28 December 2010

Flip'N In 11 Hours

The next Flip'N 40 happens in 11 hours from now -or abour 6:30 pm Mtn time, so I highly suggest you get yourself in there and jump in if you've been following any of the things I've been talking about on this blog.

Go to: ConnectingUsAll to sign up.

I'm interested in seeing how these recurring flips work actually.
As you kow, I took part in the first round a little while ago. If you go back a few posts you'll see that I sent 2 gifts @ $40 for a total of $80 sent, and received 3 @ $40, for a total received of $120, giving me a $40 profit.

Now this Flip'N 40 is about to flip again.
I thought we would all simply retain our spots and the matrix would simply flip, which would ultimately be unfair to the person on top, as they would either be in first or last place each flips -think of a matrix and that'll make sense.

Anyway, apparently someone thought of that too... remember my account is on automatic so I do not need to be at the computer in order to participate. That being said, I logged in yesterday to see that a gift had been sent out from my account, that I was now in a different spot, and that the counter was running for a scheduled flip this evening.

If I understand this game, that means when the matrix flips, I will again send out a 1 gift and be in position to receive 3.

Cheers everyone-

21 December 2010

Flip'N For The Flip

I'm literally Flipping over myself with this Flip'N system!
It's fun, it's working, it's profitable... what more do you want?

With all the stuff I've tried online, I am SOOOoooo excited to have found something that works so smoothly and is enjoyable. No need to go hassle everyone you know, just get in and partake in the fun if that's all you want to do. Off course, if this works for you as much as it is working for me, you might want to share... ;o

ConnectingUsAll has been testing this program for the past month and is now ready to go ahead full speed.
Get in! It's fun and it works!

There's a lot more to CUA than this Flip'N system off course, with all the various levels of gifting you can take part of. A lot of this is now going on automatic too, which makes it even smoother -i.e., no need to be at the computer at any specific appointed time, just set it and leave it alone, then come back and check your earnings.  :D

Here where we are with ConnectingUsAll new Flip'N systems:

Flip'N 40 first round:
- total put in: $80         (2 @ $40)
- total received: $120  (3 @ $40)
- Profit: $40

From now on, each time the matrix flips, I give $40 and receive $40-$120, depending on where in the matrix my position falls.
In other words, each time the Flip happens, at the minimum I break even (get $40 back) or make $40-$80 in profit. Again, all on automatic.

Flip'N 100 first round:
- total put in so far: $100 (1 @ $100)

What's next:
The Flip happens in 5 hrs (of this writing).
- I give a second $100
- I receive $300 -note: I know this because I joined this Flip a few hours before the Flip is due to happen, which places me lower on the current matrix. When this flips, I will be in the higher levels of the matrix and in poised to receive 3 gifts, hence $300.
- Expected profit: $100*

*Stay tuned for actual facts as it happens.

Good things happening on the JustBeenPaid (see side link) front as well -more on that next time.


07 December 2010

Flip'N Happy

Last Friday I told you I entered the Flip'N matrix in ConnectingUsAll and that it was about Flip on its head, placing first position last and last first... well, it did.

My position moved from level 11 to level 8 and I have since received 3 gifts!

VERY Happy about my participation in this, and, it's kinda fun!

This is only the first level in the Flip'N matrix systems, with more scheduled to open up soon.
This is also only one aspect of ConnectingUsAll.

You'll want to get in and enter the first circle to get started. As this one completes and you move up the ladder, the system takes on an automatic advancement procedure, thus adding to your earnings.

Here is how I did in the first Flip'N matrix:

1. I get in and send my first gift for $40. Because I entered rather late in the game (i.e. shortly before flipping), I did not receive a gift that time. Balance: -$40

2. The matrix flips and I move from level 11 to level 8. I send in another gift for this new position of $40. Balance: -$80

3. As positions fall in from the flip (and new members come in) I receive 3 gifts of $40, or $120. Balance: +$40.

There it is folks. Full disclosure.
If I'd entered a little earlier, I might have gotten a gift of two in the first round also, thus pushing me further into profit. Regardless, I am now ahead, placing me in a very good spot for more profit the next round.
That's the name of the game. Profit grows proportionally each time.

Give it a shot. See link at beginning of this post.
See you there!

03 December 2010

About To Flip

I've been talking about JSS Systems of late and wanted to change the subject for today.
Another really good program to pay attention to is ConnectingUsAll.

They have recently introduced another aspect to their matrix to enable members to earn in more ways than one... it's called Flip'N !

Basically a matrix is filled in the traditional manner, from top to bottom, with each member automatically sending their gift to a certain position above them. Each position received from 1 to 3 gifts from below, depending on where they are situated in the matrix. This goes on for a bit until the matrix is stopped and literally Flipped on its head and rebuild in reverse order, with last becoming first and first becoming last.

The gifting cycles starts again, giving all members -now in a new order- a chance at multiple gifts.
The matrix is then opened again for new members, continuing to fill it until the Flip'N process starts over again.

At this point I am not sure how many times the thing flips before being closed and a completely new matrix is started. I believe I saw somewhere in there that there is a definite number of levels and then it does indeed close, but don't quote me on that one just yet.

As I write this, the first $40 Flip'N matrix is about to flip for the first time in a little over an hour.
I bought a position and I am on level 11. Not sure what level that will place me on when the thing flips, though I'll find out pretty quick and should be receiving automatic gifts at that point.

So don't just sit there, log in to ConnectingUsAll if already a member or get yourself in right now and participate. These quick earning matrixes are the way to go. Join a main program and take part in the secondary quicker versions for better returns.

Stay tuned for further developments.... :)

01 December 2010

Cycled In JSS-Warp

First, a re-cap of my first experience with JSS Systems:

In the last round, I bought 1 position in each JSS-Warp and JSS-Booster. Neither of these positions cycled and were eventually uploaded into each respective JSS system, that is the Booster position went into the main JSS and the Warp position went into Booster and then into JSS main as well.

