15 July 2010

Still Around

Yes, I'm still around, though I had to take a break from all online programs out of pure frustration and disgust. As it is, I am deleting accounts into various programs that ended sitting there with no results whatsoever.

As for this blog, I'm still condensing to a very few selected programs. Only the ones that work, only the ones I truly believe in. Not to say I'm right on anything, off course.

Here is a little summary of programs staying in the game:

Two that bring in regular payments:

1. NineLevels - actually received an automatic payment from them this morning. This one's a keeper. Runs by itself without my help whatsoever.

2. Bux-Matrix - another one that send me regular emails letting me know my downline is growing. Slowly but surely. Also a keeper.

Two Subscriptions I'm keeping because the programs are growing:

1. OneTeam2x2 - monthly. This is slowly but surely growing. I actually see new downline now, in addition to my own positions, which is great news indeed. That means every month these folks add a new position with their subscriptions, adding to my own downline and earnings. Easy.

2. AdvertiseToEarn - every 2 month. Advertise your link to earn points and free additional positions.

Two staying because I still have faith:

1. JustBeenPaid - hmm... disappointing somewhat. Keeping it for now because despite it all, I really believe this is a good program. If only people would upgrade.... the age old dilemna. It only works if people see it through and make that step, unfortunately, people sign up and then think it's all going to fall into their lap without having to lift a finger. Sorry folks. It NEVER works that way -in anything.

Though a good idea on the programer's part, the purchased referrals are not coming through. It's back to referring your own, and if you do, if can be very good indeed. Too bad really, I liked the idea of helping folks out with purchasing referrals if they themselves could not bring people in.

This would be a very good candidate for a Pay It Forward approach.

2. Fortune 5 Minutes - I have not done anything with this at all! I got in through a supposedly team build group who turned out to have a lot of in-house dispute and nothing went anywhere. I still have the position and do not plan on cancelling it. F5M is one of the most long lived program on the net, and one of the most respected. Joining through a team back when I first started looking into online programs, I thought I'd get some help moving up...

So why am I keeping it? Because of this program's reputation, and because I do want to get into advertising or promoting this program in some way. Also a very good candidate for Pay It Forward approach. This would help get people in and moving throught the levels.

Ok, that's good for now.

I'm going to be lazy and not go through to add all the program links. See side panels.

Back soon with more.
Feel free to share your impressions.

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