09 August 2009

Busy With Art Projects

I'm busy with various art projects right now.
I have a show this coming December that I am very excited about. This is the first time I am posting a link to that aspect of my life, so here goes. Curious about what else I do besides this blog? Take a look here: http://www.zazzle.com/riverbynight

Right then.
Let's get to business.

I upgraded to first level in Pure2x2.
Remember, even though I do some advertising -I'm not looking for a free ride, though I know my, shall we say, occasional weeknesses with advertising- I always look for programs with build in safety nets.
By this I mean that even in the worst possible case that one might not succeed in sponsoring at all, that person can still make some money. That kind of safety net.

I read through all the information in the Pure2x2 before choosing to upgrade. It's all there. You can get in free and read it for yourself. There are safety nets in place that will still place people under you should you be unable to do so yourself.

Ok, so long story short. I upgraded.

Points are slowly but surely accumulating in AdvertisetoEarn. I've got it in 3 ad exchange right now and it's coming along. Once I have 1000 hits on the site, I get a free position in the matrix (under my main one).

I said last time that there were renewed acitivity with WorkFor3Dollars. Yep, got some new members in the downline. Yeah! I really like this one.

Still working on sending out invitations for MyTwoBestFriends. This one is here for the long run. Take a look at the phone number on the right side column. Call it and get back to me.

Oh yes, almost forgot, TeamWorkMillionaire is open again for new positions. I grabbed a few more this time around. The link is open every 2 weeks for 24hours or so. During that time, all members are invited to purchased new position in the matrix. It gets filled from the same original position, down from left to right. That way every one will get their matrix filled, regardless. It's a team effort, for the good of all involved.

Each position cost $6 and brings back $2000. No brainer here.

Hmm, what else?
Last thing for today.
TheGoldenPath now has a new administration. They are very focused and have everything back on track. Another matrix, only this one is compressed every week to fill in holes. They also have an advertising campaign about to get off the ground. Some pretty good names here at the top running this one, so I am willing to stick in and see where it goes.
My position number shot up to 528, which means I find myself towards the fairly top end of the matrix -pretty cool indeed.
Take a look and consider jumping in for a bit and see what happens.

Allright, that's probably enough for today.

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