That gives me 3 positions in the main JSS System at this moment.
Of these 3, one has 1 spot filled in its first level (you need all 6 spots to cycle), so I'm expecting and hoping that this week's rounds of JSS Systems will fill more spots so maybe one of these can cycle. Each position earns $60 upon cycling.

Today's email from JustBeenPaid tells me that of the 45 people who bought positions in the last launch, 42 had at least 1 position cycled -I must have been #43 I guess, ha ha.

Here is part of the email, regarding possible earnings:
  • JSS-Warp is designed so that about two-thirds of positions cycle fairly quickly and pay you 25% -- $40 positions pay out $50.
  • You may be able to earn the 25% repeatedly!If you buy many positions in JSS-Warp, and rebuy after cycling, the 25% you earn repeatedly can grow into big money.
  • If your positions don't cycle in JSS-Warp, they later get fed into JSS-Booster, where they pay out $60 when they cycle -- a 50% profit.
  • And if your positions don't cycle in JSS-Booster, they later get merged into JSS, where they pay out $60 when they cycle. You can guarantee your earnings by sponsoring people.
And now, the Piece de Resistance, a.k.a. positions in play:
Before setting out to write this I logged into JSS-Warp and saw that the cycling time was about 16 mn, so I thought ok, I want to get better at this little game so I'll jump in and see what happens.

My position actually cycled during the writing of this email! No kidding!!
It took 12 mn according to the purchasing and cycline time stamps.
Translating that to numbers:
purchase 1 position = - $40
cycle and earn = + $50
profit = + $10

So yes, I bought a second position. The cycling time is now 21 mn. I'll be checking back in to see.
Click on the JustBeenPaid link above and take part. This could be fun!

21 November 2010

JSS Follow Up

I told you last post that I was taking part in the JSS-Booster launch of the JustBeenPaid program... here are the results so far.

First, I bought a position in the main JSS system in order to qualify for participation in the rest.
Then I bought a position in the JSS-Booster during phase 1 of the launch.
And finally, to do this the whole way through, I also bought a position in JSS-Warp system, a quicker cycling matrix that then feeds through to the previously mentioned aspects of JSS.

None of my position cycled, unfortunately...

My JSS-Booster position was uploaded into the main JSS since it did not cycle. I just checked on it and according to its position number, there will be some spillover in the not too distant future.
My JSS-Warp position is still there and due to be cycled into JSS-Booster whenever that phase of the launch comes around in a day or so.

So, not wonderful results this time , though not a total loss either.
I now have 2 positions into the main JSS (the original and the uploaded Booster), both of which will cycle eventually as this system continues to roll around.

I think there is a game plan to this that maybe escapes me as I am learning the ropes, particularly for the JSS-Warp. It is important to get is as soon as possible when phase 1 starts, to maximise cycling. Some players (members) are indeed cycling several time with each "play." Basically, as soon as their position cycles they turn around and put a portion back in, thus multiplying positions, cycling, and return on the initial investment.
Whenever the cycling slows down and comes to a stop, all positions are uploaded from the bottom up into JSS-Booster, and the process starts over.

It is well conceived and worth the time to try it out a few times and really come to understand the best times to get in for maximum return. I'll be keeping and eye on those 2 main JSS positions and plan on rolling one back into JSS-Warp at an earlier stage of phase 1 this time.

Keep in touch for further developments.
And to get in the action yourself, check out JustBeenPaid right now.


13 November 2010

JSS Booster Launch

I decided to take part in the JSS-Booster launch this time around. I funded my account yesterday to be ready and was able to purchase a position in the launch this morning.

It took a little while of poking around the site and clicking on links to figure it out -could certainly be clearer, or maybe I'm just dense. Either way, I think I've got the jest of it.

First off you must be a member of JustBeenPaid to participate, so that's your first step.
From there, you log in to JSS and fund that account with AlertPay.
You must have an open position in the JSS matrix to participate in the Booster. This is where the whole thing kinda gets complicated. It's better to do as I did and visit around the site for a while. It does eventually make sense, though it's hard to come back here and explain... hense my comment above.

Anyway, I did get a main JSS position AND a JSS-Booster position.

The JSS-Booser launch happens every 3 weeks or so I believe. It cycles fairly quickly while earning money back to members. Position mature into the main JSS matrix, helping that matrix to fill regularly with each new JSS-Booster launch.
The Booster launch is then stopped and any position that did not get a chance to cycle are placed into the main JSS matrix in reverse order: the last one purchased is the first one moved up.

And it continues anew with the next Booster launch.

Did I completely confuse you?
No worries. Get into JustBeenPaid and read around. That's really the best way to understand it.
I'll post again as my position cycles, so stay tuned.

03 October 2010

One Year Anniversary and More

Connecting Us All just celebrated their one year anniversary!...
Here is what they have to say about their success so far:

In twelve Months Connecting Us All:

  • Is operating in nearly every country worldwide.
  • Has become a non-profit organization, with offices in The United States, The United Kingdom and Mexico.
  • Has Membership exceeding 45,000 members.
  • Has provided over a quarter of a million dollars in humanitarian aid to over 2100 members worldwide through our Giving Tree.
  • Has completed a full assortment of resources, trainings, invitation tools and finished the most state of the art platform for our industry anywhere.
Not bad at all...
I invite you to check it out for yourself and participate in this great movement to help one another: ConnectingUsAll

There's a lot going on at JustBeenPaid of late too. They've got a new JSS launch coming up, which I am reading up on and considering taking a part of. It's a way to cycle people into JBP from what I understand so far. People join JSS and earn as they cycle, then are moved up into JBP for the duration of the launch. At the end of each particular launch, everyone left who might not have had a chance to cycle yet are also placed into JBP in order. And the whole thing repeats.

Ok I know, not very clear. Like I said, I am just now reading up about it and will post again once things are a little more clear in my mind.
And since I recently received a payment from JBP, I figure maybe I should be paying a bit more attention to what is going on there (sigh)...

You can read about it yourself too right here: JustBeenPaid

The other new banner you'll notice is TeamCashCow.
I joined through a trusted site myself, and again, reading up to understand better the ins and outs of it.

