18 June 2012

What A Gorgeous Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend this was, wasn't it?
I was at the Denver ComicCon all day and had a blast! The costumes were incredible.

And now it's Monday and reality must set in -for a few days at least.
So, let's see where things stand.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
There has been issues with the server of late, and it's been a hit and miss type thing about logging in the past week. I was able to get in this morning without trouble, so maybe things are settled now.
I keep buying more Tripler positions. I'm up to over 100 Triplers, with close to $20 daily earnings.

I'm also upgrading Placements to Premium anytime I'm in there: 4 today and about 10 or so last week.

Let me take this moment to remind everyone that it's a good idea to go ahead and upgrade your own placements at the time you purchase them, rather than wait.

Just past the 300 VIP points, with daily earnings from $3 to $6, which translates to 3 to 6 VIP points, since I have a 100% compounding for now. My first goal is to reach 500 VIP points, which I imagine should happen within 2 month or so.

Moving on up the ladder. Earnings are coming in nicely and I went ahead and got TAP1.6 a few minutes ago. I plan on purchasing all the way to TAP1.12 as soon as enough earnings accumulate. As that time, I'll see about starting to cash out a percentage from the cash wallet.

You know, these posts are probably sounding a little redundent by now. What can I say? All programs work for the most part as smooth as one could ask for.
Earnings compound. Positions get bought. More earnings come in. I cash out a little and continue.
And so on and so on.


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