31 July 2012

Monday Morning

Well, it's Monday ... and time for some updates on the online virtual world.
Actually, it is now Tuesday, and the post I started yesteday is still in draft, waiting for me to finish it ... which I will be now doing.

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
Hmm, it feels like ages since I've checked on this one. I've had a buzy couple of weeks ...
So the re-start finally happened ... I went from 113 Tripler positions to 29.
With repurchasing, I have 49 Tripler positions at this moment.
This also means from over $20 daily earnings, I am back at $9 daily earning.

Allright, where does this leave me?
Actually, I have several hundreds dollars in my ewallet right now, and thinking I should withdraw a bit, you know, just for the fun of it.

I don't see any new JSS matrix positions yet, but considering they were late with that before the re-start, there's no telling how long it will take before these new ones show up.

Right then, since AlertPay went to Payza and now this new eGo pay or something, I guess I do have some catching up to do.

I just bought my TAP2.1 position!!!! Yeah!
That means from now on, I am withdrawing a portion of what falls into the cash ewallet. I have not decided what percentage yet, so maybe 50%, maybe more maybe less. Will let you know when I decide.
In the mean time, pretty exciting place to be in.

There's a few new things on the horizon for this program, which keep getting hinted at in updates, such as this one:
[...] after the genesis project launches, you will have 3 income centers, 5 businesses, the best marketing platform built specifically for us, and a few other surprises I don’t want to spoil. Let’s suffice to say, you will love hanging out at our website…..hint, hint. 
ok, no idea, but will let you know once again.

This one is going waaayyyy slowwwwer than expected, or was being let on when they started out.
I really thought it would go a lot faster.
No matter, as long as it moves forward, right?

My highest grid is still at level 4.
Meanwhile, I seem to accumulate quite the number of Level 1 grids.

Quick note of this one: now past the 500 VIP points.

Right, now I'm off to withdraw some cash. :)

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