In brief though, this team will get you 6 referrals into Fortune5Minutes-MillionaireClub, which, if you've read this blog in the past, you know is a program I very much like and have been searching for just the right team to stick with. Well, I think I found it.

You've got 2 options:
- Active member: sign up, get your spot, and promote. Bring in a minimum required visits per month a share in the monthly advertising profit.
- Passive member: sign up, get your spot, then purchase an advertising share. This is the "grazer" option for us promotion-challenged folks who still want to participate but might not be able to bring in the numbers.

Either options will receive 6 signs up in their downline as your turn comes around, guaranteed.

Three VERY GOOD programs to add to your online portofolio.

08 August 2010

Moving Forward

If you are arriving on this blog to this particular post, I highly recommend you go back one post and read that one too -or first. Either way, read both.

I am moving forward in the Connecting Us All site.
Each cycle has 3 stages to completion, and I am in the 3rd stage of my first cycle, so all is good and well.

Here is part of an email sent down to me by my sponsor:
Hi Everyone

The other day I spoke to a woman who joined CUA last September. She just quit her job because for 10 months now she has been doing very well with this gifting program.
The Imagine cycles have only been live for the past few weeks. Just imagine where she is going from here.
I asked her how she did it. This was her response: "I told 2 people."
What? Wait a minute. I told more than 2. Why am I not in a position to retire I asked.
She said " I told them to tell 2 people"

Regardless of what you do and what you participate in, the truth of the matter is things rarely happen by themselves. For the most part, you've got to move if you want to get somewhere...

Now, you can also get in and do nothing. Things will move forward since there are members who do bring in folks and each member constantly re-cycles through the system.

But really, it's not hard to tell a couple folks, particularly when what you are dealing with is completely legal and has proof on site! How many programs can you say that for? You can also PIF someone in and instruct them to do the same once they start cycling, which is what I am doing.

Here's how it works.
You start with gifting 20 and receiving 80.
Do this one a couple more times then join the higher levels.
You give 50 and receive 200, in addition to the 20 receiving 80, for a total of 280 (200 + 80).
Every time, you repeat the completed cycles and get into the next level.
By the time you make it to the top -which then goes on indefinitively- you are gifting 1670 and receiving 10,680 !!!!

How's that to get you motivated!


01 August 2010

Connecting Us All

This is a new program that was recommended to me through a friend.

It's called Connecting Us All.

Yes, it is a gifting program. Having tried one or two that did not follow through, I had been looking for one that I would be not only happy to participate in, but also feel comfortable telling others about.

This is such a program.

A couple things right off the start made it so I wanted to know more:

- For one, it is completely legal.
Seems funny that I should mention this or make a big deal of it, and unfortunately, too many of these sites come up short on that end. How do I know? Because the founders of the program sent out letters to a bunch of athorney generals, explaining what they were doing and inviting them to review the program.

- Second, it is really about helping others.
Most programs come off way to "flashy" or have that certain "instant-online-success" hype that I find such a turn off, and that for most people (myself included), raises red flags of potential scam.

There are several aspects to this program and you can choose which to participate in.
1. Social Networking for connecting with others.
2. The Giving Tree where people and organizations may post any want or need for the community to give,unconditionally.
3. The Giving Pool where you choose to unconditionally bless others.

What I highly recommend you do is check out the site and take the time to read and listen to the videos, so that you get a complete picture of what goes on and what is possible:

Go to: http://greentree.connectingusall.org

Then sign up as a f.re.e member to learn more about the site.
Pick the first level of gifting ($20) and get started as soon as you are comfortable with it.

note: Ignore the $16 membership for now. You can choose this option later on once you learn where that money goes (I'll go into that on a later post) and the benefits of doing so.

More to come, stay tuned ...

15 July 2010

Still Around

Yes, I'm still around, though I had to take a break from all online programs out of pure frustration and disgust. As it is, I am deleting accounts into various programs that ended sitting there with no results whatsoever.

As for this blog, I'm still condensing to a very few selected programs. Only the ones that work, only the ones I truly believe in. Not to say I'm right on anything, off course.

Here is a little summary of programs staying in the game:

Two that bring in regular payments:

1. NineLevels - actually received an automatic payment from them this morning. This one's a keeper. Runs by itself without my help whatsoever.

2. Bux-Matrix - another one that send me regular emails letting me know my downline is growing. Slowly but surely. Also a keeper.

Two Subscriptions I'm keeping because the programs are growing:

1. OneTeam2x2 - monthly. This is slowly but surely growing. I actually see new downline now, in addition to my own positions, which is great news indeed. That means every month these folks add a new position with their subscriptions, adding to my own downline and earnings. Easy.

2. AdvertiseToEarn - every 2 month. Advertise your link to earn points and free additional positions.

Two staying because I still have faith:

1. JustBeenPaid - hmm... disappointing somewhat. Keeping it for now because despite it all, I really believe this is a good program. If only people would upgrade.... the age old dilemna. It only works if people see it through and make that step, unfortunately, people sign up and then think it's all going to fall into their lap without having to lift a finger. Sorry folks. It NEVER works that way -in anything.

Though a good idea on the programer's part, the purchased referrals are not coming through. It's back to referring your own, and if you do, if can be very good indeed. Too bad really, I liked the idea of helping folks out with purchasing referrals if they themselves could not bring people in.

This would be a very good candidate for a Pay It Forward approach.

2. Fortune 5 Minutes - I have not done anything with this at all! I got in through a supposedly team build group who turned out to have a lot of in-house dispute and nothing went anywhere. I still have the position and do not plan on cancelling it. F5M is one of the most long lived program on the net, and one of the most respected. Joining through a team back when I first started looking into online programs, I thought I'd get some help moving up...

So why am I keeping it? Because of this program's reputation, and because I do want to get into advertising or promoting this program in some way. Also a very good candidate for Pay It Forward approach. This would help get people in and moving throught the levels.

Ok, that's good for now.

I'm going to be lazy and not go through to add all the program links. See side panels.

Back soon with more.
Feel free to share your impressions.

