24 July 2009

Here's An Interesting One

Here is an interesting one.
I got in this one maybe 3 weeks ago; it's called JPHF Matrix.
It's a 4x10 matrix.

Ok, ok, not another matrix already!
Here's why I got in: You can buy referrals!
You do not have to advertise or bring in anyone if you don't want to -just buy your referrals.
So that's what I did. Now I can go on with whatever else I'm doing and let this one run by itself on the back burner.

When you buy referrals, you are placed in queue for the next available ones. A couple weeks ago I was #188 in line. Today I am #174, so it's moving along.
The 5 referrals bring you more commission than you paid for, and these folks will either do the same as you did -i.e. buy referrals themselves- or advertise to bring in folks.
Either way you win.

The next thing is I want to remind everyone to call this number: 616-597-1060
It won't take long and is worth your time to listen in.
Then get back to me.

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23 July 2009

Back From Vacation With Money Waiting For Me

Isn't it great to come back from vacation and logging on only to find out I have money waiting for me? I love it.

A great program I don't talk about much for the simple reason that it's pretty much hands free is The Pulsating Matrix.
I say hands free because you basically sign up, set everything up on automatic, and go on with whatever else you are doing. Really.
That's what I did and my commission keeps coming in.

I usually check up on it once or twice a month, whenever I think about it.

Payment is once a week.
I'm set to get $58 next.

Remember, this is for doing literally NOTHING!
I urge you to check it out and consider it for yourself.
It keeps growing over time.

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07 July 2009

This Is Taking Off

I have been in something called MyTwoBestFriends for a little over a week now, and it is literally TAKING OFF !!!

There is absolutely nothing like it on the net today.
This is NOT internet marketing. You do not have to know anything about marketing nor advertising online.

It is, however, by personal invitation only.

You could get your Grandmother in it, help her set it up, and watch her triple her retirement money in a few days.

Really. I'm getting my family in because of that very reason.
Don't know about you, but I am tired of seeing loved ones and friends struggle...

Do yourself a favor, do your family a favor,
and listen to this short call: (616)597-1060

Then leave me a comment with name and email and I will send you a personal invitation.*
*no worries, your comments will not be for public viewing.

Well, I'm packing for a visit with my folks. Looking forward to it. :D

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02 July 2009

Hiking and Paddling -I Love Summer

I've been hiking and paddling lately. Easy going days with leasure mornings of spending time breathing fresh air. I so love summer.

This is the kind of days I am making happen every day of the year. How about you?

One step at a time, I get closer to that goal.

And speaking of, here's what's happening in the virtual world:

TeamWorkMillionaire is getting ready to post the sign up link tomorrow. It will be on for 2 days this time, to compensate for a holiday weekend where people might not be at their computers as much. Get yourself in the directory so you can access that link.

As mentioned in the last post, this round should fill my 2nd level for account #1, and most likely my 1st level for account #2. I plan on getting a 3rd account this round.

I passed my payout level with Bux-Matrix this morning. Renting those referrals was the best thing I did in this program. Makes everything work so much faster. Get in and follow that same strategy.

I read a lady's blog this morning who works about 10 minutes every morning surfing a few sites like this, and earns about $100 a day right now. Not too bad for 10 minutes a day. Her secret is exactly what I am doing: rent referrals to do the work for you.

Think about it.

I received my earnings for Ad-Ventures4U Monday evening as expected. I choose to roll them over into my current ventures to increase the revenue each week.
Very reliable from everything I read about this program.
This is part of my 10 minutes a day work plan... he he he. (see note above).

I am also in a program that is by direct invitation only. The goal is to support friends and family, so no online marketing or advertizing going on nor necessary. Keep it personal.
You only need to bring in 2 people and that's it. If you have more than 2 people interested, you can send them down the line to help out others -which is why I am doing now.

If you are reading this and are curious enough, leave me a comment with your name and email (will not be for public view) and I will send you an invitation.

Another program with excellent reputation is Fortune5Minutes. Now, I have to warn you, when you first get on the main page and start reading how it all works, it's a bit overwhelming.

Don't let that make you nervous. All you need to understand is you get in the first level and the administration handles the rest. Get in, let others know about it, and you will automatically move on through the levels without you having to do anything.

Each level pays for your entry into the next level. Easy.
Again, excellent reputation for this one, and running for over 10 years. Can't get much more reliable than that.

After having my fair share of mismatch, I really look for this kind of references.

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