24 July 2009

Here's An Interesting One

Here is an interesting one.
I got in this one maybe 3 weeks ago; it's called JPHF Matrix.
It's a 4x10 matrix.

Ok, ok, not another matrix already!
Here's why I got in: You can buy referrals!
You do not have to advertise or bring in anyone if you don't want to -just buy your referrals.
So that's what I did. Now I can go on with whatever else I'm doing and let this one run by itself on the back burner.

When you buy referrals, you are placed in queue for the next available ones. A couple weeks ago I was #188 in line. Today I am #174, so it's moving along.
The 5 referrals bring you more commission than you paid for, and these folks will either do the same as you did -i.e. buy referrals themselves- or advertise to bring in folks.
Either way you win.

The next thing is I want to remind everyone to call this number: 616-597-1060
It won't take long and is worth your time to listen in.
Then get back to me.

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