13 June 2010

So Many Too Many

I get way too many emails promoting this or that new "get in NOW or miss out" type hype... I'm tired of all the scams and programs playing on people's emotions. Times are hard. A lot of people are hurting. These emails just play on that borderline desperate need to find something that works.

For my part I am sending a lot of these said emails to the spam folder. Enough already.
I've got my few programs that I check in on. Every so often I might try a new one after I've read several positive comments about it in other blogs, or if it comes directly from someone I know. That's it.

So let's look at a few.

Right now Bux-Matrix is working just fine. No earth shattering earnings, but hey, steady and realiable, as mentioned in previous post. I've been paid several times with this one and use it as advertisment.

NineLevels is coming along. That Profit Sharing is up a few more pennys (hey, at least it's getting there) -and that much closer to payment.

JustBeenPaid is a bit disappointing in that people are not upgrading as much as they should, though I still have 2 purchased referrals to be delivered, so I'm still feeling good about it.

Oh yes, here's another that seems to be doing it's own slow and steady thing, and that's OneTeam2by2. One of the few programs that you can actually put on automatic and forget about it -contrary to what a lot of site say. Just got some spillover recently.

KaskKwik... hmm.. the jury is still out on this one. I guess a few members must have cancelled because the doubling of the membership did not happen as far as I can tell. There are 4002 members as of this writing. This should be over 5000 by now, if most people had acquired their second position. Only time will tell.

Lastly for today, I had recently got into RockSolidFunds just in time to get emails from admin that they had just had over $5000 stolen from their PP... great... what can you do? Apparently it was taken from the LR, so AP should be ok, which is what I used. I'll let it build up to a few dollars and make a whithdrawal, to see if payments are made. (I'll add a link once I receive payment).

It is what it is. One can only smile and move on.

I am looking into a couple gifting activities. If interested, you'll have to contact me with a request of info as I won't be posting that on here... or request to be added to my private list.

06 June 2010

Planting The Veggies

This weekend has been a major veggie planting endeavor. I figure we should be safe now as far as frost of other destructive weather. Ha!.

I got another payment from Bux-Matrix recently. This little program has turned out to be steady and reliable. I can't remember how long I've been in this one now, but it's been a while certainly. Every so often, I get a payment received email. Kinda nice.

Ok, let's look at some of the big ones:

Referrals are signing up in JustBeenPaid but not upgrading... why is that???!!!... It seems to me a fairly straight forward system. Sign up, upgrade, purchase a couple referrals and advertise as you wish. As you yourself get referrals under you, they will pass up their 3rd and every 10th referrals thereafter to you, thus growing your downline and earnings. Don't know, seemed like a good thing to me. So sign up already! Allright? Allright. (sigh)
All joking aside, I do think this is a good one. I've received 1 out of 3 of my purchased referrals so far, and I've got a bunch of folks that came through my link and are waiting to make up their mind.

moving on...

The membership in KashKwik is now at 4098. I've cycled once so far and have a few referrals. Hopefully everyone will cycle this month. That would be great -for me and all you guys who signed up under me. :)

Someone left me a comment on the last post saying it's a scam. All I can say is I've cycled once and I'm willing to ride it a bit longer to see where it leads.

Everytime I log into my NineLevels account the profit sharing is up a little bit more... LOL, taking a while but getting there.
I do recommend this one. All you have to do is read through some of my past post.
And since it's been a while, here's my strategy in 5 steps:
1. Purchase you Main position, #1 ($9.99).
2. Purchase first level under that one, or 3 more: #2,3,4.
3. Wait for your Profit Sharing (150%). Payments are automatic every $5 -no need to do anything.
4. Every other Profit Sharing payment (or every $10 received), purchase another matrix position.
5. Keep ALL Matrix earnings.

That strategy is very simple, and if you do the math, you'll see it is a winning strategy for everyone involved: Yourself and your Downline.

A couple smaller, mostly passive programs:
- now one position shy of cycling into stage 2 in OneTeam2by2.
- received 4 FREE positions in AdvertisetoEarn.


That's it for today!
It's beautiful. Hope you're spending time outside! :D

24 May 2010

One Thing That's Working

One thing that's working right now, amidst passive programs dropping the ball, is JustBeenPaid, with referrals coming in.

Consider this little bit of information from the back office:

Why is JBP so popular? Because it solves the problem of the 98% or so of wannabe online moneymakers who typically enjoy little or no success. It solves their problem because they can buy downline members starting at a cost of just $5 each.

When new members upgrade they pay $5 to JBP Admin and $15 to a Sponsor. Immediately after the $5 has been paid, the referral allocation algorithm decides who the Sponsor should be. This mechanism is powerful.

It effectively means that when you buy a downline member, you don't buy someone who has just promised to upgrade, but an "upgrader" who has started the upgrade process by paying $5 to JBP Admin. It's like someone who puts down a $25 down payment for a house. He or she is more likely to follow through and buy the house, than someone who has just promised to buy a house. So the person you buy is more likely to follow through and pay you your $15.

So the JBP structure enables you to build a quality downline without any sponsoring requirements.

If this makes sense to you, then click on that link, sign up and upgrade right now. Get started on the process. Purchase your first 2 referrals as soon as you can.

--> JustBeenPaid

Be as Passive or as Active as you want -it will work either way. It simply a matter of choosing how fast you want it to work...

And if you'll look back at my last post, you'll see you can now get your first upgrade for just half price.

See you soon.

=====+===== - Work From Home - Easy As 1-2-3 =====+=====

19 May 2010

Just Been Paid For Half Price

I'm looking at the calendar and figure that in about another week it will be safe to get my veggies in the ground! yeah! There all growing nicely on the kitchen counter for the moment -I just don't want to take a chance at them freezing if I plant them too early.

Other than that...

Two Great Programs to seriously consider, if you're not already in them:

Good news from the JustBeenPaid admin: referrals can now upgrade for half price once signed up. So if you've been on the fence about this, half price is a great way to get in and get your spot secured. As soon as that's done, you'll still want to purchase a couple referrals right away and start promoting your link, this way you can assure having a downline in place by the time the second payment comes due, 3 month later.

