21 December 2010

Flip'N For The Flip

I'm literally Flipping over myself with this Flip'N system!
It's fun, it's working, it's profitable... what more do you want?

With all the stuff I've tried online, I am SOOOoooo excited to have found something that works so smoothly and is enjoyable. No need to go hassle everyone you know, just get in and partake in the fun if that's all you want to do. Off course, if this works for you as much as it is working for me, you might want to share... ;o

ConnectingUsAll has been testing this program for the past month and is now ready to go ahead full speed.
Get in! It's fun and it works!

There's a lot more to CUA than this Flip'N system off course, with all the various levels of gifting you can take part of. A lot of this is now going on automatic too, which makes it even smoother -i.e., no need to be at the computer at any specific appointed time, just set it and leave it alone, then come back and check your earnings.  :D

Here where we are with ConnectingUsAll new Flip'N systems:

Flip'N 40 first round:
- total put in: $80         (2 @ $40)
- total received: $120  (3 @ $40)
- Profit: $40

From now on, each time the matrix flips, I give $40 and receive $40-$120, depending on where in the matrix my position falls.
In other words, each time the Flip happens, at the minimum I break even (get $40 back) or make $40-$80 in profit. Again, all on automatic.

Flip'N 100 first round:
- total put in so far: $100 (1 @ $100)

What's next:
The Flip happens in 5 hrs (of this writing).
- I give a second $100
- I receive $300 -note: I know this because I joined this Flip a few hours before the Flip is due to happen, which places me lower on the current matrix. When this flips, I will be in the higher levels of the matrix and in poised to receive 3 gifts, hence $300.
- Expected profit: $100*

*Stay tuned for actual facts as it happens.

Good things happening on the JustBeenPaid (see side link) front as well -more on that next time.


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