20 August 2009

A Few Changes Happening

A few changes are happening that I need to update here.

First thing to notice is the TEAM BUILD section on the right.

What was TeamOrangeMoon has now split into 2 groups.

The first listed is Road2Fortune5.
This is a team link: Every member promotes position 1, so no one is left behind.
I very much like this concept. Why penalize people because of lack of skills after all? I certainly believe in helping the common cause, which, in this case is to make everyone successful.

This is a feeder program that cycles you into the very reliable Fortune5Minutes. This program has a very solid reputation online. They have been around for over 10 years now, paying daily without fail. What more can you ask for?

The Road2Fortune5 team builds with recycling of positions, and is meant to feed people into the F5M program, thus pushing members forward into the higher paying matrixes.

Very much worth your while to get invoved. There is a tremendous group of dedicated folks behind this team build.

The second Team link is for what is now TeamOneWorld.
This one starts with cycler 3StarGalaxy (team link), which then cycles you into secondary, higher paying programs.

I very much like the way this is going, with everyone coming into the team joining ONE cycler program. Cycling members earn paid positions into the other programs. You only have a one time out of pocket expense to get going and earning.
Once you cycle, you also earn position back into the original cycler, pushing yet more members out the top.
Again, having the entire membership promote ONE link makes for winners all around. Much more efficient for all involved.

Get involed in these 2 teams.
Why go it alone?

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