05 December 2012

Happy Wednesday!

It's a particularly good day since I know I am taking Friday off as a "well day" to enjoy a longer weekend - might even check what movies are coming out this week. :)

Amazing Money Magnet
My 2 positions have each cycled a couple of times, slowly adding up for more position purchased.

Explosive Cash Magnet
These positions cycle every 7 days.
Being a quicker program, I decided to go ahead and add more funds and purchase another 2 positions.

My stats so far:
- Orbit One: 4 positions
- earns $2 every 7 days for 12 cycles, for a total of $24 per positions.

Ok, so I am a little confiused with this program now.
I do realize it is basically the same as the old JustBeenPaid with a different interface it's just that it gets me confused.
I am down to 16 PC Panels after the last "shift."
I also used some of my earnings to purchase AD Package to keep the cycling going.