06 July 2012

Fireworks and Matrix Cycling

I hope you had a most wonderful 4th of July celebration this week. Despite fire dangers and drought, we did have smaller fireworks, which was just perfect. People had a chance to gather in appreciation of what we do have in this country, watch a light show and hear great music, as well as the traditional fireworks.

After three days of hiking, bicycling and generally staying away from the computer, I am back on going through emails and checking in on sites, where I see several cycling and maturing of matrices. Yeah.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I've had 3 matrices cycles since my last cash withdrawal, so it's time for another. I'll see if I can catch the right time to do that.
News is they are running a little late on Daily Earning Payouts because of tremendous growth and optimization of the payout system. My last earnings posting was on the 4th, so Th. is missing still.
I'm not worried.

Posting daily ads and earning VIP points. The last few days I am up to 8 and 9 per day earnings.
I bought another 30 Bids tonight, so hopefully I'll get past the 10 VIP daily earnings.

The general advice from my upline is to build your VIP points to at least 1000 before starting to withdraw or change your 100% compounding.
The best thing is to set a goal. Once that goal is reached, start with 15% up to 20% cash out on your daily earnings. This will ensure that your points continue to grow at a steady rate.

Just got TAP1.9 yesterday from earnings.

Very happy with the way this one is getting on this early on.
I have 1 subscription and plan on leaving it at that for now.
My stats: (L=Level)
- # of Completed Grids:
L1 - 3
L2 - 1
- # of Currently Opened Grids:
L1 - 7
L2 - 2
L3 - 1
So I'm up to Level 3 already.
I did buy 1 one time Ads position with some of the earnings a couple days ago and will continue to do so with funds landing in that particular re-purchasing ewallet.

Earnings are 75% cash out and 25% re-purchase.
Since each $1 ends with about $500, and 75% of that is $375, I figure that for each position that matures out of Level 6, I can cash out $375 in one lump.
Sounds like a good way to approach this program.
As you see in the stats above, 1 position has reached L3 ... a little more to go. :p


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