18 June 2012

What A Gorgeous Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend this was, wasn't it?
I was at the Denver ComicCon all day and had a blast! The costumes were incredible.

And now it's Monday and reality must set in -for a few days at least.
So, let's see where things stand.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
There has been issues with the server of late, and it's been a hit and miss type thing about logging in the past week. I was able to get in this morning without trouble, so maybe things are settled now.
I keep buying more Tripler positions. I'm up to over 100 Triplers, with close to $20 daily earnings.

I'm also upgrading Placements to Premium anytime I'm in there: 4 today and about 10 or so last week.

Let me take this moment to remind everyone that it's a good idea to go ahead and upgrade your own placements at the time you purchase them, rather than wait.

Just past the 300 VIP points, with daily earnings from $3 to $6, which translates to 3 to 6 VIP points, since I have a 100% compounding for now. My first goal is to reach 500 VIP points, which I imagine should happen within 2 month or so.

Moving on up the ladder. Earnings are coming in nicely and I went ahead and got TAP1.6 a few minutes ago. I plan on purchasing all the way to TAP1.12 as soon as enough earnings accumulate. As that time, I'll see about starting to cash out a percentage from the cash wallet.

You know, these posts are probably sounding a little redundent by now. What can I say? All programs work for the most part as smooth as one could ask for.
Earnings compound. Positions get bought. More earnings come in. I cash out a little and continue.
And so on and so on.


01 June 2012

More New Records For JBP

JBP - JustBeenPaid
More records are being set in JustBeenPaid it seems:
Our new JSS-Tripler positions bought hit
a new all-time record on Wednesday an

another all-time new record today. Thanks
to all our promoters for helping make
JSS-Tripler so successful! Please keep
up the good work!
I just bought another 11 Tripler positions this morning.
Tripler positions are maturing nicely and transfering over to the matrices, in turn making these cycle and earn. I've even gotten a few referrals through my link, so all is well with this program. I'm so grateful for the day I signed up in JBP.

Consistently earning 3 to 5 daily VIP now. My account is at 255 VIP points.

An email from my upline shares that she had reached 150 000 VIP points at the end of April, and now, a month later, is at 200,000 VIP points. She is able to withdraw several thousand dollars per week.

Something to strive for.

I bought TAP1.4 this morning. Cycles are coming in every 10 days from purchase date for each levels. I try to scatter my TAP purchases so the earnings are also scattered.
Not much more to say, it's all working like clockwork, just like their motto says.

GIN - Global Information Network
I'm into my 6th month of consistently listening to the audios now. My life has changed incredibly. I see more serendipity happening too, which is pretty cool.

Just this past week, I decided to take out my old dish washer, which I never use, and replace it with a cabinet.
The next day, literally, I found an ad on Craigslist for a free cabinet for whomever came to pick it up. Guess what? Exact size, SAME style as my current cabinet, and only 10 minutes from my house!