30 August 2009

Change Is Inevitable

Back from my camping trip feeling very refreshed by it. AMAZING hiking in the 10-11,000+ft range, right at and above tree line. Absolutely gorgeous scenery.

I came back to find out something is going on with Ad-ventures4U... not quite sure what yet. It's not all too clear so far, though the man assures us he is still here to stay and will get all this figured out and running again.
Once thing is clear and that this is no longer to be a Revenue Sharing program. They will still be advertising and daily surfing is still required. Not sure what the incentive is now, since there will not be earning from that -except off course to advertise your own program.

Ok, then. All we can do is wait and see and move on.
That's the name of the game.

All the more reason to diversify and not put all your eggs in the same basket.
Build up several programs, so you have multiple streams of income, making one loss just that, one loss.

This said, PayItForwardTraffic admin was very quick to send emails stating they are still right here and doing just fine, learning from mistakes by others. I'm dutifully doing my weekly surfing here and earning everytime. I do plan to continue adding to my adpack a few more times, then start taking out my initial investment, which I believe to be good strategy for this kind of thing.
Then I'll work out a roll and withdraw schedule that works for me. Consider doing something similar.

Just got an email from Pure2x2 that I was next in line to receive from my upline. Good news!
This is one of those program with built in measures to send referrals down to those who do not sponsor. Take a look at it. Get in free and take the time to read through the information. There's lots of it, and once you get it, you'll want to take the $5 upgrade for sure. It gets you in place to receive spillover.

You'll notice I am making an attempt at organizing the links by category.
Breaking it down this way will make it easier on the eyes to find what fits you.

Also, take a minute to call the MyTwoBestFriends number at the top and send me an email for your invitation. This is a one-of-a-kind program and you'll want to take a look. NO online advertising necessary.

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24 August 2009

Going Camping

I am going camping for a few days to get some fresh mountain air. It should be really pleasant. I've got to figure out the food thing today...

Still surfing my daily and weekly ads for Ad-Ventures4U and PayItForwardTraffic revenue sharing sites. Both are working great. I see people making several $100 per week in both of these, so I've got something to shoot for.

My next earning from Bux-Matrix will go towards another Ad-V4U ad package.

I have considered other similar sites, but decided that I'd rather build these 2 up first, to maximize return in the earliest possible future.

Ok, I am making this quick today because I have lots to do to get ready (see above)... :D

The only other thing I want to say today is this:

Consider 4x1Fortune.
I'll talk more about it as I return.
I want to concentrate on advertising this one for a while.
Once the cycling gets started, there is no stopping it. Each cycle pays for your re-entry into the current cycle and into the next level, so there is no further out of pocket expense. Each cycle brings you higher earnings. You can be into multiple cycles, since you always get re-entry. And, last but not least, there is a follow me type system for your referrals, which helps you keep cycling.

Anyway, like I said, take a look and more on this one later.
I'm really looking into it and seeing the beauty of their set up.

And another thing... I will PIF the first 3 people in (from today).
Here's how we'll do it.
You get it and pay for your spot (please use AlertPay).
You send me an email asking for your PIF refund.
I verify your position in my matrix and send you the $11 back.

What I ask in return:
You do the same for 3 people. Pay their way in.
That's it.

I help you in and only ask that you forward the favor.

Think about it...
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20 August 2009

A Few Changes Happening

A few changes are happening that I need to update here.

First thing to notice is the TEAM BUILD section on the right.

What was TeamOrangeMoon has now split into 2 groups.

The first listed is Road2Fortune5.
This is a team link: Every member promotes position 1, so no one is left behind.
I very much like this concept. Why penalize people because of lack of skills after all? I certainly believe in helping the common cause, which, in this case is to make everyone successful.

This is a feeder program that cycles you into the very reliable Fortune5Minutes. This program has a very solid reputation online. They have been around for over 10 years now, paying daily without fail. What more can you ask for?

The Road2Fortune5 team builds with recycling of positions, and is meant to feed people into the F5M program, thus pushing members forward into the higher paying matrixes.

Very much worth your while to get invoved. There is a tremendous group of dedicated folks behind this team build.

The second Team link is for what is now TeamOneWorld.
This one starts with cycler 3StarGalaxy (team link), which then cycles you into secondary, higher paying programs.

I very much like the way this is going, with everyone coming into the team joining ONE cycler program. Cycling members earn paid positions into the other programs. You only have a one time out of pocket expense to get going and earning.
Once you cycle, you also earn position back into the original cycler, pushing yet more members out the top.
Again, having the entire membership promote ONE link makes for winners all around. Much more efficient for all involved.

Get involed in these 2 teams.
Why go it alone?

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14 August 2009

Get Gifts Position On This Site

Yesterday myself and a friend rode our bikes downtown for a free outdoors concert. It was great. A good chunck of the community was there. Good energy for sure.

Let's talk a little about this AdvertisetoEarn site.

I mentioned something I call "safety net" last time, to help those with difficulties recruiting. Well, this site most certainly has plenty of those.

Here is the main idea:

- First, you get your main position for a one time $15 payment, starting you 5x5 forced matrix, which will earn you $2139.
- Off course, the trick here as we all know is that you need people coming in under you to make any money -that's how forced matrix work... and how they fail for a lot of folks also.

