11 July 2012

Hump Day And The Rounds

Happy Hump Day as we used to say in my house on Wed.
After three days of mostly non-stop rain, it was beautiful today so I mowed the grass this morning. It's going to be hot again the rest of this week.

On to the news.

JustBeenPaid - JBP
They are processing the weekend's earnings, combining Saturday, Sunday and Monday (up to 5%) and Tuesday (2%).
Placements of JSS-Triplers are behind about 8 hrs.
My last posted earnings were this past Friday.

Server updates are completed and the site is working as it should. They are still updating some of the scripts thoug so grid views are currently unavailable.

I have now passed the 500 VIP points! Yeah!
My daily earnings is also now reaching 10 VIP point.

A message from admin states that you now must withdraw at least the same amount that you deposited through whatever processor you used.
Let's make that a little more clear, shall we?

Say you deposit $500 with STP.
When you are ready to withdraw, you will only be able to withdraw through STP until you reach $500 withdrawn, afterwhich all other payment forms will become available.

This is to protect the program from too much in one account and too much out of another account. I balances things out a bit and makes perfect sense to me.

I had one TAP cycle today, with several scheduled to do so between tomorrow and the rest of the week, which should bring  me up to TAP1.10

Ok, that's about it.

Cheers everyone-

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