24 August 2009

Going Camping

I am going camping for a few days to get some fresh mountain air. It should be really pleasant. I've got to figure out the food thing today...

Still surfing my daily and weekly ads for Ad-Ventures4U and PayItForwardTraffic revenue sharing sites. Both are working great. I see people making several $100 per week in both of these, so I've got something to shoot for.

My next earning from Bux-Matrix will go towards another Ad-V4U ad package.

I have considered other similar sites, but decided that I'd rather build these 2 up first, to maximize return in the earliest possible future.

Ok, I am making this quick today because I have lots to do to get ready (see above)... :D

The only other thing I want to say today is this:

Consider 4x1Fortune.
I'll talk more about it as I return.
I want to concentrate on advertising this one for a while.
Once the cycling gets started, there is no stopping it. Each cycle pays for your re-entry into the current cycle and into the next level, so there is no further out of pocket expense. Each cycle brings you higher earnings. You can be into multiple cycles, since you always get re-entry. And, last but not least, there is a follow me type system for your referrals, which helps you keep cycling.

Anyway, like I said, take a look and more on this one later.
I'm really looking into it and seeing the beauty of their set up.

And another thing... I will PIF the first 3 people in (from today).
Here's how we'll do it.
You get it and pay for your spot (please use AlertPay).
You send me an email asking for your PIF refund.
I verify your position in my matrix and send you the $11 back.

What I ask in return:
You do the same for 3 people. Pay their way in.
That's it.

I help you in and only ask that you forward the favor.

Think about it...
- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

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