KashKwik is moving along great too. The membership keeps growing and I see people cycling everyday. You can refer back to the last couple of post about this program. Let me just quickly remind you that the entire membership will double each month, instantly pushing a tremendous number of position through into earnings.

I think we can pretty much say that NextGenMarket is gone... too bad really, it was a good program. Any word from the admin would sure have been nice too. My cash request has been pending for a week now... not holding my breath.

Another one who bit the dust before even taking off is Chokomoney. Not sure what happened here either. Last update from admin was very upbeat about all the new members... maybe he decided it was more profitable to pocket the money and shut things down.

That's how these kinds of programs go I guess.

Even though I don't talk about NineLevels much anymore, this is also another program that is within reach of anyone wanting to do something online, with little to no experience necessary.
Each position bought comes back 150% as profit sharing, thus paying for itself and more, and is placed in a forced matrix, earning on that end as well.
Builds over time. Your approach can range from totally passive to very active, however you wish it to be.

that's the news for today.

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12 May 2010

Winter In May?

What's with the snow? Seriously? I thought we were done with all that...

Some things doing great and some things no so much. In other words, everything is normal. ;p

Not so well: NextGenMarket. I see a lot of negative comments on payments not being processed and admin not answering support tickets, so I would hold off on this one until things get cleared up. I've asked for a payment myself, and will let you know if that comes through.

Doing GREAT!
The straight liner KashKwik is a great programs to get involved right now. Things are moving along with a growing daily membership and people cycling through. Referrals are also coming in -thanks guys. Get your spot in this one. Start with just one if you want, and let it do its thing.

Found a new passive income through a friend called ChokoMoney. So far so good. The admin is very happy with the growing membership and payments are being made. I suggest making an initial spent and taking a little bit out each time.

I'm looking at a couple more passive income -coming next.

- Work From Home -

08 May 2010

More On KashKwik

I introduced KashKwik on my last post with the fact that I had already cycled.

I wanted to give a little more details, and tell you why NOW is a great time to get in...

Last I checked a few seconds ago, the membership was at 3230. There is a contest underway to push that to 5000 as quickly as possible, with great cash prizes as incentives for the top referrers. All great and believe it or not, the prizes are not my main focus in telling you this.

Here's the real reason you should jump in ASAP:
Think about it, another 2000+ members will be coming in through site and member advertising and word of mouth. This will effectively push through a lot of position into cycling and earnings. Not only that, but each position that cycles is also re-entered at the bottom of the line, giving yet another push forward into cycling positions.

This is endless.
One bought position earns FOREVER. Each time it cycles, it is re-entered at the bottom and goes through the line again, cycling (i.e. getting paid), then re-entered again and again and again.

Each month members receive an additional paying position through their subscription fee, which DOUBLES the entire membership, translating into, you guessed it, more positions, more cycling, more re-entry, more people getting instant payments. Again, endlessly cycling through over and over.

You see my point?
Get in.

See you in KashKwik soon.  :)

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06 May 2010

Nice Day At Home

It's nice to have a quiet day at home once in a while, particularly since the past couple of weeks have been really busy. I'll be catching up on administrative stuff today, and might even have time to do some art! It's a good day.

New: KashKwik  --  I cycled and got paid already!
This is a straight line cycler. Every 4 people coming cycles 1, with that 1 also getting re-cycled back into the bottom of the line. It's still new with lots of momentum right now (over 3,000 members already), so I figured I'd give it a shot... and am I glad!

Get your spot in. The admin has lots of marketing going as well as there being some very active members doing promotion as well. It's moving.

$15 per spot brings you $25 per cycle.

Moreover, you get a matching bonus every time one of your referrals cycles, which could add up, as each time one position cycles it gets re-entered into the line.

Received a payment from Bux-Matrix, from the matrix side -remember, this one had both surfing and forced matrix. Payments are automatic, so you don't have to worry about making requests. You just get a nice little message in your email that you got paid! :D

Surfing and earnings are coming in like clockwork with NextGenMarket so far. Very easy, no hassel program. I hope it's around for a very long time.

PayItForwardTraffic has a new thing whereas you can opt out of weekly surfing... I have not had a chance to look at it yet, so I'll let you know when I know more about it. Certainly sounds like a possibility to explore.

I'm changing the referral page for JustBeenPaid. They've got several new splash pages to use and this particular one is the most recommended.
In the long run, I think this is my favorite program. Their set up is easy and effective. Anyone can do it since you can purchase your referrals, then with the 3rd and every 10th after that being passed up to your sponsor -or to you from your downling- it will grow organically.

If anyone asks, this is my first recommendation as far as long term sustainable programs go.


Cheers everyone-

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02 May 2010

House Cleaning

I've been busy doing some house cleaning today... logging on into each program or online site and checking progress, deleting what no longer works, and generally cleaning up my list. Feels pretty good.

I spoke about Team2x2 last time. It's doing its things without me and I am starting to see commissions coming in -always nice to see. Read over that last post again, I've explained how you can basically get in and set it on automatic or get as involved as you wish. Either way, sooner or later (depending on your activity), you will earn money.

I've taken the HyiFund link off for now. I've been reading about payment problems, so I don't want to take any chances that someone would come in through my link if they are not paying anymore. I've had a good run with them, so it's too bad really. That's how these hyi sites are.

During my checking of this morning, I visited NineLevels and was glad to see that the Profit Sharing is still coming in on its merry little way. Another one where you can sit back if you so choose.
I've talked about this one extensively in the past, so I'm not going to get into it today.

Still surfing, though not always on a daily basis, with Bux-Matrix and Bux.to, and about once a week or a couple times a month to retain advertising points on PayItForward and WindFallHits.

Ok, this is a quite Hey I'm back sort of post.
Talk to you soon with updates from some of the bigger programs.

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04 April 2010

Team 2 By 2

Team 2by2 is one of those great sites where even someone who knows nothing of getting referrals will eventually earn just from being a member.

The program has a $12 monthly fee, which buys you a new position into the matrix each month.
This guarantees matrix will be filled over time, creating earnings for members.
You can cancel at anytime and not loose your existing positions, but off course the point is to keep it going.

