5 days until I get my first cycling earnings:

TAP-1.1 at $16.
Each cycle pays $4.50 for 10 cycles, or $45 upon maturity.

I really like these low maintenance programs. I'm not tied to the computer having to surf or do other tasks and can go on about my day. Win win! :D

I'll copy / paste the email I received from my own sponsor in the next post for more details. In the meantime, visit the site and watch the video.

Jave a great weekend!

First, the old:

20 April 2012

Fridays Are always Good

Fridays are always good. No matter what happens today, you just know you've got the weekend coming up, making anything and everything a little easier to handle no matter what.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Just a quick check-in in expectation of this Re-start. No changes yet, except that 4 of my Tripler positions matured into the matrices and I see a couple placements filled in since yesterday.

Referrals: I want to remind you to purchase ONE JSS-Matrix position in order to receive some of these maturing Tripler positions once the re-start gets underway -otherwise you are loosing out.
You must also be upgraded to Level 1 in JBP to be able to purchase that JSS matrix position.

I know it feels like a lot of steps to get this going, but I assure you it is worth it.
Once these steps are in place, it's pretty much automatic.

You log in, purchase Triplers with those earnings, let them mature into your JSS matrices, purchase placements and upgrade them to Premium as needed, then watch those earnings come in.
At this time, I cash out 50% of my matrix earnings and re-invest the rest into placements and upgrades, mine or others.

It's a simple rythm and the rewards are certainly nice too.

Looking at testimonies and top earners, it's incredible how people are earning 6 figures from this program! I intend to continue building those earnings for as long as I can.

Join the fun! :D

18 April 2012

Ready For Restart

Mid-week already. Spring is in the air and all I want to do these days is forget about work and go ride my bike. Someday ...

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I am all ready for the Re-Start, which is getting very close now -either later this week or early next week.
I just checked my account and made sure all placements were at Premium level.
I have several matrices that I hope will cycle with this restart. Regardless, I'm excited about it.

Remember that all Tripler positions bought now will NOT be affected, so continue to purchase and get a head start on these maturing.

Here's a portion of the last update:
A maximum of 40% of an account's JSS-Tripler
will be converted to JSS positions by the
Restart. Accounts not in profit will not
be affected. Small accounts will be less
affected than big accounts -- a sliding
scale will be used. The actual positions
converted will be chosen randomly from
those that qualify for conversion. The
conversion will be done in such a way that
affected members will be able to earn more
from their new JSS positions than they
would have earned from their converted
JSS-Tripler positions.

The most important thing for new members
to realize is that you can earn a great
deal with JSS-Tripler. On our Blog you
can see that our top earner has earned
over $394,000. All of our top 20 earners
have earned more than $130,000 each
Chances are very good there will not be another restart for 90 days or so, giving all these Tripler positions time to mature.

My first Bid Pack expires tomorrow, which, honestly, I'm not sure what that means. Will see tomorrow and report on that next time.
I still have a second Bid Pack and have been earning VIP points throughout this time as well, so I'm in no danger of being out. I will most likely purchase another pack regardless to continue accumulating those points.
I have my bid repurchase on 100% compounding right now to get maximum benefits and earnings once I decided to lower that and get a portion in cash.

GIN - Global Information Network
When you go to the website, there is new video on the front page about WHY you should seriously consider joining GIN.
Take a moment to watch it. It is worth your time.

I believe with all my being that the kind of information being shared through this organization will make an incredible amount of difference in the world and in people's lives.
Members now span over 150 countries and growing.


13 April 2012

Happy Friday 13th

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

It's been a very good day for me, and I hope for you too.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
Just request yet another $100 withdrawal from JustBeenPaid today. I had tried the last couple days and kept getting the "daily limit has been reached" message, but not today! So Friday the 13th is lucky for me, ha, ha ...

A few updates:
The Restart is coming sometimes next week.
If you joined the program after March 24th, you will NOT be affected by the Restart.
Tripler positions bought after April 7th will NOT be affected.

I suggest you keep buying you Tripler positions. It's business as usual for me, restart or no restart, ALL Tripler earnings go back into buying new positions.

Be sure to have at least ONE matrix positionto benefit form all those Tripler positions maturing into the matrices. It's a good way to have a few cycle.
By the way, you can participate in everything without having upgraded to Level 1, but you WILL need to upgrade in order to withdraw funds. I recommend upgrading now to Level 1 so it's done and you can be a full participant.

One last point -I've noticed quite a few referrals who joined and then did nothing ... if this is you, go ahead and start playing with the program. It's a good one.
BUY some Tripler positions to get the earnings rolling, and BUY at least ONE matrix positions
Let me know if you need help!

I missed a few days of placing ads because of travel and other personal reasons. I'm back to it now.
My first packet of bids will end on the 19th I believe. I will look into purchasing another one to keep the growth going.

I admit I am not sure about the ins and outs of this program ... I need to spend some time reading through the site to really understand how this works.
I am still in the building phase right now, so it's ok.

Right, that's it for now folks.
Have a great weekend!

10 April 2012

Upcoming ReStart In JBP

I've been away for a few days with limited possibilities of getting online, so now I am catchingup. I'm also about to publish a book by the end of April (if I keep to my schedule), so things are somewhat busy as you might expect.

Noonetheless, online activities are on-going.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I just finished upgrading several placements in my matrices.

The administration announced an upcoming ReStart within the next week or so.
It's been a while since the last one -about 90+ days- so it was bound to happen soon. The good thing is that they are letting members know so you can make sure you are in a good lace to cycle matrices.

Buy placements and upgrade those and others to Premium.

If you are still on the fence about joining, do it NOW. Get yourself on receiving end of the flood of positions coming in from the restart.

Any Tripler positions bought from now on will NOT be affected by the restart, so go ahead and keep buying to get a head start on the next cycling.

Also, weekly earnings stay at 2% daily while weekend days now go to 1.5%.
This makes sense as an offset to lesser funding during weekends.

GIN - Global Information Network
I drove down to Texas and back, about 16 hours each way, and listened to the GIN audio series the whole time. I have to tell, I was FIRED UP by the time I got back home!
No better way to get motivated than to listen to people who are doing and benefiting from what you want to do.

There is more and more informationa available on the website, both for visitors and for members on the inside. I continue to be amazed at the quality of the data provided, and at the qualifications and experience of the people sharing that data.

That said, got a book to finish ...
Cheers -