28 December 2010

Flip'N In 11 Hours

The next Flip'N 40 happens in 11 hours from now -or abour 6:30 pm Mtn time, so I highly suggest you get yourself in there and jump in if you've been following any of the things I've been talking about on this blog.

Go to: ConnectingUsAll to sign up.

I'm interested in seeing how these recurring flips work actually.
As you kow, I took part in the first round a little while ago. If you go back a few posts you'll see that I sent 2 gifts @ $40 for a total of $80 sent, and received 3 @ $40, for a total received of $120, giving me a $40 profit.

Now this Flip'N 40 is about to flip again.
I thought we would all simply retain our spots and the matrix would simply flip, which would ultimately be unfair to the person on top, as they would either be in first or last place each flips -think of a matrix and that'll make sense.

Anyway, apparently someone thought of that too... remember my account is on automatic so I do not need to be at the computer in order to participate. That being said, I logged in yesterday to see that a gift had been sent out from my account, that I was now in a different spot, and that the counter was running for a scheduled flip this evening.

If I understand this game, that means when the matrix flips, I will again send out a 1 gift and be in position to receive 3.

Cheers everyone-

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