21 November 2010

JSS Follow Up

I told you last post that I was taking part in the JSS-Booster launch of the JustBeenPaid program... here are the results so far.

First, I bought a position in the main JSS system in order to qualify for participation in the rest.
Then I bought a position in the JSS-Booster during phase 1 of the launch.
And finally, to do this the whole way through, I also bought a position in JSS-Warp system, a quicker cycling matrix that then feeds through to the previously mentioned aspects of JSS.

None of my position cycled, unfortunately...

My JSS-Booster position was uploaded into the main JSS since it did not cycle. I just checked on it and according to its position number, there will be some spillover in the not too distant future.
My JSS-Warp position is still there and due to be cycled into JSS-Booster whenever that phase of the launch comes around in a day or so.

So, not wonderful results this time , though not a total loss either.
I now have 2 positions into the main JSS (the original and the uploaded Booster), both of which will cycle eventually as this system continues to roll around.

I think there is a game plan to this that maybe escapes me as I am learning the ropes, particularly for the JSS-Warp. It is important to get is as soon as possible when phase 1 starts, to maximise cycling. Some players (members) are indeed cycling several time with each "play." Basically, as soon as their position cycles they turn around and put a portion back in, thus multiplying positions, cycling, and return on the initial investment.
Whenever the cycling slows down and comes to a stop, all positions are uploaded from the bottom up into JSS-Booster, and the process starts over.

It is well conceived and worth the time to try it out a few times and really come to understand the best times to get in for maximum return. I'll be keeping and eye on those 2 main JSS positions and plan on rolling one back into JSS-Warp at an earlier stage of phase 1 this time.

Keep in touch for further developments.
And to get in the action yourself, check out JustBeenPaid right now.


13 November 2010

JSS Booster Launch

I decided to take part in the JSS-Booster launch this time around. I funded my account yesterday to be ready and was able to purchase a position in the launch this morning.

It took a little while of poking around the site and clicking on links to figure it out -could certainly be clearer, or maybe I'm just dense. Either way, I think I've got the jest of it.

First off you must be a member of JustBeenPaid to participate, so that's your first step.
From there, you log in to JSS and fund that account with AlertPay.
You must have an open position in the JSS matrix to participate in the Booster. This is where the whole thing kinda gets complicated. It's better to do as I did and visit around the site for a while. It does eventually make sense, though it's hard to come back here and explain... hense my comment above.

Anyway, I did get a main JSS position AND a JSS-Booster position.

The JSS-Booser launch happens every 3 weeks or so I believe. It cycles fairly quickly while earning money back to members. Position mature into the main JSS matrix, helping that matrix to fill regularly with each new JSS-Booster launch.
The Booster launch is then stopped and any position that did not get a chance to cycle are placed into the main JSS matrix in reverse order: the last one purchased is the first one moved up.

And it continues anew with the next Booster launch.

Did I completely confuse you?
No worries. Get into JustBeenPaid and read around. That's really the best way to understand it.
I'll post again as my position cycles, so stay tuned.