Here's where this is different.
- For every 1000 hits you send to your main referral link, you get a fre-e (earning) position in your own matrix.
- You can earn an additional 8 positions just by advertising. 7 positions go in your own matrix and 1 goes back via the team link to spill down into the first available spot (spillover).
- You can earn 1 more position by referring just one person, which also goes through the team link as spillover down the matrix (the referral goes into your matrix).

All this gives you a total of 1 paid position and 9 gift positions, with a total earning potention of $21,390.

How to send hits to earn these positions?
- join advertising exchange / surfing sites and other fre-e advertising venues. The backoffice will give you proper links to do just that.
- or, join the advertsing coop and earn 100 hits per day. In 10 days you have your next free position.

There is another aspect of the so called safety nets, helping ALL members succeed:
- every 3 month, members automatically purchase a new position (this can be cancelled anytime without loosing any current positions). Which not only means you are set to get another 10 position every 3 month, but you will get spillover from your upline as well, as they get their new positions in place.

So, to recap:
1. You buy 1 and get 9 gift positions by advertising (or joining the coop).
2. Team spillover is created from 2 of your 10 positions.
3. Upline spillover is created through recurring 3 month purchase from each member.
So what do you think?

For my own advertising, I have the link set up in both Adventure4U and PayItforwardTraffic exchange sites. This takes a few minutes each morning and then I go on to what I need to do. no stress.

So far, I have sent over 700 hits to my site, so just a little more and I get my first gift position! Yeah!

Do take a look. It's pretty easy to do.

Also, see new Featured program in upper right corner.

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09 August 2009

Busy With Art Projects

I'm busy with various art projects right now.
I have a show this coming December that I am very excited about. This is the first time I am posting a link to that aspect of my life, so here goes. Curious about what else I do besides this blog? Take a look here: http://www.zazzle.com/riverbynight

Right then.
Let's get to business.

I upgraded to first level in Pure2x2.
Remember, even though I do some advertising -I'm not looking for a free ride, though I know my, shall we say, occasional weeknesses with advertising- I always look for programs with build in safety nets.
By this I mean that even in the worst possible case that one might not succeed in sponsoring at all, that person can still make some money. That kind of safety net.

I read through all the information in the Pure2x2 before choosing to upgrade. It's all there. You can get in free and read it for yourself. There are safety nets in place that will still place people under you should you be unable to do so yourself.

Ok, so long story short. I upgraded.

Points are slowly but surely accumulating in AdvertisetoEarn. I've got it in 3 ad exchange right now and it's coming along. Once I have 1000 hits on the site, I get a free position in the matrix (under my main one).

I said last time that there were renewed acitivity with WorkFor3Dollars. Yep, got some new members in the downline. Yeah! I really like this one.

Still working on sending out invitations for MyTwoBestFriends. This one is here for the long run. Take a look at the phone number on the right side column. Call it and get back to me.

Oh yes, almost forgot, TeamWorkMillionaire is open again for new positions. I grabbed a few more this time around. The link is open every 2 weeks for 24hours or so. During that time, all members are invited to purchased new position in the matrix. It gets filled from the same original position, down from left to right. That way every one will get their matrix filled, regardless. It's a team effort, for the good of all involved.

Each position cost $6 and brings back $2000. No brainer here.

Hmm, what else?
Last thing for today.
TheGoldenPath now has a new administration. They are very focused and have everything back on track. Another matrix, only this one is compressed every week to fill in holes. They also have an advertising campaign about to get off the ground. Some pretty good names here at the top running this one, so I am willing to stick in and see where it goes.
My position number shot up to 528, which means I find myself towards the fairly top end of the matrix -pretty cool indeed.
Take a look and consider jumping in for a bit and see what happens.

Allright, that's probably enough for today.

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05 August 2009

School Right Around The Corner

School is right around the corner -again.
Well, still about 3 weeks, though that will pass quickly enough. Then it's back to subsituting now and then.
In the mean time, I am working my way through the 3rd book of the Twilight series. Fun for sure.

Today I took my earnings from Bux-Matrix and bought another ad-package in PayItForwardTraffic.

Bux-Matrix is paying much more often, as I have mentioned in previous post, because of my referrals. So I am taking advantage of that to upgrade further with both Ad-Ventures4U and PayItForwardTraffic. I am letting all earnings from these 2 sites roll into my account also, which increases my earnings as well.

What have not talked about for a while?
WorkFor3Dollars is getting an increase in traffic once again, which is good to see. I've made good money with this one.

My current favorite is MyTwoBestFriends though. Send me your email through comments in this blog (will stay private) to get your invitation.

Here is what I like the most about it:
- it's not about internet marketing, rather it is about ordinary people helping each other through hard financial time.
- even people who know nothing about internet marketing are being successful.
- lots of members come into this as entire families, making sure everyone is taken care of.
- because of that, the membership is made up of friends and families caring for each other.

Aren't you a least bit curious?
Send me that email and I'll send you an invitation.

And lastly for today, I am very pleased with ThePulsatingMatrix and how it is moving forward.
Here's another one where you do not need to know anything about internet marketing. Check it out.

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