Pay It Forward

~ Pay It Forward ~
or How To Help Each Other Be Successful

This is something that I take very seriously. I strongly believe that helping others move forward is the one and only way to truly achieve success, in any areas of life -not just financially.

For this reason, I choose to Pay It Forward, or PIF, others into programs I believe to be worthwhile.

How this works:
I participate in several PTC, Profit Sharing, and small investment programs to raise quick funds. That fund will go to PIF someone in a program of my choosing at that time, on a rotating basis from the links provided on the front page.

The recipient will be the first person to respond, either from my mailing list of by comment on the blog post. Time stamp will be used to determine that person.

Here are the steps as they will happen:

  1. I post on this blog that I am ready to PIF someone into X program.
  2. I send out a note to my mailing list to come read the post as well.
  3. The first person to either post a comment here or respond to the email is it -let's say You are.
  4. I contact you and confirm your intentions and integrity in carrying this through.
  5. You sign up in the chosen program and follow whatever required steps to be upgraded properly.
  6. I confirm through my back office that all is well and send you a refund through AP.
  7. Done.
Note: If you've since changed your mind, do not respond within 24 hrs, or I cannot get in touch with you, then I move on to the second person to respond and so on.

- What's The Catch?

Isn't it funny that we always have to ask?
What does that say about our society in general?

That aside, there is no "catch."
I simply ask, as one human being to another, that you connect with your own personal integrity and choose to pass the favor forward to someone else.
No one will check up on you. I will not check up on you. This is between you and your conscience.
In Paying It Forward you will not only help another, you will help yourself. Only this way can we ALL move forward to success.

Does that mean you should wait for your chance to get PIFed in?
Not really.
If you like a particular program and are ready and able to get in, then do so. You can always get a second position if the chance presents itself and increase your earnings.
Or, someone might be placed below you through this PIF page.
If you already are with me on some of these programs, great, you might get spillover. If not, get in, and again, you might get spillover.

We teach by what we do, so...

Practice PIF yourself and teach your referrals to do the same.
Watch your own earnings grow as a result; take as many people with you to success as you can!
"Paying It Forward" is a great habit to spread around...
Moreover, it's addictive!
Pass it on!
Cheers everyone.