There are 8 stages in the matrix, each being a 2x2 matrix.
For each stage you complete from stage 2 through 8, you receive positions back into stage 1 through the Team link, helping to fill in any holes in the matrix.
For you it also mean a constant flow of positions cycling and earning through the various stages.

Anyone you personally refer follows you through the 8 stage matrix.
And again, anyone coming in through the Team main link fill in any holes in the matrix.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer...

Team 2by2 has a contest running from April 1 through the end of May:

Refer 2 and get entered to win the following:

- 1st PRIZE: HP 10.1 Inch Netbook PC with Intel Atom Processor, Windows 7, 1 GB memory, 160gb hard drive, webcam and more! The value of the prize is $300! Or, take the equivalent in cash!

- Second PRIZE: $100 cash!

2 members id will be randomly picked to win, giving everyone a chance to win (not just the top recruiters).

This is a good program. The admin is good with useful updates and stats, so you can see the progress.
It's easy and anyone can do it. Simply sign up and set up your subscription.
Advertising will make it work all the more faster -as with any program- so tell your friends about it.

Have fun!

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18 March 2010

New Page Up

Very Important!

I've got a new page titled: Pay It Forward.
Find the link under the header and read through the page.
If you believe as I do, then let's work together and make it happen for all concerned. Let's work as a Team.

New program: NextGenMarket.
Lot's of good things about this one. It's a good way to raise money in a reasonable amount of time.
Surf 20 sites a day until you reach 150% return on your initial spent. Miss a day? No problem. Daily surfing is not a requirement on this one, which is the main reason I choose to join. You simply surf until the 150% return condition has been met. Daily cash out too, so again, no need to wait if you need some cash back.

My experience so far:
For each day surfing 20 sites:
- $0.05
- 6% earnings on spent

Daily earnings vary from 2-6%. It just happen to have been 6% each day so far since I've joined.

It's been several days since I've been able to access GeniusFunds.
I've read on another blog that they are experiencing serious server issues and are working to resolve those as quickly as they can. They assure their members that they are still here and will be back up and running when things are fixed.
I was getting a little concerned, so glad to read this. GeniusFunds have been here a while and have a very good reputation, so let's hope for the best.

That's all for today.

It's a beautiful day and I need to go to the library. Hmm, I think I'll even ride my bike. :)

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16 March 2010

I Love This Time Of Year

Spring has got to be my favorite time of year... I spent all afternoon last Sunday working in the yard, particularly getting the veggie garden ready for planting in a few weeks. What fun.

And speaking of Spring, HyiFund will be doing some spring cleaning of their own, closing all inactive accounts (those who have yet to make a deposit).
This is to clear up their server a bit and remove those empty accounts just taking up space. Always a good thing to do now and then... so, I hope this does not apply to you, and if so, then make a small deposit so you can stay on.
It's been working very nicely for me, and I just turned the compounding back on and requested a withdrawl payment.

My 2 purchased referrals in JustBeenPaid have been delivered and paid their upgrades.
I went ahead and purchased a 3rd to continue growing. This one will be passed up to my sponsor (remember, it's the 3rd and every 10th after that), which is fine with me. I gladly pass this one on as that is the beauty of this system. You pass a few on and you receive a few too. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes. Giving means you will also be on the receiving end.

So, I do encourage you to get your spot and start earning.

I joined the InfinityDownline site through a friend recently to get a closer look.

ONE person puts you in profit with recurring monthly income.
Members pay each other directly, so there is never any administration fees.
It functions with what they call a Reverse 2 Up System: the 2nd and 4th referral of every member is passed up to their sponsor -that mean YOU- increasing each member's income exponentially.

Go to the page and take a minute to read through it.

Ok, time to get the surfing done with Bux-Matrix and Bux.to


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07 March 2010

Choose A Strategy

A critical detail about being successful online is not only to choose on a strategy, but more importantly to stick to it.

That is all the more important for most passive income programs. Don't talk yourself into rolling it "one more time" to increase that earning faster. Stick to the plan.

Why? Simple.
If you've ever lost money through any investment type or passive income sites, you know exactly what I mean. It is so easy to figure it out on paper and think you'll be laughing your way to the bank in x number of days or weeks, and it's another all together to actually have it happen. What if the whole thing folds over before you take out any earnings? Then what? Nothing is what.

First, choose a strategy that will return your initial spent as quickly as possible.
Then, choose a strategy that allows you to withdraw on a regular basis, all the while increasing your initial spent to gradually increase the earnings.
Sure, it take a bit longer than the all-or-nothing approach -but it will get you there safer.

All right then. :)

Here's what's happening on the passive income side:

One spent in HugMoney is done (5 days cycle). As mentioned before, I am waiting for the 2nd spent so I can combine them, then will move to the 50-50 strategy talked about in the last post.

Looks like HyiFund is back on. I've turned off the compounding to accumulate cash for the next week.

My GeniusFund account is off to a good start. I've got this one at 50% compounding so I can withdraw a little every so often. Part of the strategy, he, he.

That's all for today. Short and sweet.
Good day!

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04 March 2010

Cleaning House

You know what I've been thinking about lately? It's that of the many (too many maybe) programs that I'm in or have gotten involved in over this past year, there are really but a handful that are worth their while and keep rolling along at their own respective steady pace.

That got me thinking too about clearing house.
I've already taken off several links that were no longer serving, and I've got a few more.

The programs I tend to play with and promote the most are the No-Referral Needed and Passive Income one... so I suggest you pay particular attention to those sections in the column link.

Anyway, that's my bit for today.

I got money from Bux-Matrix a couple of days ago. Steady and realiable site. One of my referrals upgraded (smart move) which pushed me over the payment threshold and got me that automatic payment. Nice.

The income is growing over at Bux.to also. Minimum $50 on that one to withdraw, so I can't wait to get there.

