28 December 2010

Flip'N In 11 Hours

The next Flip'N 40 happens in 11 hours from now -or abour 6:30 pm Mtn time, so I highly suggest you get yourself in there and jump in if you've been following any of the things I've been talking about on this blog.

Go to: ConnectingUsAll to sign up.

I'm interested in seeing how these recurring flips work actually.
As you kow, I took part in the first round a little while ago. If you go back a few posts you'll see that I sent 2 gifts @ $40 for a total of $80 sent, and received 3 @ $40, for a total received of $120, giving me a $40 profit.

Now this Flip'N 40 is about to flip again.
I thought we would all simply retain our spots and the matrix would simply flip, which would ultimately be unfair to the person on top, as they would either be in first or last place each flips -think of a matrix and that'll make sense.

Anyway, apparently someone thought of that too... remember my account is on automatic so I do not need to be at the computer in order to participate. That being said, I logged in yesterday to see that a gift had been sent out from my account, that I was now in a different spot, and that the counter was running for a scheduled flip this evening.

If I understand this game, that means when the matrix flips, I will again send out a 1 gift and be in position to receive 3.

Cheers everyone-

21 December 2010

Flip'N For The Flip

I'm literally Flipping over myself with this Flip'N system!
It's fun, it's working, it's profitable... what more do you want?

With all the stuff I've tried online, I am SOOOoooo excited to have found something that works so smoothly and is enjoyable. No need to go hassle everyone you know, just get in and partake in the fun if that's all you want to do. Off course, if this works for you as much as it is working for me, you might want to share... ;o

ConnectingUsAll has been testing this program for the past month and is now ready to go ahead full speed.
Get in! It's fun and it works!

There's a lot more to CUA than this Flip'N system off course, with all the various levels of gifting you can take part of. A lot of this is now going on automatic too, which makes it even smoother -i.e., no need to be at the computer at any specific appointed time, just set it and leave it alone, then come back and check your earnings.  :D

Here where we are with ConnectingUsAll new Flip'N systems:

Flip'N 40 first round:
- total put in: $80         (2 @ $40)
- total received: $120  (3 @ $40)
- Profit: $40

From now on, each time the matrix flips, I give $40 and receive $40-$120, depending on where in the matrix my position falls.
In other words, each time the Flip happens, at the minimum I break even (get $40 back) or make $40-$80 in profit. Again, all on automatic.

Flip'N 100 first round:
- total put in so far: $100 (1 @ $100)

What's next:
The Flip happens in 5 hrs (of this writing).
- I give a second $100
- I receive $300 -note: I know this because I joined this Flip a few hours before the Flip is due to happen, which places me lower on the current matrix. When this flips, I will be in the higher levels of the matrix and in poised to receive 3 gifts, hence $300.
- Expected profit: $100*

*Stay tuned for actual facts as it happens.

Good things happening on the JustBeenPaid (see side link) front as well -more on that next time.


07 December 2010

Flip'N Happy

Last Friday I told you I entered the Flip'N matrix in ConnectingUsAll and that it was about Flip on its head, placing first position last and last first... well, it did.

My position moved from level 11 to level 8 and I have since received 3 gifts!

VERY Happy about my participation in this, and, it's kinda fun!

This is only the first level in the Flip'N matrix systems, with more scheduled to open up soon.
This is also only one aspect of ConnectingUsAll.

You'll want to get in and enter the first circle to get started. As this one completes and you move up the ladder, the system takes on an automatic advancement procedure, thus adding to your earnings.

Here is how I did in the first Flip'N matrix:

1. I get in and send my first gift for $40. Because I entered rather late in the game (i.e. shortly before flipping), I did not receive a gift that time. Balance: -$40

2. The matrix flips and I move from level 11 to level 8. I send in another gift for this new position of $40. Balance: -$80

3. As positions fall in from the flip (and new members come in) I receive 3 gifts of $40, or $120. Balance: +$40.

There it is folks. Full disclosure.
If I'd entered a little earlier, I might have gotten a gift of two in the first round also, thus pushing me further into profit. Regardless, I am now ahead, placing me in a very good spot for more profit the next round.
That's the name of the game. Profit grows proportionally each time.

Give it a shot. See link at beginning of this post.
See you there!

03 December 2010

About To Flip

I've been talking about JSS Systems of late and wanted to change the subject for today.
Another really good program to pay attention to is ConnectingUsAll.

They have recently introduced another aspect to their matrix to enable members to earn in more ways than one... it's called Flip'N !

Basically a matrix is filled in the traditional manner, from top to bottom, with each member automatically sending their gift to a certain position above them. Each position received from 1 to 3 gifts from below, depending on where they are situated in the matrix. This goes on for a bit until the matrix is stopped and literally Flipped on its head and rebuild in reverse order, with last becoming first and first becoming last.

The gifting cycles starts again, giving all members -now in a new order- a chance at multiple gifts.
The matrix is then opened again for new members, continuing to fill it until the Flip'N process starts over again.

At this point I am not sure how many times the thing flips before being closed and a completely new matrix is started. I believe I saw somewhere in there that there is a definite number of levels and then it does indeed close, but don't quote me on that one just yet.

As I write this, the first $40 Flip'N matrix is about to flip for the first time in a little over an hour.
I bought a position and I am on level 11. Not sure what level that will place me on when the thing flips, though I'll find out pretty quick and should be receiving automatic gifts at that point.

So don't just sit there, log in to ConnectingUsAll if already a member or get yourself in right now and participate. These quick earning matrixes are the way to go. Join a main program and take part in the secondary quicker versions for better returns.

Stay tuned for further developments.... :)

01 December 2010

Cycled In JSS-Warp

First, a re-cap of my first experience with JSS Systems:

In the last round, I bought 1 position in each JSS-Warp and JSS-Booster. Neither of these positions cycled and were eventually uploaded into each respective JSS system, that is the Booster position went into the main JSS and the Warp position went into Booster and then into JSS main as well.

That gives me 3 positions in the main JSS System at this moment.
Of these 3, one has 1 spot filled in its first level (you need all 6 spots to cycle), so I'm expecting and hoping that this week's rounds of JSS Systems will fill more spots so maybe one of these can cycle. Each position earns $60 upon cycling.

Today's email from JustBeenPaid tells me that of the 45 people who bought positions in the last launch, 42 had at least 1 position cycled -I must have been #43 I guess, ha ha.

Here is part of the email, regarding possible earnings:
  • JSS-Warp is designed so that about two-thirds of positions cycle fairly quickly and pay you 25% -- $40 positions pay out $50.
  • You may be able to earn the 25% repeatedly!If you buy many positions in JSS-Warp, and rebuy after cycling, the 25% you earn repeatedly can grow into big money.
  • If your positions don't cycle in JSS-Warp, they later get fed into JSS-Booster, where they pay out $60 when they cycle -- a 50% profit.
  • And if your positions don't cycle in JSS-Booster, they later get merged into JSS, where they pay out $60 when they cycle. You can guarantee your earnings by sponsoring people.
And now, the Piece de Resistance, a.k.a. positions in play:
Before setting out to write this I logged into JSS-Warp and saw that the cycling time was about 16 mn, so I thought ok, I want to get better at this little game so I'll jump in and see what happens.

My position actually cycled during the writing of this email! No kidding!!
It took 12 mn according to the purchasing and cycline time stamps.
Translating that to numbers:
purchase 1 position = - $40
cycle and earn = + $50
profit = + $10

So yes, I bought a second position. The cycling time is now 21 mn. I'll be checking back in to see.
Click on the JustBeenPaid link above and take part. This could be fun!