17 July 2012

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day!

Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Festival of 30 June 1878
by Claude Monet

For more information about this holiday, see Wiki page.

Let's see what good news we have on this day.

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
The Re-Start is on!!!... well, sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Wow, it's been a while coming - 100 days actually since the last.
The cut-off date is the 16th, meaning any positions bought from then on will NOT be affected by the re-start.

The account cut-off is July 30th, meaning if you are opening an account between now and then, whatever you do will NOT be affected by the re-start either.

I am actually ready for this. It usually means several matrices cycling and earnings in the account, so it's all good for me.

I just logged on and bought TAP1.11 - which means only one to go to have all 12 TAPs at this Level 1.
I will buy the first TAP at Level 2, and then will start withdrawing earnings that land in my ewallet.

So far I have been using all earnings to climb up through all 12 steps of Level 1.
Each TAP cycles every 10 days for 12 cycles before retiring.
They are 12 steps per level, and 5 Levels. Cost and earnings increase progressively each level, though remain the same for each step on any particular level.

I've got a whole post giving specific details on this program. See "Program Details" here or tab above for post link.

They've got a new Stats page what is AWESOME!
It's a whole lot easier to read and get specific details about our account than what was on before.

So now I can take a quick look and see that one of my positions has progressed to Grid 4! Yeah!
That's when the returns becomes more interesting.

So far I've used $18 of my initial fund and have earned $17, so I'm just about even.
Pretty happy the way this one is progressing. Would not mind a little quicker for sure (who wouldn't), but can't complain.

I will only withdraw once a grid makes it through all 6 levels and matures.

Last but not least ...
I recently had 90 VIP points retire, so fell back a little in my total and I am slightly below the 500 mark. That's ok, that's how the system works. Besides, with the daily VIP point earnings, it's always a steady progression upward anyway.

I've decided to let it accumulate through the summer and see how many VIP points I get by the end of August. Then I'll decide how far I want to go before starting withdrawing a percentage (probably 15-20%).

That's it for the news on this end.

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