I've got 2 spent in HugMoney right now. I'll wait for both to finish in a few days and combine them in one spent.
I see lots of paying posts on this one in other blogs, so I'm feeling good, and will be moving into my 50-50 strategy: take out 50% of profit each round. That way I get something each time and increase my spent each time, thus providing more earning each week... etc.

Also good news from HyiFund, who is back from their server attack issues with better protection. I've withdrawn money from them several times now, with no problems at all.

Coming up on 30 days since I purchased my 2 referrals for JustBeenPaid. Hopefully it should not be too long now.
They are also adding a couple extra levels called JBP2 and JBP3 to bring extra earnings to members. The idea in itself is good -will see how that develops. I'd suggest to at least get in the first level and get yourself positioned.

Last and not least, FillerUpClub is working on restructuring their Powerline Matrix.
All payment issues are now good and working and members can pay with either credit card or echecks, direct from bank account.
Vouchers also going out this week for those who ordered them. Seems to be rolling forward.

Remember too on this one, it does not matter if you bring folks in or not if because of the Powerline Matrix, where members are entered as they sign up, one person after the next.

Ok, have a great day everyone !

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22 February 2010

JustBeenPaid Updates

I am soooo ready for Spring... aren't you?

The admin at JustBeenPaid is very good about keeping the membership updated on what's happening, which I for one always appreciate.

The site is moving along very well, with new members on a daily basis.

A couple changes have been implemented regarding purchased referrals.
- The maximum is now set at 2 on the first week and 1 per week thereafter.

The reason is that the program automatically looks for people who do not yet have 2 and fills those in first. With people buying 5 per week, it leaves too many outstanding referrals for too long. This move guarantees that everyone coming in will get their first 2 in a reasonable amount of time.

The longest anyone has waited for their purchased referral was 37 days -still pretty good if you think about it. According to this, I should be getting mine by month's end.

I am all for this change. I think it will affect the program in a very positive way.
Everyone coming on board can purchase 2 referrals right away and do very well over time.
As always, it does work faster if each member also goes out and does a little promoting (or a lot). Don't just sit there and expect others to do it for you.
Nevertheless, it is nice to know that even if you were to fail miserably at bringing in new folks, you will still have your 2 and your downline will organically grow from there no matter what.

In other news... NineLevels.
I just checked on it and the Profit Sharing is growing slowly but surely.

Recommended Wining strategy:
- Purchase one position.
- Purchase 3 more (position #1's first level).
- Profit Sharing comes in at 150% per purchase.
- For every $10 in Profit Sharing, purchase another position.
- Pocket all Matrix Earnings.

Easy :)

Earnings were 1.14% at HyiFund today.
I turned off the compounding for a few days so I can make a withdrawal.

Still steadily viewing ads on Bux-Matrix and Bux.to on a (mostly) daily basis.

I'm down to 2 Revenue Sharing programs and that's enough for the time I care to invest in that activity. See side link.

A friend of mine recommended HugMoney, so I put in the minimum to try it out.
I'll be rolling that 2 or 3 times, take some out, then possible put more in for quicker returns.
Check it out if you'd like and proceed wisely.

That all for now.

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07 February 2010

Just Been Paid Details

I wanted to add a couple details about the new feeder program I introduced last week called JustBeenpaid.
It's only been 3 days since I bought my first 2 referrals, so I expect a few more days before they are added to my downline.

Please do read through this entire post.

Here are a few highlights to remember:
- 2 referrals puts you in profit.
- 20 referrals earns you a recurring $300.

Remember that you can purchase up to 5 downline referrals per week, so no worries if you have trouble sponsoring. Off course someone has to sponsor or there would be non to purchase. The company site actually runs a lot of advertising for that very purpose.

- your 3rd and every 10th referrals after that are passed on to your direct upline
- the 3rd and every 10th referrals from your own downline referrals are passed on to you.

This system creates unlimited earnings for you depending on how active your downline referrals are. And why should you pass up some of your referrals? Well, remember that it also means you will be receiving from your downline.

Here how this part goes:

You pay your sponsor $15 every 3 month.
Each personal referrals pay you $15 every 3 month. These are:
- the referrals you sponsored;
- the referrals you purchased;
- the 3rd referrals pass on to you from your own referrals;
- every 10th referrals pass on to you from your own referrals;

- Every person passed on to you will also pass on their 3rd and every 10th sale to you, creating an endless progression.

The best thing is purchase a couple downline referrals right away. As soon as they get filled in (long before your next payment is due), you are in profit.
As they themselves purchase or bring in a couple, it goes from there.

And off course, pass on your referral link as well.

All right, let's re-cap.

You earn money when:
1. people join JustBeenPaid with you as sponsor;
2. people on your first level pass up their 3rd sale to you;
3. people on your first level pass up their every 10th sale to you;
4. as a "passive participant" you purchase downline referrals, which then applies to #2 and 3;
5. 2 downline referrals put you in profit;
6. buy up to 5 downline referrals per week.

Ok, that's it. Get in ! :)

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04 February 2010

New With Feeder Program

Always on the look out for good programs with no referrals needed, a friend of mine sent me this one called JustBeenPaid.

There is a feeder line where all new referrals are placed as they come in.
Once a person upgrades, they are either placed under their sponsor or passed up-line according to the payment plan.

The other beauty of this is that if you do not care to sponsor, you can simply purchased as many as 5 referrals per week. These are taken from this feeder line. 2 referrals puts you in profit already, so the thing to do is get in, upgrade, buy 2 referrals, then go out and advertise to continue bringing people in.

I'm upgraded and purchased my first 2 referrals today.
It can take a few days to have them assigned to you, so be patient.

I'll let you know more how this goes.

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28 January 2010

Blogs Blogs Blogs

I've been busy with school starting over and working on various other blogs and projects.
Besides this business blog, I've got a foodie blog, a photography blog (just started) and a sketch blog -just to name blogs. Curious? All blogs are linked to the rest of the sites, so you can go from there.
Here's the foodie blog: http://SproutsandCoconuts.blogspot.com :)

I turned the compounding back on in HyiFund this morning and requested a withdrawal. Will let you know how that goes.

