03 December 2010

About To Flip

I've been talking about JSS Systems of late and wanted to change the subject for today.
Another really good program to pay attention to is ConnectingUsAll.

They have recently introduced another aspect to their matrix to enable members to earn in more ways than one... it's called Flip'N !

Basically a matrix is filled in the traditional manner, from top to bottom, with each member automatically sending their gift to a certain position above them. Each position received from 1 to 3 gifts from below, depending on where they are situated in the matrix. This goes on for a bit until the matrix is stopped and literally Flipped on its head and rebuild in reverse order, with last becoming first and first becoming last.

The gifting cycles starts again, giving all members -now in a new order- a chance at multiple gifts.
The matrix is then opened again for new members, continuing to fill it until the Flip'N process starts over again.

At this point I am not sure how many times the thing flips before being closed and a completely new matrix is started. I believe I saw somewhere in there that there is a definite number of levels and then it does indeed close, but don't quote me on that one just yet.

As I write this, the first $40 Flip'N matrix is about to flip for the first time in a little over an hour.
I bought a position and I am on level 11. Not sure what level that will place me on when the thing flips, though I'll find out pretty quick and should be receiving automatic gifts at that point.

So don't just sit there, log in to ConnectingUsAll if already a member or get yourself in right now and participate. These quick earning matrixes are the way to go. Join a main program and take part in the secondary quicker versions for better returns.

Stay tuned for further developments.... :)

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