01 July 2012

Summer And A WhirlWind Program

It's high time for an update, wouldn't you say?
I did not realize it had been this long, though in my defense, I'm on summer vacation and taking advantage of that less structured schedule for more drawing and bicycle riding.

All right, let's just make our way down the sites.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
- Still chugging along. I've got close to 200 Tripler positions now. Not sure whatever happened to the re-start but I guess I'll keep buying and letting them mature into the matrix.
- And speaking of, the admin is about 2-3 month behind on filling the matrix. No wonder, I keep getting these emails about my Triplers being placed into JSS and when I go check, nothing has changed.
At least the admin keeps us posted on these things.
- The traffic exchange has been added and is not mandatory yet ... this is not a change I look forward to. I highly dislike having to "surf" or "view" ads and stay away from those sites. That's one of the things I liked about JBP. Oh well.

I have now passed the 400 VIP points. My highest daily earning just hit 8 VIP points, so things are looking good.
I did miss a couple days here and there, though I try to keep up and do pretty good. Obviously being regular about daily postings does maximizes earnings.

My goal is still to get to 500 VIP points before considering changing the 100% compounding and start earning cash. I'll let you know what I decide once I get there.

I'm on TAP1.7 of 12. Earnings should post either today or tomorrow for a couple TAPs, which should also automatically get me to TAP1.8
Progressing nicely.
You can more details on these previous post:

And now, the new program:

It reminds me a little of W4At above, in that it works automatically, on its own, once you're in -my favorite kinds of programs.

the link: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?greentree00

Here's the quick run down from their front page:
- Over $500 of potential earnings from every $1 ad you purchase.
- You $1 daily ad subscription accesses powerful daily advertisement.
- You earn each time you 2x2 grid is filled in 6 different WhirlWind phases.
- Sponsoring does not fill your 2x2, therefore not required to earn.
- 75% cash out: 25% re-purchase standard to put you in more cycling.
- Over $50 in sponsoring bonuses are awarded throughout the 6 phases.
- You can fund your ewallet with Payza (AlertPay) or SolidTrustPay.

Here's what that means, in practical terms:

I filled my ewallet with $30 to start and bought 1 $1 daily subscrition.
- that means each day, $1 buys 1 position into a 2x2.
- if your funds run out, you loose all your positions, so be sure to check in once in a while. Once you accumulate earnings that will not be a problem anymore.

Your 2x2 does not depend on you to cycle. These are company wide, so once you get that subscrition started, just let it run on its own. Brilliant.
You can get as many subscritions as you want, just remember each is $1 daily. Subscritions cannot be deleted either, so pay attention when you're signing up.

Each grid position will go through 6 phases, automatically progressing up the line with each grid cycle.

So, Phase 1 cycling will pay you and advance you into Phase 2.
Phases 2 through 6 will cycle and:
- advance into the next Phase
- pay you
- pay your sponsor
- and buy a company position into Phase 1, thus ensuring the livelyhood of the program.

I've been in 4 days.
I grid has cycled after 2 days and moved to Phase 2.
I have 5 Phase 1 positions.

Ok, I'll do a UnstoppableWhirlWind specific post later one with step by step.

click on the link and take a look at the front page. It's a really straighforward and simple program.


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