Speaking of withdrawals, I received payments this morning from both New Wave Power Marketing and 3WaveCycler. Since I made the request last night, it was nice to see how quickly that made it into my account.

Once you have 4 members under you in NewWavePowerMarketing you are paid for. That covers your membership and everything after that is monthly profit. It's a good program with potential for a very nice monthly income.

The 3WaveCycle is a TeamLink. All new members come through the team link and come down the matrix in order to ensure that everyone cycles at some point. You do, however, receive additional bonus for referrals, so there is still that incentive to introduce people to the program. Also nicely done. I've cycled several times and have about 3 re-entries I believe so far. It's a one time payment at the very start, so not much risk to play along.

Profit Sharing is adding up slowly but surely as always in NineLevels.
I know I say this everytime, but really, get in this one! Your initial money comes back at 150%, then it's all play money on the Profit Sharing side and PURE PROFIT and the Matrix side. What more do you want?

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24 January 2010

It's Sunday

It's Sunday and it looks beautiful, though still somewhat cold. I'm ready for 70 F temperatures...

I've turned off the compounding on my HyiFund account to accrue a little withdrawal money. I think I'll let it do that until the end of the month, turn in back on again for a couple weeks, then repeat. That gives me cash every 2 weeks and a good way to increase my spent and thus increase my earnings. Sounds like a plan. :)

Lots of good comments on other blogs about this one, if you want to check it out.

I've got a couple PTC that I do on a daily basis. A new one is Bux.to .
Referrals can be purchased so that would be my recommendation to really make it worth it.

I've personally purchased 35 referrals. Of those, only 10 are apparently active. The program only guarantees (and replaces) referrals for purchases 100 and above. Now I wish I'd gone ahead and gotten the 100 package, since any inactive would have been replaced and the purchase price would be more than earned back by the end of the month.
As it is, I paid for 35 and really only got 10.
So, live and learn. If you purchase referrals, go ahead and get to guaranteed package.

In the mean time, it is earning well and I do plan on buying that bigger package with my earnings.

Another one I am playing with is HotCapital. It pays 25% daily for 5 days, or 125% of your spent returned to you by day 5.
I've gone around several times now and will do so another couple times, then take some money out and continue with the rest.
Be cautious and do not place in too much to get started. It is listed as paying so it's all good for now. I'd say put it what you are comfortable with, turn it over a couple times and take a little out every so often as you choose.

I've also joined a new program called OneTeam2x2
All members are constantly recycled through the main link, thus filling in any holes in the matrix from the top down.

Each time your 2x2 matrix is filled you earn, advance to the next level, and get a re-cycled spot into level 1. It's a small, quick matrix, which guarantees a regular flow back through.

All cycled position go back through the main #1 position to filter down the matrix.
Any referrals that you bring in follow you, which can also accelerate your and your referral's cycling as well.

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13 January 2010


It's mid-week already and I don't feel like I've done much so far...

Just finished my weekly surfing over at PayItForwardTraffic and WindFallHits.
I told you last time that WFH had moved to a monthly format. Well, they did but the surfing requirement went back to weekly. I guess they figured out that people would surf in a few days and not visit the site again for the rest of the month -which was indeed my intention, ha.

Oh yes, I actually got a payment from Ad-Ventures4U. Could hardly believe it. ;o

Not much new from last time.

Received a payment from NineLevels a couple days ago. This one pays on a regular basis.

I have 5 positions, and each will bring slightly over $24,000 in comission matrix.
So far, 3 of these 5 positions have been paid for through Profit Sharing and Matrix commission. Not bad. Once all are paid for I will continue purchasing matrix position, as explained in my strategy in previous posts...
... so if you are under me on this one you are pretty much guaranteed spillover over time.

I'm having fun playing with HyiFund. The earnings are steady and I read good things about them so far on other blogs.
I'm adding a few dollars to increase the daily interest and cash out. Nothing much, just enough to play along.

I've also added a SCAM ALERT on the side column. I hate doing this but in this case I feel very strongly about it.

Do NOT sign up with this company. I joined several weeks ago through someone who was bragging about daily earnings. Well, I was never able to get a withdrawal.

And lastly, I will continue with reviews of my favorite programs next time -feeling too lazy at this moment...

06 January 2010

New Year New Start

Back from the break and high time I started posted on here again.

As this new year gets underway, I am going through everything I am involved in and keeping or dropping. It's clean up time!

There are definitively some that are tremendous and anyone working online should give them serious consideration -in my humble opinion anyway. And then there are those who promised a lot and never delivered. We've all joined those at one time or another, so I think you know what I mean.

All that to say, cleaning is underway.

My ABSOLUTE recommendations are, without question:
- TVI-GlobalAssist
- FillerUp
- and NineLevels ... no matter what else you're into.

I've talked about these before and will continue to do so.

NineLevels is great to get started at a very low cost and really without much risk, if any.
That initial $10 comes back at the rate of 150%, or $15.
Everything else is pure and simple profit.
Get your game plan on and keep playing with that same initial $10 and rake in the matrix profit.

Really, even someone completely broke can afford this one, and even someone lousy at math can figure this one out.

Ok. That's that.
I'll talk again about my other 2 highest recommendations soon.

On a different front, HyiFund is working along fine. It's fun to log in and check out the daily earnings. Now don't go out and bet too much here just yet. I'm always cautious approaching new HyiFunds, so I've place a very small amount in to see it grow a little faster and will continue to watch. I have read good reports on this one so I am willing to go along for now.

You get an instant $2.50 to play with when you sign up a new account.

On the surfing front, WindFallHits had completed its move to once monthly payment.
The good part is you can get all your surfing done in a matter of a few days if you so choose, then not worry about it for the rest of the month. The less fun part if you get paid only once a month.

Overall, I think it's a good move for this site. They are still paying -unlike others who just quite paying without notice- and, they are on an upward slent. It's all good.

More sites doing the overhaul thing is Powerof5.
If I understood the updates correctly, they are completely changing their premise, which I am not too happy about.
The program is changing from a one line cycler to a 1-up type program. We'll see.
I'll post more updates as I know more.

All right.
More to come soon.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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